Heart aches for peace

Heart aches for peace
by Soheyla Marzvaan

This wretched heart of glass

Aches with each beat each pulse

Enfolded in pure silk net

The silk net is tight and strong

Won’t tear, expand or let go

Slowly squeezing the breath

Out of this heart that aches

This heart as though a rag

That’s drenched in tears of pain

It’s held tight in two hands

Wringing the nectar of life

Out of this heart that aches

This heart feels like the Universe

Sits heavily on its neck so frail

Can't move or slip from under

This heart since, always aches

This heart sheds tears of red

As time fades its sheen on face

Pleads in hope that may be peace

Will set it free out of its shell, so

This heart will stop to beat

So this heart will stop to ache


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Thank you

by Soheyla Marzvaan on


Dear Francesco,

Thank you for both your comments. Is your second comment the translation of your first one?

It is a beuautiful and tender saying. Thanks.





I'd like to discover a dream....

by Sinibaldi on

You tell me that everything shines in the luck of a young wave, with tracing fountains in the light of a tender belief. Francesco Sinibaldi


Ridona l'eterno.

by Sinibaldi on

Dimora  silente nei  soffi leggeri  del tenero Autunno,  s'adagia spossata  al fiorir dei ricordi e poi  mesta, sì lieta e pensosa, ridona l'eterno.... Francesco Sinibaldi