by Soheyla Marzvaan

Rare flowers blossom in cold,

Like the Wisteria at my front gate

that blooms just before Spring declares its arrival

and decrees her season.


Wisteria welcomes those who enter,

with mesmerizing scent

of fragrance that takes you back to alleys in "Shemron",

or, the delightful drive on a winding road

overlooking the olive orchards of the Northern hills of "Gilan" .


Wisteria with her whimsical cluster blossoms

of lavender, purple and blue

droop downward from dry brown stems ,

as if her head, lowered in respect for those souls of light ,

who enter this house, those mystical few.


Wisteria , you can not touch,

it flutters and falls apart,

as if her beads are pearls in seas,

and straight from an oyster's heart.

frost will kill her instantly, she lives but only one month.


Wisteria grows so tall, I always wonder in awe,

climbing the rocky wall, that guides it upward,

away from one's reach, as if she knows of temptation

of those fools who take her life without regard.


Wisteria has smooth handsome leaves

divided into leaflets that tells the story of ,

withering precious life . As determined as she should be

embracing long cold nights, yet is tender and fragile,

Nature sure has its way of how to display,

magnanimous beauty and love.


Wisteria can't keep in vase,

it dies away from its vine.

If picked won't be fragrant,

she shrivels into small beads so sad,

that any one could see, how the being that was she,

has lost her soul so grand.


Wisteria reminds me of my heart,

The heart I used to have...


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Your poetry !!!!

by Agape (not verified) on

Been reading your poems for a while.So emotional and yet so observant and clever.Keep it up God is flowing through you.The more you open your heart,the more love will be given to the world and before you know it the true love,the Agape love will find you and riceprocate.

Soheyla Marzvaan


by Soheyla Marzvaan on

Thank you all for your comments. I realy appreciate it. 

Mr. Danesh,

You seem to have star power in imagination as well as pen. Thank you for your kind words.





by Divinity on


I love your poetry . You have a great talent for revealing one's emotion through nature's beauty we seem to ignore.

Thank you..waiting for more ...





by Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Soheyla...surely you have star power in your pen...

That was a cool poem you wrote... it was almost like an innocent river that flew gently and slowly until it poured into a magical little pristine untouched pond full of colorful fish and resting swans in utter quietness under the moon light in a foggy night...


your gate

by prince in exile (not verified) on

How well you resembled the heart to such beautiful yet fragile flower wisteria. Hope you have many mystical visitors at your gate....
thank you