Cast a Spell

Cast a Spell
by Soheyla Marzvaan

A thousand tender leaves

On branches drifting in the breeze

Their dance of intimate “surrender”

In a play of life’s splendor

A thousand whispers in a bird’s song

Whistling “your” symphony

Between each chirp there is “silence”

Their instinct is an insight

A mystical epiphany

A thousand lives in mayhem

A fish in deep blue sea

In search of a drop of water

The “tear drops” won’t her see

A thousand pages of stories past

On rose petals soaked in the mist

If a gypsy reads your fortune

Those rose petals reveal:

“There are spells you need to cast….

To cast the spells in light, for glory:

Rewrite your Ego’s story”


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Soheyla Marzvaan


by Soheyla Marzvaan on

Dear Nasrin,

Thank you for your artful comment. Glad you liked it.



Nasrin Sasanpour

Beautifully depicting the

by Nasrin Sasanpour on

Beautifully depicting the mysteries of nature & its intricacies so willing to share with us the secrets within.

is indeed mysterious & beyond the realm of this worldly reality
when just a stroll at midnight turns into a momentous journey of
dancing trees, leaves glorified under the moonlight, caressing the
heavenly breeze, cast a "spell" of harmonious steps through the
beautiful corridor of witnessing total bliss.

Welcome back Soheyla jaan.


Golhaaye Daroon



Oh it's good to read

by jamh on

Oh it's good to read something that has nothing to do with politics.