Night's Mistress

Night's Mistress
by Soheyla Marzvaan

In the late evening hours
When the sun has long set sail,
I watch the moonlight casting
That silvery satin veil
Her see-through silky white sheet
Covering the long Night's bed

I listen to what the "Night" whispers
His love songs echo in trees
Music carried by the breeze into
The quiet of dark blue skies  
As he speaks to the moon of sadness
That he sees in her eyes.
The sadness of her solitude,
The night alone could cease,
With the splendor of their dreams

The night calls out to bright stars
To descend upon their love
And seduce the moon to believe
The sacrifice of a lifetime
A promise of eternity
What “Night” alone can give

Each time I watch the bright moon
Bedding down with the night and stars
My illumined soul reminds me
Of a few enchanted times
I slept with my eyes wide open
In the sanctity of your arms

The “Night” and the “Moon” his mistress
Will long forever be
Alas, for me without you
No night so bright
No pale moon light
No satin sheet
No strong embrace,

Is there to cover me...


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by Divinity on

Dear Soheyla,

It was beautiful, romantic, and mystic..yet sad. How delicate to describe the love affrair of night and moon. I agree with Arian , your poems are full of surprizes. Unlike many, you have many tones in your pieces. So there's always a fresh, honest and simple elegance in your poetry and different messages delievered to the reader .

Thank you




N F Probity

So beautiful, and so tender…

by N F Probity on

You describe your feelings beautifully and tenderly.  I have always had a fascination and a love affair with the moon, and it makes me so happy to find it in the sky each night I look for it.  I enjoyed your lovely poem.  Thank you.



by Arian (not verified) on

That was so romantic and sensitive...
Thank you..
I read your other poems just now, and you are truly multidimentional. Aren't you?