Follow the Stream

Follow the Stream
by Soheyla Marzvaan

See the brook, the water in a stream
She embraces each bend each curve
Look how she seduces each rock
As she caresses every turn

She longs unity with the ocean,
Though from steam, snow or rain
Mind, body and heart are forms and
The water's free from chains
As Stillness is in formless,
unseen to stories ingrained.

She surrenders to the future
Won't fight her obstacles so grand
Washes off the past and moves on
Getting closer to nature’s chants

She knows her pains are senseless
In greater scheme of things
River beds will show, the years that go
Nothing’s permanent it seems

What seems to be your sorrow
Is there, you have a choice
Like snowflakes, turn into teardrops
Or cleans your foggy soul

Align our heart with your source
Like water surrender to “light”
To “sin” means to “miss the target”, don’t sin
Choose “oneness” to be your plight


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