Set that heart straight

Set that heart straight
by Farhad Zaltash

Set that heart straight
So all else aligns,

Stars line up,
Cloud breaks down,
Desert gives up,
welcoming carnation under its sky.

Set that heart straight,
So reckless child calms down,
The beast from inside shuts up,
Haunting ghosts dissolve in paradise-of-heart.

Set that heart straight
So you tame outside
From inside; don't be surprised,
No magician in this house.

Set that heart straight,
Even that wandering
Dog, your mind, stops,
No longer slave at the outside.

Set that heart straight,
So night becomes nicer
With its mysteries, unbuttoning
Its robe, one star light at a time.

Set that heart straight,
So when angels see
A brook in your soul,
Can descend, glorifying the spot.


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This was really great. I

by n.zanincanadai on

This was really great. I love the repitition. It sounds great when you read it out loud and add some intonations to it. Even in serious poetry, why can't you repeat a line a million times if you feel like you need to? I really enjoyed it.

Persiangirl in Paris

Quite simply splendid ... Tout simplement Magnifique

by Persiangirl in Paris on


It is always a pleasure, of reading your poems on this site.

C'est toujours un plaisir, de lire vos poèmes sur ce site.

Your flourishing imagination, captivates me more with each new poem.

Votre Imagination florissante, me captive davantage avec chaque nouvelle poésie.


beautiful, except

by Anonymous 100 (not verified) on

A beautiful poem. But in my humble opinion, it would probably be better if "Put that heart straight" hadn't been repeated at the beginning of each stanza. It was ok it was a lyric poem, written for a song. But this is a serious poem.



Beautiful imagery!  

by sara2 on

Beautiful imagery!




by ZanAmrikai (not verified) on

That was absolutely lovely.