A Parisian Night


A Parisian Night
by Farhad Zaltash

Sought to trace

White Russian Princess’


In taxi-stand on Rue d’ Bac where

White-guard general stood to salute her smile.


In tunnels of the Metro-underground

I fell behind the fast-paced


Mesmerized by the akordeon player’s

Moroccan songs - empty, my heart

Was for the tunes of these songs.


In Louvre Japanese commercial crowwwwwwwwwwwwwd

Blocked my flirtatious eyesight with Mona Lisa,

But D’ Orsay made up,

Cezzane, Renoir, Monet and Degas –

What a 5th floor on this house,

Did I forget to mention Van Gogh’s, whose

Brilliance is never uptight?


In Marias I looked for communist Picasso,

Did not know Pablo’s house was in this

Bourgeois ghetto ,

His romantic ideals withered with time,

But his genius art forever immortal


I asked Sorbonne, isn’t your house

But one?

Then, why one becomes beastly like Chuan Lai

Or Pol-Pot – genocide killing fields’ generals -

And one becomes a liberal like Dr. Bakhtiar

Whose throat is soaked with blood in your house?


What color is your true identity

Or hospitality,

Tehran-bound- Cleric and his entourage,

Making my home a dark-ages museum;

Or your harmonica claiming to

Harmonizing Palestinian and Jew?


In St. Germain, in St. Michelle or by


I watched north-African boys seducing

Local gals,

The half-Algerian- `n-half-French

Blue-eyed, dark velvet-skin read my palm

Saying, “There is a princess in your house.”


I asked for another Bordeaux

Saying, “City-of-Lights is not for

Liars but lovers,

But this soul is just too old.”


Yet, claiming to be a Qajar descendant

Blood, she kept on coming on.

Who was I to say no to the princess

Under the decorative lighting pole,

The Eiffel was glittering with lights,

Champs Elysees was wide and soaked

With pouring from above,

And, I was as Monarchist as the night.


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Persiangirl in Paris

C'est un très joli poème ...

by Persiangirl in Paris on

Cher Mr Zaltash,

J'ai bien aimé votre nouveau poème, d'autant plus que je suis une parisienne d'adoption

Je l'ai relu au moins 3 ou 4 fois ... tout en remémorant les souvenirs de mois d'octobre 2007 .... quand un touriste Irano-Americain m'a demandé le chemin du Musée Picasso dans le Marais ...




Thank you....

by yolanda on

Thank you for the response!


Farhad Zaltash


by Farhad Zaltash on


Thank you.  The answer to your first Q. is "yes," that they are the same.

Q2: Chuan Lai was China's strongman, one of Mao's deputies, premier and chairman of China's communist party.




Thank you!

by yolanda on

Are accordion and akordeon the same thing? I played accordion for a couple of years when I was younger, but I completely forgot how to play it.


 What is Chuan Lai? Cambodian? Chinese?