This Moment

This Moment
by Farhad Zaltash

In an infant’s crying,

In a hammer’s pounding,

In a river’s thundering roar,

In a mother’s teardrops,

In a friend’s hand reaching out,

In a stranger’s heartfelt smile,

In a night’s union of moon and

His mistresses, a thousand anxious stars,

In a sunrise’s promise and strength

That splendor rises in horizon with such glory,

In hidden corners but not

From those with open eyes,

In encounters to be manifested by

Those who can see and navigate

The oceans with the eyes from inside,

In silence when thought is subdued,

Space becomes a zone where

Heart is not afraid to dance beyond

Those limiting established lines.




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Nasrin Sasanpour

So true . . .

by Nasrin Sasanpour on

At the core of each occurrence in our lives & around us, there lies an essence of being, witnessing from within & without, manifested through the sanctity of the present moment.

The inner eye, the heart of the being, has the potential to journey above & beyond the confinement of the pain and its inherent struggles in transcendence to reach the "splendor of sunrise's glory".

And that is the true potential of this journey.