Far away love

Far away love
by Soheyla Marzvaan

She was a precious soul
Her heart spacious and free
He, was an Imperial soldier
A grandiose oak tree

The two souls merged as one
In no time were they in love
Entangled was their mind and
Enchanted was their heart

Alas, poison secreted
And the venom did expand
She saw inside that oak tree
Her Heart denied his hand

At times she reads the words
That, he writes to her of care
To her he writes in hiding
His name, he will not share

She hears his voice with no sound
Each time he pens his verses
Will her sad eyes ever see him?
Does he miss her embraces?

Alas, She loved him and yet
To her he could not give
No more than far away love
One, she refuses to receive


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by Arian (not verified) on

I liked your poem , specially about the part you talked about hearing his voice in his writting.

thanks. I enjoyed it......



Inner Truth

by Divinity on

Dear Soheyla,

Another powerful piece tender and truthful, with bitter sweet releftions of the love affair expressed with hope and conviction.

I loved resembling the poison as if it were the salve from a tree, showing the sad truth surfacing...

Thank you . You are an old soul. 





far away thanks

by prince in exile (not verified) on

Hope you do not refuse your reader's far away admirations of your poetry. It was beautiful as usual, and at the same time strong with conviction and tender with sincerity.

Thank you for sharing your talent.
prince in exile