A permenant mistress

A permenant mistress
by Farhad Zaltash

If anguish were to choose

A permanent mistress,

Forgiveness must own the night,

Vengeance has no chance.


If truth’s pill must be swallowed

So sparrows can take that flight,

Bitter taste is the wine,

Not out of a candy jar.


If freedom is the ultimate

Trophy of this journey,

Patience is both a virtue and a creed,

Hasty souls slip and fall.


If every real story did not endure

Heartache, no teardrop

Matures onto that smile,

Fairytales are only fictional.


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Thank you for the beautiful

by boediger (not verified) on

Thank you for the beautiful poem, I appreciate such a meaningful and artistic comment and follow up on my poem.




by FarhadZ. (not verified) on

Mr. or Ms. bu-mubarak:

thank you kindly for your observation and comment. It is appreciated.



by bu-Mubarak (not verified) on

too rich. a beauty indeed. thanks for sharing.



by Farhadz. (not verified) on


You are too kind, thank you. You should not make an old soul blush.



by Probity (not verified) on

Every poem you’ve written, from those in your beautiful book to the recent ones are touching and romantic, but realistic, moving, and honest as they come from your heart. I read them over and over again only to crave more.
This one is a shining star. Thank you for sharing your luminous and precious jewels.



by Farhadz. (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Danesh,

Thank you for the beautiful poem, I appreciate such a meaningful and artistic comment and follow up on my poem.

Dear Jahanshah,

Glad to know that you liked it.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Loved it. Thank you!


Roman Statue: The secret behind the deliberate blindedness

by Hassan (Lall) Danesh (not verified) on

"Cheshm Pooshi"

You are seeing too much
Hardly overlooking anything
Instead use your ears
Start listening...
For there is too much to see
And if you keep seeing without overlooking
Soon you will go blind
For there is too too much things to see
With your poor overworked eyes
Therefore learn with wide open eyes
Stop seeing but only listening
As if you are a blind man
With all your sensations concentrated in your ears
Surely this way you will find many friends
In addition to keep your vision intact
For times when it is too too necessary
Like when you hit the red light in the intersection
That you must come for an immediate stopage

Do you hear the music?!? O rnot!

Bolhassan Danesh
April 2009