by Farhad Zaltash

Mine, by my mother’s whispers

Or my father’s reaffirming gestures,


Mine, like a royal seal

Bestowed upon a Naval boat.


Mine, by a promise

Mine, by pure luck

Mine, by the truth of a heartache

Mine, by fierce persistence

Or self-motivated determination


Mine, so I can disown

This greedy soul so

It cannot uphold.


Mine, like the guarantee

Of a picturesque sunrise,

Or a glorious peacock throne.


Mine, with wrinkles on my face -

These years, witnesses by force.


Mine, by church bells,

Attending in obligation.


Mine, a spring that

Will not be immortal,

A summer in chaos,

An autumn dancing in grace,

A winter covered by that white blanket.


Mine, your heart, -

A dice in sky,

This heart always juggling

To make it its landing spot.


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Simply lovely....

by Probity (not verified) on

Your first instinct saw it as dice and that’s perfectly appropriate. The implications of dice are much more interesting. The six sides are like the many facets of one’s personality, feelings, thoughts, experiences and stages of life, love and relationship. Then the aspect of the gambling, the unknown, like how and on what side will the dice land?

This is just honest like all of your poems and very lovely.


Very nice.

by saba3 (not verified) on

True, the poem reads very well. I like dice better too!

There's been some nice poetry on Iranian.com lately. All power to you poets out there.



by FarhadZ. (not verified) on

Thank you kindly.


true essence

by Divinity on

Dear poet,

When inspired, your creativity shows through with its sincerest essence. A heart may be a resting place of a dart , a dice , or sincere love for the devine . But what rose through your heart while creating your art, was the mystery of "chance" . Where and how the dice falls .  A dart resonates in essence with some, and in the moment you expressed what resonated with you . Please go with your inner divine and to yourself be true. Don't change anything, that's what make your poems so special. What comes from YOUR heart sits well in ours. Thank you for yet another precious jewel.





by FarhaZ. (not verified) on

Thank you all.

Glad to know that it felt like a dream - FishHere

You choice of Dart was better than my choice of Dice, I like to be able to run my future poems by you for enhancements/corrections - Anonymously

Glad to know that the PGP likes it - PGP

Let's all aspire and route for a poetic living, regardless of our individual stories and journeys.



Merci beaucoup ...

by PersiangirlinParis (not verified) on

Très joli poème


ghashang bood... a dice in

by Anonymously on

ghashang bood...

a dice in sky, or a dart!?


A beautiful poem!

by FishHere (not verified) on

Read like a dream! Thank you Mr. Zaltash.