Time Line

Time Line
by Soheyla Marzvaan

Anger was at age of five
As she reached out to lend a hand
No care for her kind intent
No talking... attention! Be still;
They shouted in demand

Sadness came by at seven
Heart wrenching scenery
Her yellow shaded dog that
Followed in hope for miles
Too small, she had no power
Never since has her heart smiled

Her tender soul again was witness
To unfairness of it all
What had that little boy done?
The sadness in his fall
She did not bear to see

She learned to feel is painful
Her heart, she put aside
From now with mind you'll feel life?
No one’s love will come inside

Years go by, her heart still remained shut
Apathy, came much late in life
The senseless dance of being
For no thing she would strive

A thousand pearls of greatness
God strung around her neck
A thousand souls she healed
Yet, none evoked exuberance
Without him all alone

Seeking answers to the questions
She constantly inquired
The light embedded by source
In her, her soulful guide:

“Welcome the pain for nearness,
Of being with the divine.
To suffer is to grow deep,
Your heart's sadness is mine.
We're the same now you and I
We cannot separate”

Despair tightened its grip,
And clenched her life in hand
Her heart, no longer beating
Her soul will now expand


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mystry ending

by Divinity on

Hi Soheyla,

loved how you described the chapters of one's life according to emotions learnt in different ages . The final stanza makes one wonder if the life is terminated or begun. Mystrious ending . Loved it.