John McCain? WHY?

The word is being used and abused without too many of us even realizing what it means


John McCain? WHY?
by hamidbak

The word gets thrown around a lot, especially lately, HERO.

The firefighters, who went up the stairs while others were running down to escape fire, are heroes. The policeman who got shot last night is a hero, soldiers who are fighting in Iraq are heroes, and the one that is really having me hit the dictionary lately refers to John McCain as a hero. WHY?

Why is McCain a hero? He enlisted to the Navy voluntarily mainly because his father and his grand father were both Navy boys. He knew joining the Navy means possible fighting in a time of war, which America, thank you very much, is almost always involved in some corner of the world. He knew going to Vietnam runs a risk of getting shot down, in fact he got shot down a few times before he got captured. He knew there is a chance to get hurt, captured, or even killed.

He went to fly planes and rain bullets and bombs on everything that moved in North Vietnam thousands of miles away from his home, when his country was in no danger and no one had attacked it. He was paid for the job done and due to his hard headedness and stupidity got shot down one last time and was captured.

Everyone keeps talking about the time he served in the air force for his country. That makes him a hero. How, exactly?

For that matter, any soldier in today’s America, who makes a decision to join the armed forces and goes to a country far away to fight a nation who never considered itself an enemy of U.S. and never attacked the United States and even the White House announced that there were no evidence leading Iraq to the attacks of 9/11, knows that he is going to a place where he may get hurt or killed. When he does not get killed that makes him a hero? He was getting paid for a job and he was doing his job. Part of his job is to kill or get killed.

Fire fighters job description and also the police’s include danger, high grade danger. They know chances of a building collapsing on top of them, getting burned, get hurt in a car accident or getting shot is a part of their job.

You never hear of doctors, nurses, technologists, lab technicians, and anyone who deals with death and disease as heroes. Why? They save a lot more lives than any fire fighter, police, and especially any soldier, so why not a hero label?

Does anyone have an idea what a medical researcher does hours and hours behind a microscope, sifting through tubes of diseased ridden fluids looking for a cure? Any idea what a doctor goes through trying to find a medication to prolong someone’s life? Any idea what goes through a chemist’s mind when he/she is trying to come up with just the right mixture of chemo therapy solution for a cancer patient? One that doesn’t kill the patient but allows him/her to live for a few months or years longer?

The word is being used and abused without too many of us even realizing what it means and how one becomes to be recognized as a hero.

Hero is a father who has to work extra hours and gives up his food for his wife and kids saying, “ohh, I’m not that hungry”.

Hero is a grandmother who gives up her life savings and her best years of her leisure years to look after a grand child or help her adult child who has fallen on hard times.

Heroes were the young men who went to the front lines of Iran Iraq war, for the first couple of years at least, and fought valiantly to save their mother land.

Hero is one of those young boys, in particular, that I spoke with in length in Iran. He was 18, the son of a decorated colonel in the army. Nephew of three uncles who had served in the armed forces in Iran and each one of them could have easily lined up a desk job for him to serve his two years of service. He told them all, “No”, “I want to go to the front and I want to fight for my country”. He was not a soldier of fortune -- he fought enemy forces on his country's soil and pushed them back.

To me, that is a hero. Quite a long definition, but I think the dictionary ought to have some sort of reference to a real meaning of the word HERO.


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Heroism matters -- because it show the strength of character !

by Anonymous on

I wish being a HERO was a prerequisite for all running candidates. Heroism means that you put your country first before your party.. Heroism means you do stand for something beyond your selfish agenda. Heroism matters!

Not like Obama who has written 2 autobiography before turning 42. isn't that a selfish agenda?

Read more about Obama here:

Here is what he said today:

Here is the offhand remark Obama made regarding his talent to reach out to ABC's John Berman:

"I don't think me calling House Republican members would have been that helpful, I tend not to be that persuasive on that side of the aisle," he said.

Ooops, what happened Mr. O? lost your magic wand? I thought you were the uniter and that's why you won over Hillary! hmmm

Farhad Kashani

Anonymously,   Germany

by Farhad Kashani on



Germany and Japan and Eastern Europe and African countries. “Intervention” is not just military invention, its economic, social, political intervention too.


no doubt

by MRX1 (not verified) on

he is got my vote.



by Anonymously (not verified) on

Again I'll ask you, WHERE? Do you have any examples? Don't just ramble on names. Give us couple of good examples of successful intervention that yielded democracy.

Calling one an idiot is not an insult if it is true. You want to be really insulted? Write for

Farhad Kashani

Anonymously,   Ironic

by Farhad Kashani on



Ironic that you insult me by calling me “an idiot”, but you cant see the part where I clearly said I’m not voting for McCain!



Post WWII intervention not only by the U.S, but by organizations which U.S was pioneer in establishing, namely the U.N, ended colonialism and many wars, and prevented many other wars, justified or not, from taking place. Yes, the number of independent countries post WWII as oppose to pre WWII is huge.


Hero or not

by IRANdokht on

Hero or not he's not qualified to lead the country in the event of economical turmoil 


who cares if he's called a HERO or if the actual war hero John Kerry gets swift-boated and stripped of his glorious heroism.  Being hero is not the issue now.

McCain is not capable of fixing what Bush and Cheney have broken



"the freedom fighters blew up the Baghdad bazaar (again)

by Damon Jaan (not verified) on

The Iraqi National Army is searching for those responsible, however they dont want to be named because the local power hungery murderers i.e.(freedom fights) will retaliate against there loved ones.

I wont question your intellect, because im not 12 years old however...

On Communism. (comes from community)its a disease that spreads rapidly. Especially among the piss poor peasants of Iran circa 1960's-70's. These super-lazy ultra-liberal hippies want everything to be provided at someone elses expense. Armed with great poets i.e Khosro Gole'sorkhi and financial means from the Soviets, they nearly took power in Teheran. Until the prevailing ideaolougy of the people,which was Shia Islam which has a "Pope" like figure an "Ayyatollah" forcibly removed them from ever imagining turning Iran into a communist state. They were encouraged to submit there information to the government. They were rounded up and executed. In the provinces far from Teheran if any one was found with communist propaganda (i.e. possibly a simple piece of paper) they were taken, usually never to return. Im not aware if the Soviets supported there commie allies at this point,but due to there history I doubt it.


Nope this idiot is voting

by skatermom (not verified) on

Nope this idiot is voting for Obama because the senile idiot's heroism ended upon return from captivity.



by Anonymously (not verified) on

Just because someone writes about his/her opinion does not mean he/she is a US hater or IRI lover. Where do you knuckle heads come up with that result anyway?

So, other countries were "swallowing" little countries before US started intervening ha? Care to compare the history time line before and after 1940's to see how American interference has made that much of a difference?

And you're voting for McCain, the senile idiot, because he is a hero?

You are the biggest idiot I've seen on this site in a long long time.

Farhad Kashani

The dirtiest and oldest

by Farhad Kashani on

The dirtiest and oldest trick of anti American IRI supporters is to assassinate someone’s character, rather than try to counter someone’s argument. This article exactly engages in that.


I’m not gonna vote for McCain, but he is definitely a hero. Signing up for military service is not the same as signing up for fraternity. Are you too naïve to think that anyone who signs up for an army, any army in any country, doesn’t foresee a combat duty? Are you serious? Not even members of the Swiss Army could be 100% sure they are not gonna get into combat at some point. So McCain is a hero, he is a hero when he refused the freedom they gave him for the benefit of other captives whom were there before him. That takes a character none of these IRI supporters will ever have. All they do is sit on their comfy sofas in San Francisco, smoke weed and bash America think IRI is a “savior”.


Also, if it wasn’t for U.S, we wouldn’t se half of the countries today in the world exist. If it wasn’t for the fear of U.S, Russia would’ve swallowed Georgia and Ukraine and Estonia. If it wasn’t for the fear of U.S, China would’ve swallowed Taiwan. If it wasn’t for the fear of U.S, N Korea would’ve swallowed its southern neighbor. Examples are everywhere. U.S has been a great source of stability and promotion of democratic ideas in the world.



This isn't about Iran and

by skatermom (not verified) on

This isn't about Iran and its record on warfare. It's about the definition of heroism and wether a paid soldier such as John Mccain would have been considered a hero.
Frankly I think there are many types of heroes paid or unpaid. I don't think my mother gets paid enough for the tireless 30 years she's given the Veterans administration just to see her retirements next year mean crap thanks to the current market. As far as I know she worked probono after seeing her portfolio plummet. She's a hero. My brother-in-law, a local fire fighter/paramedic just pulled a tombstoned surfer out of the water on his day off and did cpr for 30 minutes reviving him just in time. He's a hero. My father who is stuck in Iran for 14 years with a confiscated passport, hasn't met his only grandchild ever! but still stays married to my mother in hopes that he will someday reunite with his family a hero.
John Mccain may have once been a hero. That day ended when he came home, left his dissabled wife for another woman. Involved himself with the Keating 5 scandal that caused 125 billion dollars in tax payer bailout. Aligned himself with Bush on most policies. Has the temperment of a 2 year old. Been involved with lobbyists who were profiting from Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and last but not least chose a woman who would retard women's rights years as a running mate.
Don't worry about anonymous on. I swear she/he has those 2 spam links on auto pilot. It's the only 2 things she/he ever contributes. The Fannie/Freddie thing was hillarious. Perhaps the paperboy forgot to hit she/he's house this week.
Oh and yes we should definately not consider a Harvard/Yale graduate as the leader of the free world but a guy who ranked 5th to last in the Naval Academy and a gal who went to 5 different colleges before finally getting a BA.


American wife

by Anonymously (not verified) on

In recent history, at least the past 50 years that all of us have been alive, Iran has never put soldiers in planes to fly half way across the world to fight a country, a regime, or an ideology, EVER!

So, chew before you swallow. There is no comparison between those men who fought for their land when Iraq, with the US' initiation, attacked Iran and occupied my land.

Since Pearl Harbor, there has not been any attacks on American soil by another country, yet soldiers in this country have had to fly to tens of locations in the world to fight on behalf of US.

Read a bit for your family's sake. Be informed.

American Wife

mccain-palin supporter

by American Wife on

Ok... I watched the video.  Nothings changed for me.  Regarding the video itself, the main issue appears to be Iran as a threat.  I don't think it is either.  So that debunks the whole video as a reason for McCain being more qualified.  I think we've got ALOT more serious problems than Iran right now.  If you want to know specifics of Obama's tax proposal... just read.  Obama's tax plan is pro-middle class and small business.  I personally think that BIG BUSINESS (as in oil companies and Enron and other Bush buddys) have had a free ride long enough.  And McBush wants to give them MORE breaks?????  Small businesses need to be encouraged for the growth of the economy.  Your last comment is almost too ridiculous to respond to.  Do you really think we're in good shape?  Good god man... we're in the most severe crisis since the depression and you're talking about low inflation???


I'm middle class white American and I'm absolutely PRO-CHOICE and an advocate for gay marriage.  

I respect your right to have an opinion and your right to vote.  Let's see what white middle America has to say come November.


Please take a little time to

by An Iranian McCain-Palin Supporter (not verified) on

Please take a little time to look at this 30 second clip. I am interested to know your opinions regarding it. I view it as a clear outline of the Iranian regime and how Senators McCain and Obama would treat it differently.

Are these quotes representative of Sen. Barack Obama?
If they are, do you support these views?

Whatever you think of this video, it is a clear example of how Sen. McCain will have an offensive foreign policy platform as opposed to Obama's defensive one.

In my opinion this is what B. Hussein Obama believes. I disagree with him, and I disagree strongly, but I will try not to insult him. Many people, including myself, view him as under-qualified to be president. Especially when taking his 'present' votes in the IL state senate into account. He is a respectable human being, especially because he admitted his mistakes on the O'Reilly Factor, but so is Senator McCain. Sen. Obama's social policies are very out-of-touch with "White middle America" who is pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Obama opposed something similar to the Born Alive Infants Act in the IL State Senate. Also, Obama opposed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Sen. McCain supported. Obama is for the radical redefining of marriage. This is our chance to also take back the supreme court. Regarding Senator McCain's economic policy, I believe it is truly brilliant! He will cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. 35% is the second highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world. Only Japan's is higher. Also, for those of you who do your own taxes and know, Sen. McCain will increase the dependent exemption from $3,500 to $7,000. In addition, Sen. McCain will "tax-exempt" the amount of your income (up to a limit) that is paid, in any way, towards your insurance, whether you pay it or your employer does. All of this, in addition to making permanent President Bush's prodigious tax-cuts and fixing loopholes such as cell phone taxes and internet taxes, will be sure to keep our low inflation and HIGH GDP growth rate.


He is a "hero" because......?

by farokh2000 on

So, if he advocated the "Surge", which means sending more soldiers to kill more Iraqis, he is a "hero"?

Wow, someplaces they call murdering innocent people criminal not heroic.

He was shut down in Vietnam because he was murdering innocent people who had done no harm to him and his Country. He could have not joined, when he knew his Country was killing innocent people half way around the World.That would have been heroic.

So, what other qualifications does this man have?. Supporting GW, who will go down as the worst president this Country has had in it's  entire short history gives him any kind of qualifications?

Please get informed and get real. Harvard educated is no good for you but a murderer is?. You need help BIG TIME.



by No_Name (not verified) on

The "soldier of fortune" rhetoric is what made me want to reply. I consider anyone who is working towards the betterment of human life i.e. doctors as 'heroes' and the whole parent part was touching and yes parents are often 'heroes' or 'heroines' .

Sir, if you consider living in a tent in a splendid nation such as Iraq or Afghanistan and the meager salary as 'fortunate' and if these living conditions are the reason they joined...

Im sure many Americans, care about the people of South Vietnam,South Korea,Iraq,France etc. Im not sure how many would be willing to take up arms, and help defend them against a hostile threat. Im guessing not as many.

Unlike the strangle hold that the regime in Teheran had on the press in the 80's and till today for that matter.Many Americans even in the Armed Forces believe it or not are quite aware of the situation. Im not sure how many 'Shaheeds' were aware that the war was prolonged in order to remove Sadam from power.As far that I am aware of, soldiers,even high ranking generals dont get to chose which war to fight and when to stay at home and eat pizza and watch t.v.
Also unlike Sadam's forces (and many others) The US doesnt encourage its troops to rape and pillage the local population, quite the contrary.
Yes it would be alot easier to say f it , and lets get the f outta here.
Im not sure how much of my tax dollars is going to build the Iraqi and Afghani and Egyptian etc. nations, but I wish the Sunnis,Kurds,Shiites would do more to stabilize and work towards building there country and less to 'terrorize' one another and gain power. Then if help was needed im sure the men and women that joined the US Armed forces would be willing to lend a hand.

The point being is that yes the men and women from this great,vast nation as well as from all over the world that signed up to become a part of something far greater than themselves, The United States Military are heroes. And may God Almighty bless them, and theres.

Lastly, as for Sen. McCain. He is called a hero not just because he supported the South Vietnamese in fighting the Communists but because he was held prisoner by the Viet Cong and when they were going to release him early because of his father's rank he refused and stayed in line with the rules of the military. i.e. first captured, first released, rather than run away and leave his fellow men at the mercy of the Viet Cong. Maybe because he is an American you may have a biased view, however Im willing to bet that if he was Iranian being held by the Baathist, youd consider him a hero.

Also in reply to the last comment, most people dont like war,killing or even hurting there fellow man,myself included. However Im not sure I want the men and women of America to put down there arms, unless of course the rest of the world does as well, and we can agree to all live together in peace. Until that happens I am happy to know that any Government on earth is wiser than to want to provoke the United States in an act of war.

Thank You

American Wife


by American Wife on

While I PERSONALLY agree with you... it's nothing more than a personal opinion.  Again, whether right or wrong, he did obey his Commander-in-Chief.  That's a very narrow line to draw.  I'd have sent my kid to Canada in a heartbeat.  But my son joined the Marine Corp and served 4 years.  Am I going to call him a traitor because he served in an unpopular war?  Not hardly.  I need to remind you that disobeying a direct order from your superior is considered treason.  Those are legal definitions and while I might not agree with it... it is what it is.  I consider the young men who died in Vietnam VICTIMS... not murderers.  And mass killing?  Come on... you make it sound like the Iraqi's were standing there with a white flag and brutally gunned down.  Your sentiments are valid and I agree with them... but your tossing words like "murderer" and "mass killing" invalidate your argument. 


A murderer can not be a hero

by Bavafa on

I would honor a person as a hero who will put his/her life in line to defend his country yet will put down his gun when his country is unjustly murdering/attaching another nation. For all of those American soldiers who left their livelihood and went to Canada or other locations so they won't be participating in this mass killing in Iraq, those are my heroes.

Had McCain stood against the murdering of innocent Vietnamese, he would have be my heroes. I think he got what he had coming to him.


American Wife


by American Wife on

by definition... "A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life: soldiers and nurses who risked their lives in an unpopular war".

I'm no McCain fan... far from it.  But I won't be a hypocrite or unfair about it either.  Whether you agreed with or supported the Vietnam War (I did not), he DID serve his country.  He was shot down and he was held prisoner.  It's not taking anything from firefighters or policemen or teachers or whomever to acknowledge that he risked his life.  So if a young man goes to war for Iran he's a hero... but if a young man goes to war on behalf of the US, he's not?  ooooookay.

BUT... that does NOT make him eligible to run the country!!!  He's NEVER walked the walk... although he's definitely talked the talk.  He's a blowhard.  As far as picking a woman VP... that's been discussed ad naseum and I consider it a blatent insult for him to think he can buy the woman's vote by picking Sarah Palin... who? So you're all over her because she spoke out for Iranian women.  More TALK.  If you're here.. in the US... you're voting for leaders of the UNITED STATES... not for some chick who speaks out for Iranian women.  Let's get OUR shit in order before we worry about everyone else.  Isn't that what everyone is always saying... "let US worry about Iran"?  The Clinton's have done more for women and civil rights than all Republicans put together.  What about admiring them?

Don't think for a moment that I don't support rights for women in Iran.  But I'm not going to buy into the Republican BS because Sarah Palin said something! 

If you believe that... I've got some waterfront property in Arizona you might like as well.


McCain a hero

by Anonymous-not republican and not democrat (not verified) on

It's interesting how many people post on this site without actually knowing anything about what they are posting. McCain is not regarded as a hero because his plane was shot down, nor is he regarded as a hero because he was tortured and left for dead when he was shot down or any of that stuff. There are plenty of soldiers that have gone through that sort of nightmare. He is regarded as a hero because according to the people with whom he was imprisoned, after all that he went through, he was given a chance to leave and he refused to leave until all his co-prisoners (POW's) were released. How many of the doctors (I am one by the way), firefighters, nurses, etc. that you have in mind, do you think would have done that?
Why don't you get your facts straight before you post? Lack of education led to our country's fall in the hands of these people; sure we should continue to run our mouths without knowing anything, that helps.


To the blind Republican

by Anonymousity (not verified) on

Your boy McCain is no hero; he was in the armed forces and now he is running for a job for which he has very few qualifications. Neither of these acts qualifies him as a hero.

But he definitely is George Bush III, which does disqualify him from hero status, and which should disqualify him from being president.


Hamindback:Your definition is too naive

by Anonymous Republican (not verified) on

In your patently anti-McCain and pro-IRI drivel, your bias doesn't let you go beyond the cliche definitions and popular misunderstandings. No volunteer soldier or fireman goes into this type of job for "money". Obviously you come from a background that "money" matters most to you. Any individual who puts his/her life at risk for whatever reason doesn't do it for financial gains, though this may be a by product of his/her activities. No amount of money can substitute loss of life or even loss of a limb or an eye or any other sever physical or mental handicap. So do you realize Hamibak that you are talking utmost BullS***t?

Sometimes you have to take lives in order to save lives. That is an unfortunate evil. Anyone who, in the course of duty, places his or her life at risk, is a HERO.


He Is My Hero Too!

by Anonymous on

It's time for someone really serious to hold the White House office. Enough of Harvard and Yale graduates. It's time for someone that walks the talk. McCain is the only one that has consistently challenged his own party. He is the only one that warned about Fannie/Freddie 2 years ago. He is the only one that advocated surge policy 1 year before it actually got implemented.

I also like the idea that he picked a woman governor for his VP. Sarah Palin spoke out for Iranian women. The only American politician to do it.

It's time for Hero's to run this country.

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