by Farhad Zaltash

An appointment with a perceived destiny,
Stumbled upon a crossroad of
Devastation and misery, instead.

Against the stretch of time,
“Why me, and if that...,” I asked

“Why not you...,”
A stranger’s voice whispered, and
Went on, “Endure and embrace patience."

There are secrets to the darkness
In that pain,

That dark cloud  promises you
The precious jewel of light, when
It begins pouring from your core,
Those lovely teardrops.

And that pain strengthens your
Bone to a new birth.
Paradise was never “here”
Or “there”, but always in your heart
That resisted the temptation of
Giving up.

The destiny is re-written a thousand
Times over in your heart each day,
With each breath taken different
Than the other one.


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Farhad Zaltash


by Farhad Zaltash on

Thank you Khanum.

Persiangirl in Paris

C'est, de loin, votre meilleur poème

by Persiangirl in Paris on

Mr Zaltash,

It is, by far, your best poem