S & M Iranian style

If I had not come to the US at a young age I would not have had distorted ideas about sex


S & M Iranian style
by Lili

“Lately, my husband likes to rape me.” Normally I’d be horrified of hearing such words. But Nazy joon’s demeanor was excited and “turned-on.” Which surprised me but then I suppose some are into S&M. Being curious, I asked, “Nazy joon, what do you mean?”

Nazy joon: He likes to attack me from the back while I am sleeping. But I’m really not sleeping. I’m just pretending to be a sleep.

Me: So do you like it?

Nazy joon: (no direct response to my question) He seems to get really excited that he can’t hold himself back. Sometimes I have that kind of affect on him.

Nazy joon is 40-years old going on 13 and often says she’s in her early 30s. She considers herself a virgin [I mean virgin-like] after 5 years of marriage to a man in his early 60s who brought her to LA from Iran. After arriving in LA, she told her newly wed husband that she's a virgin and so afraid of having sex that he has to wait til she’s comfortable. So he said fine and he waited and waited till she disappointedly gave up (after 2 weeks) her virginity that had won a bid of 1349-gold-coins worth. I believe she wanted him to go crazy and sort of rape her—giving her the impression that she’s so hooloo bepar too galoo [you have to excuse me. I really don’t have an English metaphor and am out of vocabulary for this].

Across from us, Manijeh joon (the hostess) was sitting and listening very carefully with a big smile on her face. She engages in on our conversation by saying, “when my husband forcefully fucked me in the ass for the first time, I screamed. I worried about waking up the boys, I screamed so loud.”

Me: Oh my god! I am so sorry to hear that. Did you call the cops?

Manijeh joon: Why should I call the cops? He was having sex with his wife. He wanted me so badly.

Nazy joon’s face was gleaming with a smile and her eyes were almost sparkling. She said, “you must have turned him on so bad. Be goo bebenam chekar kardi ke hashari shodeh bood?”

Manijeh joon: na baabaa hamisheh ke injoorie nist. Ageh mardeh vaage yee bood sob taa shab mano mikard harooz.

I have lived in United States from the age of 13. It wasn’t till I got married had kids and got more involved with my own people and culture that I began to remember things from my childhood. Although this conversation sounds disturbing to some, I often tell myself to pause and think a bit deeper. I suppose if I had not come to the US at that young age, I would have had distorted ideas about intimacy and sex like these women.

Why would these women like to be raped? Is it an S&M fantasy or real rape? Do they associate rape with desirability? I was curious to know how they really define rape. Besides, to be honest, I found the conversation to be kind of funny in a dark way.

Me: So you liked it?

Manijeh joon: (again, no direct response) Men get excited and they can’t hold themselves back. A wife is supposed to take care of his needs. They are not like women and they can’t hold things inside you know. Plus, you want to always be desirable to your husband, no? You should always excite him with your looks and such. Seemen joon (that’s me), I know you are very smart and have a good job and all, but you need to lose weight or else you're gonna lose him.

What is such?

Nazy joon: I know a man whose wife didn’t give him sex so he raped her younger sister.

Manijeh joon: Hatman khaahareh khoshgal tar bood.

Both women break into a serious laughter.

Manijeh joon at 50 years of age is stunningly beautiful with a body from heavens above. She’s a natural-looking blond with green eyes and a perfectly perfected nose and a white beautiful skin with high-cheek bones. To say her 20+ years of marriage has been tumultuous is an understatement. They fight all the time. According to her, he’s hit her several times. She’s survived living in the in-laws house for the first 5 years of marriage. The husband is financially secured and has supported her life (and their 3 kids) in addition to their stay in the United States for the past 10 years. I heard their house in Iran is gorgeous but then so is their house in LA.

Manijeh joon wakes up every morning and puts on a red lipstick and a big glob of Vaseline around her eyes. She preps their breakfast, cleans the house, and heads out for her daily exercise.

Like tonight, Manijeh joon frequently invites friends and family over for Mehmoonie. The day of the Mehmoonie begins with her prepping the house and the food, and then she starts prepping herself. She begins by waxing all of her excess hair in her boobs, private areas. Oh yeah, she likes to trim her eye brows by shaving cause it thickens her eyebrows. She says thick eyebrows makes her look younger. If need be, she will bleach her hair and wax her facial hair too. After all that work, she usually puts on a skimpy short dress with NO underwear or a tiny thong, which usually sparks a fight with her husband. She likes to arouse his jealousy and excite the male mehmoons by crossing her legs or bending over to offer tea. She says the fight and the dress up (or lack of it) is worth the sex that night. When her husband is jealous, mad, and usually drunk, he fucks her harder and longer. Except that she has to watch his drinking. If he drinks too much, then it's no good at all.

Manijeh joon: Rafti Eletrolysis barayeh onjat?

Nazy joon: Areh! The first session onjam khailie sookht.

Manijeh joon: Behet crème nadadan?

Nazy joon: Cherah! Valie bazam sookht. Enghadr sokhtam dadam Ali Reza baram crème o maleed.

Manijeh joon: Afareen! You know how to get him excited.

Nazy joon: Na baabaa on kaara maaleh zan haa ye ogdast, man ke nemidoonam.

Nazy joon:: I am finished with the 8 sessions. Onjam eghadr ghashang shodeh. Mikha een bebeneen?

Manijen joon: Areh azizam. Mobarak baasheh. Let’s go to my bedroom >>> Part 2


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What a SHAME!

by kombizz on

It is hard to believe that such a story is true. I guess the write likes to tease people about these nonesenses.  Get a life.


Asinine to say the least...

by RezaKnowsAcu on

giving her the impression that she’s so hooloo bepar too galoo!??!

This is far from what I expected when I opened my email this morning and found this article to top, what has become my fav fuse form the news, regarding my Vatan and Hamvatan!

To the writer: you must be really hard on finding a topic to write about aziz, and this must be according to some, really Shocking, and maybe to you...gratifying, and to the Iraninan.com staff, great job with your selection, dametoon garm, kheylee bahal bood.

Anahid Hojjati

Where is our sense of humor? I agree with antipc, not bad at all

by Anahid Hojjati on

Not every blog has to have some lofty goal in mind.  I agree with antipc that story was not erotica but satire.  That is why we see so many negative comments.  Readers judge the story and say that it was not good erotica.  I agree but I don't believe writer meant it to be erotica.  This is meant as satire and as such, it works at least for some of us readers. 


The dialogues...

by KouroshS on

I have to agree with JJ. It Just gives the story a whole new direction and misleads the reader.

If you must include that in the stroy, you could at least use terms such as "alate tanasoli'. closer to the reality.


not bad at all

by antipc on


the dialogue did enhance the story, no matter how vulgar it sounds

have you read Alavieh Khanoom?


original and funny, and I don't think it's erotica, but satire, picking on typical know-it-all khaleh zanaks eager to share their secret of success, wholesale ho's if you may, keep it coming, it's probably one of best kept secrets of our culture 


Nazy joon is 40-years old going on 13

by Anonymouse on

Nazy joon is 40-years old going on 13 and often says she’s in her early 30s. 

I can dig this article and the quote above applies not just to those from Iran married to old geezers, it also applies to women who are divorced after 20 years of marriage and are now free to act like the 13 year old Americans.

This story is no different that other "erotica" writings on i.com.  Come one, come all, come as you are!

Everything is sacred.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

People actually

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

So there are people that actually find this arousing?  I must say that this is the first that I have heard of it. I have no intentions of trying it either.


I read only the first paragraph of the sher and ver

by TheMrs on

Valla mesleh inke mardom hesabi rooshoon baz shode! And we have Iranian.com to thank for that :)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

ought to be another jewish conspiracy!!

just kidding           Maziar

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

انجام دادن سکس و تعریف کردن از آن ۲ مطلب کاملا جداست،کار هر کس نباشد...بد نیست تخیلات از واقعیات جدا باشند وگرنه گفتن و خواندن آن به هیچ نیرزد !

Jahanshah Javid

Not there yet

by Jahanshah Javid on

The story may have potential but the conversations are silly and meaningless. Are you trying to say these characters are silly and meaningless? Then just describe them and minimize the direct quotes because they don't enhance your story.


حیف کلیک


شما هدفتون از نوشتن این داستان وقت تلف کردن بود یا تحقیر کردن زن و مرد ایرانی‌؟

Mola Nasredeen

Nazy joon,

by Mola Nasredeen on

You said: "I am finished with the 8 sessions. Onjam eghadr ghashang shodeh. Mikha een bebeneen?"

Yes, we like to see too. Khoshko khali keh nemisheh azizam.