What has happened to us?

Where blowing up children is no news?


What has happened to us?
by Azar Majedi

Early Saturday morning, poured myself a cup of coffee lazily threw myself on the sofa and turned the TV on, Aljazeera’s news. One suicide bomb after the other had torn people into pieces in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. When the news got to Afghanistan, I felt sick to my stomach. This bomb had taken its victims among children. 6 kids were blown up. The faces of their mothers and fathers came in front of my eyes, crying, pulling their hairs, kneeling on the ground, their faces covered with tears, blood and mud.

This is not any thing out of the ordinary any more. It is part of every day life in Afghanistan and Iraq. And exactly this is the problem. We have got used to it. This is human being’s defence mechanism; we get used to any thing and learn to live with it. And as we learn to live with misery and disasters, our humanitarian standards fall.

This piece of heart breaking news won’t even appear in the Guardian or independent. It is no news. It is said and forgotten. This is how people in Afghanistan and Iraq are forgotten. Their miseries have become irrelevant to us. It is there, we are here. Those parents whose lives are marked with grief and sorrow for the rest of their lives, those women who will only know life as a painful slavery, those girls who have been raped in jail, those women in Basra who are shut down every day for not being Islamic enough. They are there, we are here.

The irony is that British army officer in charge of Basra’s operation, calls this empowerment of the people. When they were planning to bombard Iraq to the middle ages, they were liberating people of Iraq. Now that they are being forced out, they call their withdrawal empowerment of Iraqi people. Sure, the non-conformist women of Basra would feel very empowered when they are being shot by Islamic death squad! According to Basra’s police chief at least 15 women are killed in Basra alone every month by the Islamists.

What has the world come to since September 11, 2001? How the war of terrorists have changed not only the lives of millions of human beings, but also our sense of justice, morality and humanity. The more the world is divided between there and here, us and them, Western and Eastern, the deeper it will plunge into madness and inhumanity.

We should see beyond all these divisions. We should stop the war of terrorists. This is not the war on terrorism. This is war between terrorists. We should uphold humanitarian, libertarian and egalitarian values. Remember, next in line is Iran. Stop this war; support the struggle of people in Iran against Islamic Republic.


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Typical Leftist and IRI

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Typical Leftist and IRI answer to any reality check when it comes to the barabrism of Islamic facism is "well what about killing here...what about killings there.....""..They don't even answer the question whether killing of innocent women and children is right or wrong in this case. How on earth can that be an answer to the question addressed or an argument with the relation to the topic? We are clearly talking about the roots of these murderous acts committed by Islamic facist on daily basis now. And if we ever want to tie the historical concept to these killings, or tie historical events together, then obviously we need to go back in history, and if we go back to Nigeria or Vietnam or other places, then one could argue that even those events could be traced back into history, hundreds or maybe even thousands years ago...so it is out of light vision to answer questions like these with unrelated questions !!!


Thanks for sharing the clip

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing the clip. Dorood bar in Shir Zane' Arab


Intrestingly enough no other

by farz (not verified) on

Intrestingly enough no other nation in the world has crazy people going around killing other except islam,,, here is something intresting to watch



To Anonymous Today

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

I'm sorry, in my initial reply, I mistook you for a human being. Now I realize you're just another one of these advanced Cyborgs programmed by the Evil Cult (Islam). Now who's the douche bag moron ?


Suicide Bomber Killed 120 people in Tehran

by Ex-Muslim (not verified) on

This could be a headline that we may see in 4 or 5 years from now. Islamic zealots (Basigis) would kill innocent people to show what happens in Islamic countries when Western Powers interfere in their barbaric affairs.


Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

by Justice (not verified) on

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!
Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Part one
part two


The U.S. Aggression Process and Its Collaborators

by Raha (not verified) on

From Guatemala (1950-1954) to Iran (2002-)


to Anonymous327

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Dude, go back to school and learn to think and reason. You people are a waste of time and the best rationale for abolishing blogging.


Stop Genocide of Iranians and Iranian culture by Islamists.

by Wake Up (not verified) on

Stop Genocide of Iranians and Iranian culture by Islamists.

Iranains can not be Iranian in their own country.


To Anonymous-Today

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

In my commentary I did not promote violence or advocate the use of force against Moslem anywhere. Please read it carefully, I merely suggest a cultural evolution in the minds of the believers of this faith specially in our beloved country; IRAN (Pars). The use of profanity does NOT make people listen to your point at all.

Savage acts have been going on throughout history by many different nations and governments, however, in our current world as well as the 7th through 12th century it has been a creation of Islam. Furthermore, the reason I proclaim Isalm (Mohammadism) the death of civility and culture is becasue it is well formulated in the Holy Book !! of this Faith !! and if you are a moslem you know to try and revise Ghoraan carries a death penalty and is strictly forbidden. What this means is the strategies and tactics used during the rise to power of Islam are not subject to change. Many of these wonderful teachings are in Al-Emran, Baghareh, Tobeh, and many other Sourhes of this allegged Ketabeh Asemani !! The concepts of Jezieh, Ertedad and its Punishment, Sangsar, the taking of your fallen foe's wife and children and doing un-speakable acts to them are all within the wonderful Sourehs I mentioned above and other Sourehs. Try reading the Ghoraan, it will shed some light on many of the things I say here, and if you want to learn more, try the following web site:


Just for the record, I do NOT condone the point of view of Anonymous 2 either. As I had mentioned, this idealogy has to be exposed to its dark depths and the use of violence is un-necessary as well as futile.

Remember, He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Violence begats violence, and so on ...

Javid Pars, and the Anti-Mohammadist Rennaisence.

Ba Dorood.


Are you guys, including the

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Are you guys, including the writer, out of your mind? Is blowing up children exclsive to Moslems? Since when? Anyone remembers the picture of Vietnamese kids running naked burned by American Napalm bombs? Have you heard of the bloody-minded Army of Lord in Nigeria (so-called Christians) who kidnap, rape and recruite children into their army? Want more example? Yes, what these people do in Iraq, Afghanistan and etc is criminal but can we please stop demonizing Moslems as if they're genetically prone to violence or attribute ugly violence only to fundementalist Isalm? Yes, I'm talking to you, racist, right wing douche bags who seem to prowl this site like paid agents of every hate organization there is.


Killing and other barbaric acts in that part of the world has

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

been going on ever since. Point in case is the conflict between Imam Yazzed and Imam Hossein. Imam Yazzed had a extra-marital affair with Imam Hossein's wife which turned into a vicious cycle of revenge after revenge all the way to our era. I say If America drops the big one on the Middle East, it will put an end to the entire conflict. God bless America and why not!


Islam (Mohammadism) is the death of civility and culture ...

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

The moment this cancer (Mohammadism) is exposed to all specially its naive, gullible believers, the world will experience peace once again. Just look at what's happening in France, England, Spain, va va va ...

In your commentary you say Iraq was pushed to middle ages, actually that would be optimistic. You see, Iraq and all other Mohammdist nations are stuck in the 7th century and until they cleanse their minds of this mental infection, they will remain there.

Javid Pars, the epi-center of the rennesaince for the Mohammadist nations (Coming soon to the Cinema of Middle East).



by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on

how about women and children in the occupide Palestine? how many poeple are killed there daily by zionists? Please acknowledge the following and see that the ones in the region have problems also with the power which has occupide Palestine:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah discussed the latest regional and international developments by telephone Sunday evening.

According to the media office of Iranian president, Ahmadinejad in his talks with the Saudi king recalled the fact that the Zionist regime has been constantly killing Palestinian women and children during the past 60 years and their ongoing atrocities are indicative of their insistence on committing crimes.

President Ahmadinejad said the US government which is an accomplice to the Zionist crimes cannot play the role of the savior by hosting the Annapolis conference. He said he wished that the Saudi kingdom had not taken part in the conference.

Ahmadinejad warned that the Arab states need to remain vigilant for the plots and machinations of the Zionist enemy.

The Saudi king in the telephone contact asserted that they will never recognize Israel. He remarked that his country defends the rights of the Palestinians.

As one sees at once IRI and Arabs have best friendly and peacefull relationships and it is good so. Greeting