Revealed... part one

Revealed... part one
by Soheyla Marzvaan

It's illusion time and place
All the same and different case
Don't want suitors, have seen enough
I am not at all impressed
I am just happy in my space

In search of “I” I looked inside
And found it in an empty place
Where does one end or begin?
Is there someone to replace?
True love showed her face to me
And this love is free and filled with grace

Don't ask me for tender touch,
Passionate kiss or tempting looks
I am done with all those games
As this heart never had interest
In earthly, hurtful, selfish plays

A Random face with no boundaries
A thought with no Time and no space
A spirit joyful filled with love
A heart thirsty to learn and grow
Is what my soul will now embrace

A light ignited deep in me
A flame fulfilling my divine as
The butterfly left her cocoon
So now this “I ", these words express
And no "story" can erase


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Soheyla Marzvaan

Dear Papillion, Thank you

by Soheyla Marzvaan on

Dear Papillion,

Thank you for our interest. I am flattered. No matter what propmted you to inquire about the divinity, rest assured it happened for no better reason. I did not turn into it due to a particular event, but a multiple of reasons leading me to observe my life, and demand that there has to be more that " this" . And it was so...

Now about your request, I am not sure if I can post them again. However :

If you click on my name, the site will take you to my previous posted pieces. Here's the link so you can copy/paste it.


I first started posting under "the real princess", and so once you go to the page, click on the other link ( pre aug 2007):


And the rest are there.

Again thank you, and good luck to you. I wish you the best.



Thank you soheyla.  I

by papillone on

Thank you soheyla.  I myself was immersed in the realm of spiritualism, as if by magic, after a hearbreaking event in my life.  What followed on was quite amazing.  I can identify with a spiritualist's writing and acknowledge their line of thought.  I would very much appreciate it if you could post the other 3 poems again as I am not sure if I could find them on this site.  I am eager to know if there are any similarities between our experiences. I also look forward to any of your future writings :).

Soheyla Marzvaan

experience the light

by Soheyla Marzvaan on

Thank you both for your comments

Dear Papillion,

I have wrote many poems in this line of thought. A couple are posted previously on this site, titled " no thing ness", Hollow note and Rumi's wine.

About the reader's understanding of such expression, as my Yogi Guru said to me once, those who were meant to hear what you say, do.

As far as seeing the light dear seeker, yes I have and it is wonderful. If you have the thirst , you will see the light when you are ready. It is not out there, it is whithin each of us. The divine will set forth what is needed and when. You just have to have your channels open, and surrender. " surrender does not mean not to care, or have blind faith, it means "knowing" and "feeling" the divinity
and awakening its immense potential that is dormant whithin you.

Lastly we are not the "doers" , we are the vessels through which Divine operates. Our "will" is to choose whether to be avaiable to it, or not .

My best



Sad but True ...


Thnx for sharing....


your experience/your poetry

by papillone on

Sohoyla jan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this poetry.  I don't think many readers would be able to underestand the deeper meaning of your poetry unless they have had a similar kind of experience.  I feel every bit of what you say from start to finish as I have been through almost all the stages myself.  The question is, have you found the "light"? Do you have any other writings along these lines? All the best!