No thingness

No thingness
by Soheyla Marzvaan

Tell me who is the witness

Of your own seeing

And what is revealed

Through your own looking


Tell me who is attached to experience

Can you experience the space of no mind

If there is not an experiencer,

The experience won't last


The potential is dormant inside

And a "story" triggers it to wake up


Come from a place of no thingness

Of emptiness of your consciousness

From silence of your retreat

You are in the space in which now begins

And ends in "all" and in "one"


Every experience has to have its play

And when it gets to its exhustion,

Then it will move away


Recognize it with no mind,

And, use a much more powerful way

That's immediate,

No gaps and no journey and no stay


The ocean does not say,

I only want to experience only small waves

And the titles wave should go away


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by Morvarid on

Very nice. It reminds me of the main message of all influential writers in the art of "being in the now" from Rumi to Khayyam to Eckart Tole to Osho...



by Arian (not verified) on


This must have been the deepest one you have wrote yet! I read it about 5 times, and each time some new
meaning popped up at me.




FTF: aan kadra...

by A Danesh (not verified) on

Yes the earth wouldn't last for a second without sun ...but hell who wish to live in the sun even for a split second-- yes no one--

I like your poem for emphasizing the necessity of "first thing first" if i got your poem right--

By the way next time get up from your bed and then gaze in the wrinkles-- surely you find something for the eye experience--

BUt don;t foget ... after the vision experienced straighten it all up like a good patriotic soldier during the encampment hardship training in a waterless sahara...

Keep up the good poetry work sohayla...