by Farhad Zaltash

Steal the night and all its

Mysteries so that

When you seduce that one star

She cannot complain that hers were

The only lips lingering in awe.

Bow in front of sun and let it

Draw a sword and slice your smile

Onto pieces, then let your spilled

Blood become not a motto

But lessons embedded in your soul.

When all is settled down and

A surveyor shows up to ask who

You are, be humble and say,

”a simple match-maker

Between Moon and Sun, but

With little time on his hand

As universe is infinite and

His journey has just begun.”


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by Abol Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

Poet Zaltash Great work ! Looking forward to see more books of poetry to be published with the current state of your madness.

I personally write poetry too and publish them but never take them seriously. In less than half of one generation that is already divided in half they will be all treated as dust as if they have never existed...

Good luck!

Ay kozeh gar-e kozeh khar-e kozeh forosh...


Dear Abol

by Farhadz (not verified) on

Thank you for your kind words, glad that you liked it. Your doubt that whether this piece was mine or not was the best compliment that you could have given me.

A man does strange things during mid-life, mine has turned onto poetry.






by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

...great poem farahd ....but I must say I was mesmerized by the sun and moon and stars portrayal that you shared along with your poem...there are so many thick layers of meaning embedded in it simultaneously ... Is it yours or what? I thought for half of an split second that was already sliced in was one step ahead of Michelangelo's painting of god and man and then i said no it is not...