Jewish girl, Muslim boy

Jewish girl, Muslim boy
by Farhad Zaltash

Long before prophet’s

Hatred disguised itself

As twisted truth, promising

Virgins in paradise’ turf.


Long before bigotry became

Official - calling Jews impure,

Christians infidels, Bahaie’s

non-existent for the sake of its moor.


Long before name calling

Became a sophisticated melody

Masking itself as trumpet of orphans

Advocating peace and harmony.


Long before a mother’s

Laughter became heartache

In shape of blood stain

Painting her soul.


Long before the cruelty

Of firing squad mowed down

Noble ones guilty of honor even

In the last moment and its dawn.


Long before naïve minds sold out

To lies twisting past, snake-charming

Present, poisoning tomorrow

By this story in the making.


There was your heart devouring

Smile on sidelines, my struts

To impress your soul,

One story that remained untold.


That smile makes any soul

Wannabe “Cyrus-the-Great”

Just to claim that I had the honor

Kiss her hand at night, my “Esther.”


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Forbidden Fruit Complex

by nutty-fruity (not verified) on

Farhad Jon,

Thanks for the wonderful poem. As someone who'se had his heart broken...well...ok...that may be an over-statement. For someone who has been in emotional entaglements with a good number Jewish girls, some of them demonstrating extreme princess tendencies (needless to say, they were not the ones that stayed around long), I can empathize with your situation.

The honesty and heat of sincere love acknowledged, though temporarily put aside, have you ever stopped to think that perhaps some Jewish girls may want to take an Iranian boy to a family function JUST to spite their father for not getting the right color pony for her 9th birthday, or all the available options and accessories on the sports car for her sweet sixteen?

Additionally, Arab Muslims are, for the most part, a marginalized and conquered people, especially from many Jewish prespectives. don't you think being Iranian adds an element of "untamed wild man" to the equation, further fanning her forbidden fruit flame?

While we are on this point, can I get a show of hands from women who ARE NOT attracted to the ambiguity of the untamed.

I thought so....

It's beautiful to analyze ones relationships in a socio-political void, but considering that Judaism is passed by the mother, could one not hypothesize that by seeking Muslim/Iranian partners, at least some part of the collective Jewish psyche is trying to "hold the enemy closer." (you've heard the saying "hold your friends close, and your enemies closer" right?)

It's quite synchronous with my current state of mind, this poem you have posted, so I must appologize for being long winded; you've struck a chord.

Having almost completely given up on most demographics of Iranian women, having found little more than misinformed naivete juxtaposed against uninhibited sexual behavior and compulsive consumerism in most 'natural-born-white-on-white-done never left the US of A' American girls, and not being seriously interested in any of "the lesser browns" I find myself often reflecting on my experiances with Jewish girls. The good ones are pretty darn good.

I've NEVER dated anyone that was dogmatically religeous, and that goes for all the Jewish girls I've dated also. My parents never indoctrinated me into any religeon and I'll be damned if I let ANYONE enforce their dogma on my children, if I ever were to have any.

Here is where the plot thickens. Sure I've met plenty of secular Jews and Jews that don't make a big deal of being Jewish. But here is the thing:

a) A good Jewish girl raised by a good Jewish family, with all the social and mental control mechanisms and parental guilt fully functioning, would never let a relationship with a Muslim to get beyond a certain point. So, if you are with a Jew that is seriously considering marrying a gentile (let alone a Muslim), you're already looking at B-grade merchandise. (hey! if we're gonna talk about tying one's horse perpetually to the same post, then I believe there is grounds for pickiness.)

b) I only have my direct experiances to base this assertion on, but I believe that most Jews have the religeous equivalent of a biological clock. And when that puppy strickes, it tends to chime like Big Ben; as if they want to make up for eating copious amounts of pork and all the time they have been away from the faith.

So, just because you've met a non-practicing secular Jew, it does not mean that they will stay that way.

You do a little timeline, and that rebelious girl who didn't care what her parents thought at age 25-30, now having popped out a child or two herself, while also seeing her parents slip further into fragility and old age, feeling and learning in painful detail the ephemerality of life (and being asked pesky little questions like "mom, what's God?"), now finds herself much less impervious to the guilt and "aah o naale" of her parents.

"How" she may cave under these circumstances is the topic of another investigation, and truly dependant on her own personalities (we're talking about women, right?), but the odds are highly in favor of caving, in one form or another.

thanks for the beautiful tapestry of words...


Luminous words

by Probity (not verified) on

Dear Poet,
You have weaved a beautiful and perfect silk tapestry reflecting the truth of our times as in the past in a lovely and brilliant way. The previous reader, Divinity stated it well.
This is the story of many people, whose lives have been deeply affected by the social injustice and prejudice. I am Esther, not a queen, but one who lost her prince to bigotry, always wondering what if…. Our hearts were broken and we each had children in empty marriages, who feel their parents’ pain. My broken heart is nothing compared to our brothers and sisters, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Baha’i who were killed and lived with fear since the beginning. This is the price we pay for being ignorant.
I hope we all wake up, the brainwashing stops, and we eliminate intolerance. Thank you for placing the window to your soul in the view. Hope to see more of your luminous work.


Dear Poet

by Divinity (not verified) on

Although interpretation of Poetry like painting reveals as much the reader's soul as well as the artist's , I seem to inhale a whiff of social injustice, political disappointment, sincere love and a dagger pierced wounded heart in this jewel set in words. I also see tremendous strength and calculated power as the muslim boy resembles Cyrus in mind.

What seems religious verbiage on the surface, depicts souls at it's most evil, and yet with its deepest desire to surrender to sincere love. This poem is nothing short of perfection in delivering many faces masked by labels transparent to the few who can truly see.

Dear poet, it is indeed mesmerizing to enter your Imperial court, yet you should be left to your heart , not to be distracted by the predictable, so to grace us even more with your art devine. Thank you for yet another masterpiece.



by Th real Esther (not verified) on

You have truly depicted the real essence of Islam by the genius of your art. Too bad, too many have already lined up to enter your Imperial Court for coffee; but, if you ever choose to seek out the REAL Esther, you will find her somewhere on London Streets.

London-based Esther


Un petit commentaire ...

by PersiangirlinParis (not verified) on

Merci pour ce joli poème.
Comme à votre habitude, il est mystérieux.
Je ne vous connais pas, mais j'imagine que vous devez avoir vous-même une personnalité mystérieuse.
En tous les cas, Monsieur le poète, je souhaite avoir un peu plus de détails, pour pouvoir saisir toute la profondeur de ce joli poème.

Ba sepas az in sher-e ziba.
Mesle hamisheh, sher-haye shoma serri va marmuz hastand.
Man shoma ro nemishnasam, vali mitunam tasavvor konam ke khodetunam ham shakhsiatte marmuzi darin.
Beh har hal, Aghaye Shaer, man mayel hastam kami bishtar dar mored e in sher tozih bedin, baraye in ke betunam be omghe in sher-e ziba dast peyda konam.


To REAL princess

by FarhadZ (not verified) on

Having a cup of coffee......!

My dwelling is far apart from being an Imperial Palace, but rather a simple cottage. Yet, with potential of becoming a Palace when a REAL princess walks in.

Should I send a unit of the "Immortals" to come and escort you in through the front gate?


To all.....

by FarhadZ (not verified) on

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them all.

anonymous fish

well, yeah

by anonymous fish on

i guess if you're looking for it.  i still go with the star-crossed lovers thang though.  i'm a little beat up from all the hate stuff and think i'll concentrate on a little lovin'.  speaking of which, we sat in the hot tub last night while it was sprinkling and it was AWESOME.  <sigh>



by The Real Princess (not verified) on

May be the Moslem boy is disowning his old robe of Islam, to reach higher realms to charm the jewish girl by looking up to Cyrus the Great .

With his sincere attitude, I don not mind to have a cup of coffee at his Imperial court.

The real Princess .


hey fishieeeeee

by capt_ayhab on

only in first few lines. I suppose its fashion lately for every ill in the world to be fault of Islam.

but then again, it me.


capt_ayhab [-YT]

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

what do you see of hatred?  maybe i'm just a romantic but it seemed very "romeo and juliet" to me...

although in hindsight Princess i see your point.  but still, i wasn't thinking of politics.


Hate poem or Love poem

by capt_ayhab on

ok poem, it nicely demonstrates hate rather than love.

but hey, what ever rings your bell.



capt_ayhab [-YT]


Nice try...

by Princess on

, but from an extremely tilted view. Islam is neither better nor worse than Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism or any other religion for that matter; it's just the youngest one of them. 

And just out of curiosity, Cyrus-the-Great, Muslim boy, really? 

anonymous fish

i couldn't speak

by anonymous fish on

even if i knew what to say.  i am choking with unshed tears.