by Soheyla Marzvaan

My heart an old house of Love,

With a playground for nobles

Those immortals play my fate

Then, leave this house a war zone

What is left behind?

Pieces of memories

So, I put the scraps together

Ready for the next attack


The last play was deadly, though

He’s  Oblivious of this fact

This noble burned this play ground

with nothing so to find

Like Phoenix, I now must rise

From ashes he left behind


In time will he come back to

Restore this heart’s demise?

As he, the last noble, this soldier

My mind, my soul, my eyes


Will this Immortal soldier

From the kingdom of true love

invade this heart at last?

Was there, ever, enough love

To wash away his past?


Resurrecting both our souls seems

Too impossible to surmount

Perhaps my nobleman since

Moved away to a different house


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Soheyla Marzvaan


by Soheyla Marzvaan on

Dea Probity,
Things are not always as they seem. There many whose words mesmerize, who's knowledge of life is impressive, and yet are hollow souls. As if they are simple "pipes" in which divine words pass through, never touching their being. I only hope I will never become one.
Thanks for the well wishings...I am certain I , just like others get what they deserve....Karma is real.
I really appreciate your comments.



Dear poet,

by probity (not verified) on

The little I got to know you is through your beautiful, heartfelt and sincere poetry. You have a lovely heart and spirit. I hope you find that special gentleman, because you deserve it.

Soheyla Marzvaan

thank you

by Soheyla Marzvaan on

Thank you all for your comments.   Dear Probity, and prince :   The real man is my dad ! and that model has been discontinued. am only kidding   And JJ, you do deserve love, but only when YOU can love yourself. And it's funny becuase do not "need" any one else to love you , just wish that you'll find someone to grow with....   wishing happiness for all.. Soheyla         



by The Prince in Exile (not verified) on

So sincere and heartfelt....You are a great soul.

Most Nobles are hollow trees. Beautiful words come and go through them and yet they never feel it said or touched.

I agree with probity- The real Noble cherishes sincere love. He does not live in the past or future no matter how grim/bright either are.

Both you and JJ deserve more. Thanks for your poem.


You’re falling off the love wagon…

by Probity (not verified) on

Oblivious, I think not! A king, a soldier, and a prince live only in fairy tales. A real man has both feet on the ground and has the wisdom to get over the past and trust and build a future.
Wish him well, as he is protecting you from much greater pain. Thank your lucky stars and move forward. Life has some beautiful times too; take it in and smell the wisterias on your gate.


JJ why are you talking

by Jaafar Sadegh (not verified) on

JJ why are you talking nonsense? I thought you said you are not to be loved. You said you don't deserve it. All you words.

So she's oblivious because she does not know you think you don't deserve love? Or she knows and acts as if she doesn't know?

It is quite normal for you to fall in love even if you think you don't deserve it. However, it is not normal for her not to know you love to love! As Donna Summers once said love to love me baaaabae!

Jahanshah Javid

So true

by Jahanshah Javid on

I have a similar story. She’s oblivious of this fact, too.