Underdog Iranian Americans knock out war resolution in U.S. Congress


by Sasan Dehghan

It was David versus Goliath: the classic underdog matchup. In the battle over a Congressional resolution calling for war with Iran, the lines were drawn between the smaller grassroots Iranian-American movement (NIAC) on one side and the hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) mega-lobby on the other. No one expected the Iranian Americans and their coalition partners to be able to stand up to the belligerent giant intent on amplifying hostility with Iran.

But with the Congressional session expiring this week, our proverbial David in Washington has delivered the knock-out blow to the pro-war forces' Goliath. The Iran war resolution is down for the count.

Yes, you read that right - NIAC beat AIPAC.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I should make it clear that I am a NIAC member and I, like many other Iranian Americans, participated in this effort by calling and emailing my representatives, and engaging family, friends, and co-workers to do the same. I also attended a meeting with Rep. Chris Van Hollen's (D-MD) top advisor to oppose this resolution.)

Introduced in May, House Concurrent Resolution (H.Con.Res.) 362 would have recommended that the US President impose a blockade to prohibit shipments of refined petroleum from reaching Iran. Such a move would elicit an Iranian military response, thereby igniting another disastrous confrontation in the Middle East with unimaginable consequences for the US military and the vital oil traffic throughout the Persian Gulf. But these obvious dangers didn't stop some of the most powerful special interest groups in the country from making H.Con.Res. 362 a top priority in their legislative agenda this year.

With the full weight of the dominant pro-war movement behind it, this resolution garnered well over 200 cosponsors within the first two weeks of its introduction. Ultimately, more than half of the 435 members of Congress went out of their way to sign on. For those familiar with Washington politics, it appeared that AIPAC's flagship piece of legislation was all set to breeze through Congress and pass by virtual decree.

But the resolution's overtly aggressive language immediately caught the attention of some members of the Iranian-American community who mobilized in opposition to the bill with a speed and efficacy never before seen from the historically under-engaged group. Led by the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) and a coalition of peace and security groups, Iranian Americans from around the country called, emailed, wrote, and visited their members of Congress to declare in no uncertain terms that passing H.Con.Res. 362 would be disastrous.

"This is a victory for the Iranian-American community," NIAC's Legislative Director, Emily Blout, told me earlier this week, "and it is a testament to the hard work and determination of the thousands of Iranian Americans who made their voices heard within the walls of Congress by opposing this push for war."

The main focus of NIAC's efforts to stop the blockade resolution came in the form of encouraging Iranian Americans to press their Representatives to either oppose the bill or withdraw their cosponsorship if already a cosponsor. In all, over 10,000 emails were sent, 6,000 phone calls were placed, and dozens of constituent groups met face to face with members of Congress or their top staff members to voice their disapproval. Additionally, NIAC and the coalition groups worked hard to make this a full-fledged media concern, placing op-eds in prominent newspapers like the Washington Times and providing expert commentary for media sources from around the country.

As a direct result of this grassroots groundswell, five Representatives who had initially signed onto the resolution withdrew their cosponsorship - a very drastic move that elected officials are hesitant to make at any time, much less during an election year. Additionally, some prominent Democrats, including Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Rep. Robert Wexler of Florida, publically declared their position that, while they would remain nominal cosponsors of the resolution, they would not support it unless the language first underwent a drastic overhaul.

As the summer came to a close, members of Congress remained divided over the controversial measure, and many key lawmakers from both sides of the issue approached Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi about the prospects for the bill to be given a proper vote. According to Congressional sources, the bill was set to be placed on the House calendar on three separate occasions. In all three instances, it was removed at the last minute due to intervention by organizations like NIAC and its partners. In the end, the bill was never allowed to be brought up for a vote on the House floor, nor was it even considered by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, thanks to groups like NIAC working behind the scenes with members of Congress to discourage consideration of the bill.

(Under Congressional rules, if a bill is not passed before Congress adjourns for the year, it must be resubmitted after the start of the next session and start the whole process over again.)

Thus the prospects of an "October surprise" military conflict with Iran appears to be averted for the time being. And in what many hope is a sign of things to come, the Iranian-American community's efforts at grassroots organizing - long a cause of cynicism within our oftentimes fractious community - has its first major legislative success on which to build further momentum. "This victory has shown members of our community just how much we can accomplish," Trita Parsi, President of NIAC, told me and other NIAC members involved in the process. "Now, we should take this opportunity to make our voice heard in the debate about America's future in general, and our policy towards Iran in particular."

With the blockade bill defeated, Iranian Americans can no longer claim to be the perennial underdogs, resigning themselves to the minor leagues of civic engagement. Rather, the victory over the pro-war hawks should usher in a new era for Iranian-American political participation, one in which no fight is too big, no opponent too mighty, and no opportunity beyond the collective reach of a newly engaged citizenry eager to leave a positive mark on the American political landscape. David's work wasn't finished when he beat Goliath on the battlefield; the real task ahead for Iranian Americans is only just beginning.



NIAC is doing a great Job for Iranians better than any other

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

It's been 30 years since the Iranian Revolution. NIAC is the 1st organzation to stand up for the Civil Rights of Iranian immigrants, Iranians and Iranian Americans. Reza Pahlavi, Farah Diba have not done a damned thing. All the Pahlavis do is spend the money they stole from 70 million Iranians. And the MKO are filthy communists. NIAC is for positive change. These other groups are in it to fill their pockets at the expense of the Great Iranian people.

Darius Kadivar

For Karim S. National Geographics and 300 ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for your kind comments about my writings and I appreciate them but please let me ask you: Do you ever follow the news ? If you are relying on rumors I don't blame you it is an Iranian tradition. We even started our revolution based on rumors.

Also there is an expression in France which applies to your inaccurate comparison between a terrorist and cult ridden organization like the MKO and the monarchists: "Ne melangeons pas les torchons et les serviettes" which would roughly be translated as "don't confuse the scum with the napkins"

Where was Reza Pahlavi in denouncing  National Geographics regarding mis Use of Arabian Gulf instead of Persian Gulf ?

ANSWER: At National Georgraphics Offices to express his discontent:


As for the 300 Controversy:

ANSWER: Shahbanou Farah's Response to the movie 300:


Now Regarding NIAC an organization created shortly after September 11th out of the blue and claims to represent the Iranian American community at large.

Again I have no resentment for NIAC members or for Trita Parsi. I simply don't share their optimistic views regarding the behaviour of  IRI regime nor the actions they took against the Iranian opposition as I expressed in the previous post. The 75 Million $ help was not aimed at anything more than helping such channels as Radio Farda, probably the LA TV's and most importantly VOA in beaming into Iran. You can call it Propaganda at worst. I have no problem with that. I would support any anti IRI propaganda as far as I am concerned for THAT is precisely what they do against the opposition when they don't have recourse to other intimidations like political assassinations. HELLOOooo Do the names Farrokhzad, Forouhars or Bakhtiar ring a familiar note ? Or Journalists like Zahra Kazemi ?  


Do you need more examples ?


Who are we kidding here ? In whose name did NIAC decide what should be done against the Iranian opposition regardless of whether we agree with them or not. Then they bring up the national tour of Stephan Kinzers Book "All the Shah's Men" as a pretext to confuse in our minds the struggle for Oil Nationalization and the current nucleare dillemma as if Ahmadinejad a HOLOCAUST DENIER was the ideal substitute to Dr. Mossadegh.

Mashallah Gol Kardeed. How Low of you guys to ;ake us think we would swallow this ...

Is this the time for such an academic comparison I ask you when this regime does not hesitate to invite KKK members and neo nazis living in nostalgia of the 3rd Reich to IRan and on Iranian TV like this Michelle Renouf a well known Neo Nazi British Australian socialite as a respected expert on the Holocaust ?

HELL , its the IRI who is looking for confrontation and War NOT AMERICA OR ISRAEL.

IT IS AHMADINEJAD who brought up this issue and jeapordized Iran's chances to acquire nucleare technology and in that it even had all the support of the Iranians at large ( except me ;0) Because I know what these scums are capable of) )

Now its the fault of the monarchists even when the source of the problem is triggered by the irresponsible leaders in Tehran ?

Sorry I don't Buy it.

As far as the Opposition is concerned I grant you they are unimaginative, and incompetent. So I never claimed the contrary ? What does that have to do with the reality the nature of the IRI ?




People like this fellow or numerous others ? Human Rights Not a priority ? My Foot.

And now some even think all can be solved by improving Iran's PR image as if that could save them:


I don't know if I have to laugh or cry at such stupidity ...

Khejalat ham nameekeshand

I have repeatadly said I prefer to be ALERT like someone in the lines of Dr. Abbas Milani in regard to the situation in Iran. I maintain this instead of all your blind optimism regarding the criminals running our country.





My Dear Darius

by Karim S (not verified) on

My Dear Darius,

I very much respect you and enjoy your writings on culture. On politics, though, I found your approach to be “yesterday’s politics”.

You write that “NIAC's indignations seem to satisfy the IRI's political agenda's and priorities” because they opposed the 75 million regime change fund. You assume that if one opposes the fund on is with the regime. In order to be against the regime, I guess one has to be violent or irrelevant as the folks in the MKO or the pro-shah people.

Well, guess what – NIAC is only reflecting the views of the real pro-democracy fighters such as Shirin Ebadi and Akbar Ganji. They too have opposed the 75 million fund – as has most NGOs in Iran. See What Akbar Ganji writes in Foreign Affairs’ latest edition:

“…there is no question that diplomatic negotiations and the establishment of bilateral relations between the United States and Iran would serve the two countries' respective national interests. But such efforts ought to be carried out so as not to undermine human rights activists and democracy advocates in Iran. To date, Washington's principal concerns have focused on curbing the Islamic Republic's nuclear program and guaranteeing the strategic supremacy of Israel in the region. Meanwhile, the aim of Iranian dissidents and Iranian advocates of human rights and democracy is to bring about, through nonviolent action, a democratic system fully committed to the cause of freedom, human rights, and federalism. These actors are strongly opposed to Washington's threats of a U.S. military strike against Iran and talk of "regime change.”

You write of NIAC’s inexperience, yet NIAC has achieved more for the Iranian-American community than any other organization. Where were the MKO and the Shahis when the National Geographic started using the term Arabian Gulf? Where were they when discriminated against Iranians? Where were they when Hollywood was making a movie depicting Iranians as monsters? WHERE WERE THEY WHEN THE BIGGEST HUMAN RIGHST CALAMITY THREATENED Iran THROUGH A US-IRAN WAR?


Where are their accomplishments?

They have none.

When you refer to NIAC as inexperienced, you sound like a McCain supporter who criticizes Obama of inexperience. Yes, NIAC does not have the experience of the Shahis and the MKO in selling out Iran and accomplishing nothing in 3 decades.

NIAC has the experience of achieving a tremendous amount in 6 years. Why? Because it’s a true grass roots organization that is true to its membership – its positions are derived from the wishes of its membership through votes.

It’s called democracy.

And btw, if the Shahi groups are so good for our community, why cant they raise money from our community? Why do they have to go and beg Bush for money, just as the MKO begged Saddam for money?


AIPAC is experiencing blowback

by yinzer (not verified) on

The American people are tired of the WMD goose chases that lead no where and cost much in blood and wealth. People are wising up to the fact that AIPAC and Neocon policies are simply not in thier best interest.

So really, I don't see this as a sign that NAIC is gaining influence but rather that AIPAC is losing influence. In a relative sense you could say that NAIC is gaining influence but that's sort of misleading.


NIAC is on the right track

by Yes (not verified) on

Good job NIAC, keeep it up. We support you. Don't listen to all these nay sayers who have lost direction. Thanks for keeping keeping on. The warmongers, loser monarchists and zionist jews in sheep clothing are not going to stop attacking you and the Iranian nation. Our hopes are people like you who have dedicated to peace and freindship between the two great nations of Iran and USA. We need many more organization like NIAC.


NIAC is on the right track

by Yes (not verified) on

Good job NIAC, keeep it up. We support you. Don't listen to all these nay sayers who have lost direction. Thanks for keeping keeping on. The warmongers, loser monarchists and zionist jews in sheep clothing are not going to stop attacking you and the Iranian nation. We look up to people like you who are dedicated to peace and freindship between the two great nations of Iran and USA. We need many more organization like NIAC.


This article is like a

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

This article is like a parody

wrapped in a caricatures, smothered in hubris. An insult to our intelligence.

Darius Kadivar

masoudA Then why so many contradictions ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Then why should NIAC be concerned by the MKO and its "terrorist" activities ?


I am kind of confused by the lack of coherence of NIAC's "priorities" ...

I don't need to say what I think of Massoud Rajavi or his wife or the MKO as an organization do I ? We ALL know who they are and what they aim, but how come nearly all of NIAC's indignations seem to satisfy the IRI's political agenda's and priorities ? Reduce Any form of Opposition to Oblivion ! ...

First NIAC opposed the congress aid to the Iranian opposition groups by asking to Veto the Pro Democracy Fund :


Was That NOT A POLITICAL decision that went AGAINST US GRASS ROOT Iranians who may beg to differ as to what serves or not OUR interests and not just the Islamic Republic's Leadership ?

I suppose the next step will be to see if "Grass Root" interests of the Iranian Diaspora has to be to give a second chance to another Khatami Presidency as the new Mullah with a smiling face:


I suppose we will now have to go and buy the arguments of reformists that Khatami will be our Islamic Gorbatchev...

Sorry but to claim that as "Grass Root" Iranians we are only concerned by Islamic Iran's foreign policy interests is particularly naive and truly not reflecting what most "grass Root" Iranian Americans think about the regime in Tehran. Why should we then care more about our nuclear rights but less about Human Rights ?

Sorry NIAC needs to clarify its position so as to justify its "selective" indignations in regard to the United States goverment's relations with Tehran. The argument to stop aiding the Opposition groups towards Iran was that such an aid would simply enforce human Rights violations in Iran. What Kind of Argument was that ?

The Iranian American Community has first and foremost a RESPONSABILITY, and that is to support Iran's civil society and NOT Endorse the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign or internal policies particularly by GIVING VOICE to Human Rights activists but also in regard to political prisoners held against any norms of international rights. Standing against the unjust imprisonement of political prisoners (regardless of their opinions shared or not) and human rights violations has nothing to do with having a political stance, on the contrary it simply reminds Iran that UNLIKE a DEMOCRACY it is violating international law and norms which we consider as being democratic and universal values which we should share with the rest of the civilized world. 

Has the Situation changed in Iran since ?


NO and this is Not Just MKO Propaganda agains the IRI. Numerous similar examples can be found not just on youtube but in the reports of Amnesty International and other Human Rights Organizations.


My Critics have nothing personal towards Trita Parsi or NIAC BUT


Otherwise "Grass Root" would seem quite pretentious for an organization aimed at representing the opinions of a community driven away from their homeland by a RELIGIOUS COUP which would make Mossadegh turn in his grave and  the highjacking of the Iranian Revolution ( if one can call the greatest Hoax in our contemporary history as truly a Revolution of democratic ideals ?)  if anything else ...

I hope that NIAC will try to get that straight and clarified in its future actions. I hope to blame this confusion on NIAC's young history and inexperience than anything else.

My humble opinion,










We need to write to our

by shameoniri (not verified) on

We need to write to our Republican congressmen and senators to help us with Organizing the Republican Iranian-Americans to counter democrat's front organizations such as NIAC.

The Republican Party has shown no leadership on this front and they are far behind democrats agenda to prop up the reformers in Iran.



by Roshan (not verified) on

"and nothing stops you to start a group like NIAC and fight the NIAC. "


We can't do this because we receive no funding (direct or indirect) from the IRI. AIPAC does not recognize NIAC as a threat worth investing against. Only in the minds of people like you is NIAC a threat to the NeoCons.


I am sorry but I don't think it was that simple

by Kambujiyeh (not verified) on

Although I am very happy that we are at least getting some Iranian folks to unite and work a lobbying force within the US government, however the reason for the failure of this silly bill is due to the current situation. With two war fronts going very bad, majority of folks NOT for either war and the economy halfway down the proverbial 'Toilette', I don't think anyone in Congress would have the stomach nor the balls to pass such a bill.


Hawkish right agains NIAC?

by choghok on

It is interesting that some right wingers are thinking that NIAC is somehow connected to Democratic party.

Democratic party member Feinstein have done a lot to make life harder for Iranians in US, also Democrats traditionally get half their fundings by Israel lobby in USA, so it would be interesting to see how you right wing hawks can explain that.

Also Carter has not either through his policy or deeds done anything to suggest that he is a colonialist unlike some hawkish right (Bush, Reagan for example).

US is a democracy (or so they say) and nothing stops you to start a group like NIAC and fight the NIAC. I would think you will get a lot of help from AIPAC and US neoconservatives then.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Mr. Kadivar

by masoudA on

I know you have the right intensions - however,

Upon confronting questions about why NIAC does not make ANY comments about human rights abuses in Iran, Trita Parsi said NIAC is not a human rights organization !!!  We all need to stop fooling ourselves and see people for what they are.   


Darius Kadivar

Good Now Can We Move to the Human Rights Issue ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Well done,

Now I believe that NIAC and Mr. Trita Parsi can focus all their necessary energy and time on another URGENT matter and that is Human Rights Violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I am sure that now that the threat of a so called imminent attack on Iran by US forces seems to have been set aside for some time ( Let's give Credit where its due: the Georgian Crisis by the way) we don't have any reasons to feel shy about critisizing Iran's leadership on the alerting rise of human rights violations.

I believe that if there is anything of a "Grass Root" concern amongst "Grass Root" Iranians it is that we all wish beyond our political differences or preferences to see the respect of Human Rights in Iran and why not support Iran's Civil Society as opposed to the Regime and its corrupt leadership.

Last but not Least, I hope that any attempt to compare the current crisis over Iran's nucleare dillema will not be compared to the events of 1953  or hear one again the clumsy comparison of a Fascist President like Mr. Ahmadinejad to one of Iran's national Icon's Dr. Mohamed Mossadegh.

With due regard to NIAC and its President Dr. Trita Parsi, (whom I appreciate the professionalism and efforts to inform the Iranian American community), I would nevertheless like to add that As an Iranian Patriot I will personally never accept to see my patriotism be highjacked by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its supporters ( particularly in the Press who have and do hide under the banner of the anti war mouvement ) in the name of real politics. I say this not because I doubt in Mr. Parsi's patriotism or that of the members of the NIAC but because I regret the confusion that seems to have been made in a not so distant past either voluntarily or involuntarily by NIAC between the "democratic opposition" to the IRI composed of equally Secular Iranian Nationalists and Constitutionalists ( Monarchists in my vocabulary) and the MKO for instance. This "Opposition" whether efficient or innefficient is nevertheless one created by natural historical circumstances ( I.e: The Revolution of 1979) that have led nearly ALL GRASS ROOT IRANIANS to exile and particularly those living in the US.

I hope that more transparency and constructive dialogue will prevail in the future actions of your hard working members and interesting organization. With wishes of further success to your organization on these vital issues, May I quote the late and last Prime Minister of Imperial Iran and also a major historical figurehead of Iran's Constitutionalist struggle for Democracy and Human Rights.

Please also see the following interviews (during his Premiership and After in exile) 



Iran Hargez Nakhahad Mord -Chapour Bakhtiar

My humble Opinion too,


Iranian American living in France


Does anyone know why this

by shameoniri (not verified) on

Does anyone know why this self-appointed group runs around and pretends that they represent the Iranian-American community??

Isn't there a way we can sue this group for this egregious misnomer???

NIAC can do whatever they want but they should stop pretending that they represent Iranian-American community in the US. They should say they represent the pro-IRI sympathizers, left-leaning Iranian democrats, and those Iranian-Americans who have financial and business ties with the Islamic Republic. I have no problem with that. They have every right to lobby for their side.

However, As it stands right now, they are misrepresenting Iranian-American community.


It is obvious that NIAC is

by dfrq (not verified) on

It is obvious that NIAC is the propaganda arm of the American democratic party --propped by the likes of Brezinski and Carter et al-- who like to see the reformers in charge in Iran so the American oil companies can start to loot the Iranian national resources.

The failure of the bill has nothing to do with NIAC.


Great work NIAC, and all peace loving Americans

by Ari (not verified) on

who worked tirelessly together in preventing the passing of this Resolution, at least for now. There is absolutely no reason why Iranians cannot work together in an organized and disciplined manner to become a counter balance to AIPAC. We keep speaking about how we have the greatest minds in this country, that we are one of the most successful, intellectual minority class in this country - well stand up for our rights as opposed to just bragging about who we are. At least NIAC is taking action what are the rest of you doing?

I also agree with Shdooneh we can't let Obama get away with what he said about naval blockade and harsher sanctions on Iran. We have to keep him honest to his promises of a new change in U.S. foreign policy. Dialogue and negotiations requires real diplomacy, it means listening to your opponent, understanding their issues/concerns, acknowledging their rights as a sovereign country, it means speaking respectfully with your opponent as opposed to simply dictating the U.S. and Israeli demands and finally it requires compromise from both sides!


Game Changer!

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

Let's not let Obama off the hook by letting him know what his rhetoric to blockade Iran is dangerous and unlawful. He said during the debate with McCain/Bush last night, "If we can prevent them [the Iranians] from importing the gasoline they need and the refined petroleum products, that starts changing their cost benefits analysis, that starts putting the squeeze on them,"! Those of us who willingly or, in my case due to the lack of other viable choices, will vote for Obama must contact him or his campaign that his proposal constitute an unwarranted direct threat to Iran's economy and security. There is no international law that allows him to make such decisions and although his proposal, also dictated to him by AIPAC, sounds "better" than McCain's "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" the consequences are the same. Obama has to do less pandering and be more realistic. He seems to be shooting from the hip to gain a few votes here and there but his remarks are utterly irresponsible, dangerous and unworkable. Although he constantly talks about bringing the international community together to support American foreign policies, in this case the ONLY country supporting him will be Israel and that hardly constitutes the international community that he seems to be referring to.


Promoting Peace with the Mullahs !!

by masoudA on

IS the same as pushing for genocide of Iran and Iranians.  

This was just an act by the Democratic Majority in the Congress - likes of which we have witnessed a million times in the past - how is it a victory for NIAC ?  As an IRI lobby group, NIAC is making this their victory to justify more pay-offs by the mullahs.  

 PS - I am sorry to see being abused like this. 


To Sassan

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

What is the goal of NIAC? Is the goal to support the IRI or the goal is to change IRI? I agree that the war is not the answer and I am happy that it was derailed in congress but let's not make any mistake that the main problem is IRI and at some point in time, it needs to be dealt with. What is the NIAC plan for that?


NIAC had a lot of help from the American people.

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

Job well done, NIAC. I also would like to ask everyone to recognize the patriotic and humane efforts by many Americans who oppose the right wing war mongers of the AIPAC gang whose main goal is to bomb Iran. AIPAC is doing its darnest to push the US towards war with Iran without any concern about the war's catastrophic human, security and economic consequences. Therefore AIPAC's defeat in achieving its sinister and criminal goals is cause for celebration thanks to the efforts of many Americans, not only the Iranian-Americans and especially the Jewish Americans who stood up to the AIPAC war mongers. I have witnessed the efforts of many peace loving Americans who let their representatives know they did not support what AIPAC was dictating to them in gatherings in Berkeley, California. I am sure there were many other such organizing effort to oppose AIPAC's green-light-for-war resolution in other parts of the US too. Among the people who spoke were Allen Ginsberg and Garreth Porter, to name a couple. J Street, which is a lobby group made up of mainly Jewish peace activists played a major organizing role to defeat AIPAC's "resolution" also. Here's the reference:


Let's thank all those conscientious people are may have helped to save many lives. I say may because with GW anything is possible. Let's not let our guards down.


Thanks to the members and Iranian communities-NIAC

by Abarmard on

We have achieved this and can be proud of this result. The issue is not side lined yet, the AIPAC is on the move to reintroduce this bill and try to pass the resolution one more time, at least. AIPAC believes that if they get enough Reps on their side, through some extensive capital support, they will pass resolutions that will put the United States in jeopardy of war. 

That is wrong, and NIAC needs your support to stop the possible future attacks against the Iranian people. 


Why do I get flash backs?

by NetSpy (not verified) on

Even the reformist Muslims, the likes of Khatami supporters, can't believe it:



Good work

by mehrdad emadi (not verified) on

This example demonstrates how a small group of determined citizens united by their passion to prevent war between the two countries made an impact. Excellent effort.


job well done

by supporter (not verified) on

Thank you niac for leading this. I am proud of what you do and what you stand for. I hope for bigger wins but we (niac) should not loose site and get cocky over this victory. While a lot of people made the calls, e-mailed or faxed comments to their respective representatives, do not forget that we have a very long way to become an organization with aipac muscle.
Good job


You want proof? Here's proof

by Farideh M (not verified) on

Yes, we did beat them! Together with a coalition of equally small or new organizations. You can read about it in the Washington Times, Asia Times, Truthout:


I am so proud, so happy I don't know what to say. For me, this was historic. It showed me what organization and leadership can achieve for the Iranian American community.


How did NIAC achieve this?

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

How did NIAC achieve this? Which congressmen or Senators did they talk to? I like to get the list of Senators and Congressmen that NIAC people talked to behind the scene...I like to call them and verify that it was indeed NIAC who was responsible for the failure of the resolution. Until then, NIAC can go on and take credit for this to fool the uninitiated...


Well done!

by eroonman on

Thanks NIAC! Thanks to you Iran won't be bombed until next year!

While you pat yourselves on your backs, and think you represent us, let me say that you actually don't.

I know that the concept of "if we lead, the sheep will follow" is the mantra du-jour at the NIAC International Space Station, but the reality of your challenge is that you need to get authorized by Iranians first, then you get to talk for them. Since you haven't done that, I am merely lucky that as an Iranian you didn't happen to embarass me, as is usually the case with one your kind, the self appointed Iranian community organization.

Had you bothered to read the constitution, and a bit about US civic history, you would know that first you organize the community, gain their authorization, and after they allow you to represent them, you go off to fight the good fight. As it is now, you are merely benevolent dictators. And this is just simply lucky for us. Were you corrupt and self serving, there would be nothing we could do.

I did not see ONE SINGLE AD in an Iranian publication mentioning what you were planning, not even in this publication you so easily use to congratulate yourselves with. Next time treat this site like a communications vehicle, and buy an ad, not like tissue paper to wipe your nose.

So, again, thanks for this one. But no thanks, I don't approve your request to represent me at this time. Maybe you should spend some time (and some of that banquet money) lobbying your own people before you go off and decide what's best for everyone.


All it takes is to Organize

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

And that is what NIAC did. People should stop nagging and start organizing if they want to see results.

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie


by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

We did it! We did it!