Rose in spring

Rose in spring
by Farhad Zaltash

O rose, come and dance

On my heart as its soil

Has been dry

For too long.


O moon, come and smile

As there are a thousand

Willing flirtatious ones at

The door, these shining stars.


When creek seduces river

Into submission, rain-drop

Smiles and says, “No time

For second-act side-shows,

I am a soldier from the empire

Of sun-and-ocean union,

Descending upon and

Making it fertile grounds.”


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So Lovely!!

by Shirin1 (not verified) on

You have the gift to touch one's heart. Your words are an incredible inspiration to humanity. My most sincere thanks for giving us a glimpse into your rich and mystifying soul.


la belle Rose du Printemps ...

by PersiangirlinParis (not verified) on

"Ne remets pas à demain ce que tu dois faire aujourd'hui.
Le jardin de roses est aujourd'hui plein de fleurs, mais demain, quand tu voudras cueillir une rose, il ne pourra peut-être pas t'en offrir une seule."



by FarhadZ. (not verified) on

Souri Khanum:

What a lucky day for the humble words, bringing smile to your face. Hope all your days start with enegry, with or without a poem.

Thank you for your kind comment.


How nice & romantic!

by Souri on

Thank you Mr Zaltash. I needed something beautiful like this today, as it was started very badly this morning, but now, your sweet and insightful poem, gave me my energy back. I'm so grateful to you.