Palin or Biden


Palin or Biden
by Farhad Zaltash

Shish-kabob aroma
Seduced me, together
With cucumber-yogurt,
Both wrapped in a fluff Lavash
Hugging the healthy tarragon.


I came across Big Mack and
Strawberry shake in a threesome
With crispy fries,
My new adopted home,
What a fast-food paradise.

Homayoun Behzadie and the
Majesty of his miracle golden-head,
Hossein Kalani and that
Gazelle-like speed – mesmerized
My innocence and those
Never-returning years.

Long before Shaquille O'neal
And Kobe Bryant fights,
Long before super bowl
Dome or its pre-game
Chaos and or silly brawls,

I was a dreamer of a
Dream-like dream,
Chasing better tomorrows,
Just by going abroad,
So I can come back in glory.

Thunderstorm picked
Up one wind at a time,
A time's seductive breezes -
By transient revolutionary lines.

One became a hardcore
With Che-Guevara in-mind,
One was the enemy,
A royal monarchist who had
To vanish by guillotine or mines.

The camp of revolutionaries
Fell into ideological disarray
When counter-revolutionaries
Plotted in secret at
The imaginary lines.

I asked the prophets
To give me strength
To be faithful to my mother’s
Milk-in-my-mouth or
My my father’s wisdom that I took
An oath to stand by;
I am not a boat-people man
Claiming this new land a gift
From heaven to earth.

I dazzle the crowd with occasional
Saying your tribe is lacking spirit
And I am a nameless messiah.

When wind blows from East
To West, I am a child at loss,
Neither Palin nor Biden
Reflects what is in my heart,

I am a dreamer in chase of a Kite,
A prince whose house has burnt down;
Yet his heart expands beyond time
And space when his courage makes
His soul look deep inside.

Then, any dark night hole becomes
A palace filled with light,
Whichever plateau or height,
I am strolling in the night.

I am as true as my own
Heart, regardless which
Chef is in the house,
As long as my wounds and
Scars are not covered
in disguise, blinding me
That a prince has never
To hide.



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Biden is a YAKKER and Palin is a DOER

by Anonymous on

Based on his own admission during CNN forum at Columbia University , Obama said this:
"It's easy for me to go to Washington and frankly, be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have," he said. Obama, meanwhile, also mocks his own job in response to the same question. "We yak," he said, while small-town mayors work."

Now, lets see...should we vote for a "DOER" or a "YAKKER"??

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Nasrin Sasanpour

An Excellent Portrait

by Nasrin Sasanpour on

Thank you for an excellent portrait of so many of us who have
come to
the U.S. at/or just before or after the onset of the Iranian Islamic
revolution in our very young years. Our innocence and the
youth's optimism always prompted us to think we will go back and serve
our motherland. And it still lingers with us, deep down, from
time to time, reminding us of the yesteryears and the bygone days . . .

<> Artfully done!