Behrouz Vossoughi: Film on life

"Keep the Flight in Mind" is Saeed Khoze's documentary on legendary actor


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Darius Kadivar

Well Azadeh Jan to be Perfectly Honest ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on




"What I did tonight was for King and country!" - James Bond  





Azadeh Azad

Darius jaan:Response: Male-centred view :-))

by Azadeh Azad on

Azizam: when you say,

"I'm not a judge or victim so don't see why I should endorse or criticize Souri's comments given that I have no opinion on what she claims and
presents as a truthful account of his male chauvinistic violence."


You are in fact deliberately remaining neutral / indifferent to violence
against women. Neutrality in the face of the news of violence is nothing but

As for my being obsessive, you are simply projecting your obsession with the
Royal Family on me. LOL. But that's Ok. I love you anyway.

Red Wine aziz: I should have given you a concrete example. I thought you
would get my point without an example. But next time, when you say that you
think X and then later, you defend yourself by saying that you actually meant
to say that you think Y (= maast-maali), I shall indicate it to you to avoid
misunderstanding. Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend :-).



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خیر آزاده خانم جانِ عزیز،قربانِ آن محبتت برویم اما این گونه نیست.مطالبی‌ را که ما همیشه عرض می‌کنیم،تجربی-علمی‌ هستند (همان ترتیب که مرحوم آریان پور نکته سنجی میکرد و این روش را مهم می‌دانست،این یکی‌ را خود شاهد بودیم !)،در جریانی که سر رشته نداشته باشیم،به هیچ وجه مداخله نمی‌کنیم...حال اگر از زندگی‌ِ واقعی‌ گفتن و طرفِ حق گرفتن را شما ماست مالی‌ می‌‌دانید،شرمنده ... :) .

همیشه سلامت و استوار باشید.



Note to director: Please

by vildemose on

Note to director: Please interview Googoosh and Pooribanai or other females in his lif for this documentary....without it your documentary will not be authentic.


Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

Darius Kadivar

Azadeh Jan male-centered views ? Or Your Women Lib Obsession ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Where did you see me dismiss Souri's comments ?  

I have no opinion on what she said given that I have no proof of what she claims.  

I merely expressed MY OPINION on the importance of celebrating a major artist of Iranian Cinema as in any other field and that should be the case regardless of one's gender or  private life.

I'm not a judge or victim so don't see why I should endorse or criticize Souri's comments given that I have no opinion on what she claims and presents as a truthful account of his male chauvinistic violence.

An actor on Screen has all the rights given to him by the script and director ( who often is the real dictator). If in his own private life that actor or actress wrongly emulates those horrible things he or she is allowed to do on screen like murder, rape or violence of any sort then that is his private problem and anyone who deems himself or herself a victim should complain to the Police or Justice and have their case be sorted in the courts and have the person condemned if proven guilty.  

Should that stop us from watching their movies or appreciating them for that matter ?

I think not ! 

Based on that logic Most actress' are whores because they strip naked in a movie or kiss their partners and are paid for that !

Prostitution is morally condemnable therefore we should not watch movies where Humphrey Bogart Kisses Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca or Cary Grant Kisses Grace Kelly in Notorious because Michael Curtiz and Alfred Hitchcock's were Screen Pimps ? 

Vossoughi is not my Icon he is an Icon of Iranian Cinema.

Personally My Icon is Fardin when it comes Iranian Cinema:

Sultan of my heart : Monika Jalili and Noorsaaz's remembrance of things past... by DK


who was only celebrated once Dead !

Fardin’s last Public appearance

Very Much like Iranian Culture for the past 32 Years under this barbaric regime which acknowledges nothing positive about our past but celebrate's it's own disastrous record every year while imprisoning our Internationally recognized artists or censoring their films ...


PARIS BERLIN: European film community rallies behind Jafar Panahi


A Regime by the way founded by a Tyrannical Mullah brought to power and endorsed initially by most Iranian Women (and not just men) including the most educated who put the Chador on their heads and shouted "Marg Bar Shah" and against the Very man and dynasty who did so much to emancipate them ...

pictory: Promotional Film on Women during Pahlavi Era (1970's)


Mahnaz Afkhami: A Women For All Seasons (VOA/BBC Interviews)


pictory: Female Ministers in Pahlavi Era (1970's)


CE SOIR OU JAMAIS: Reza Shah's Veil Ban Defended in French Burqa Ban Debate


Only to come and complain later why the Chador is Mandatory ?


Khob Haghetoon Bood Namak Nashnasha !


pictory: Stoning a Woman For Adultery During Qajar Era Depicted in Painting


Just like Most CLUELESS IRanian Men:


pictory: Yazdi, Castro and Pretty Interpreter (1978)

CLUELESS JON STEWART: "Ebrahim Yazdi Such a Lovely Man"


Many IRanian Women behaved equally CLUELESSLY  just like their Male Counterparts despite having Brains to THINK  but refused to use it and then come and claim hypocritically that their Revolution was Highjacked ...

Sorry but By systematically wanting to emulate any Ideological Blah Blah Blah fed to you by Western Medias and pretending to be in empathy with Chilean or Cuban Women by making Far Fetched comparison's between the Shah's regime by boiling it to any other Third World Society merely to come across as Fashionable in the eyes of your Western Counterparts you finally condemned not only yourselves but the future of the entire nation to become precisely THAT : a Third World Nation ...


LOOK WHOSE TALKING ? Press TV denounces "Saudi Dictator Who Seeks to Halt Protests" 


And then some of you folks come and complain about Pahlavi Chauvinism 32 years on ?


WOMEN KNOW YOUR LIMITS: The Shah's Post Mortem Apologies to Barbara Walters and Oriana Fallaci


Khejalat Ham Khoub Cheezyeh ! 


SATIRE: The Burqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0)


Their is a difference between on one hand being on the Side of JUSTICE while pursuing the TRUTH in ANY given affair and on the otherhand systematically being judgmental on the shortcomings of Men as if they were a Race apart all that on grounds of Women Rights ... 


Otherwise one makes a Caricature of oneself regardless of what ideology we defend. And Women's Lib movements have alas become just that in recent years : An Ideology !

In many ways It's also become another form of Narcissistic exhibitionism:


Naked Solidarity 


Often for the wrong reasons !

Nadia Bjorlin: Lesbian Love 

Just to Show Off ...


As when the Ever Clueless Shirin Ebadi reduced the so called Arab Spring to a Battle of the Sexes ...


VIDEO: Shirin Ebadi @ University of Amsterdam, 7th Nov. 2011


Come On ... 




And this airhead was given the Nobel Peace Prize for such Baseless Crowd Pleasing Political Correct Comments ?  

What took her so long to reach this conclusion then ? 

FINALLY GETTING IT RIGHT: Shirin Ebadi say's "I Don't believe in an Islamic Declaration of Human Rights" 


If not because of the fact that she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for precisely claiming the opposite ! 


Not sure her other EQUALLY CLUELESS and EQUALLY NAMAK NASHNAS colleague Mehrangiz Kar was any more deserving :


DEATH - VERTISING ? Mehrangiz Kar Claims Husband was No More a Monarchist 


This fellow was Innocent by the way ...


Dominique Strauss-Kahn cleared of rape charges . (Including in this case:



IRANIAN CONNECTION: Dominique Strauss Kahn's Sexual assault


Which does not make DSK a Saint in my eyes for that matter but why should I have an Opinion on an affair other than reading what is being said on it ?  No one was there when the alleged "crime" took place. If it did but was not proven it is regretable but why should I hate the person merely because he is presented as a pervert by the Medias ?  



It seems to me that in the  "YOU ESS OV A" Courts aided by Medias condemns people and lynches them publicly even before Judging them ...


A Tradition inherited by Their Cowboy Ancestors Perhaps ?  



Henry Fonda: The Ox-Bow Incident ("Conscience") Monologue


Sorry but The Hangmans ( Or Hangwoman's ) Idea of Justice is definitively is not mine ... 


"The sentiment of justice is so natural, and so universally acquired by all mankind, that it seems to be independent of all law, all party, all religion." -Voltaire 


To which he clearly could have added: Independent of "gender" ...


A Women for All Seasons : Farokhroo Pārsā (1922-1980)


So forgive me that I don't rely on rumors and comments to shape my opinion of a person's past particularly when I don't know them personally ...





DK ( Without the "S" in the middle ) 


PS: Azadeh Jan Please don't take my comments Personally for I am merely giving you my blunt response to your equally blunt observation ! When I say "YOU" I don't necessarily mean "YOU" the Individual but the Feminist Constituency You belong to and which is ultimately your choice and right. But then I have the right to be opinionated too.


"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death"-Saul Bellow.


The greatest and still humble

by iamfine on

The greatest and yet a humble man. A true Iranian



by jmyt17 on

One of the best and most talented actor in Iranian movie


Wanna see his documentry soon.


حالا مردهای او


حالا مردهای اون زمان چند تا شون به زناشون احترام میزاشتند.  موش چیه که کله پاشش چی باشه. مهم اینه که بهروز الان اخلاقش چطوره؟ راستی، هر کی ویدئو عروسی بهروز و گوگوش در کالیفرنیا رو داره برام بفرسته.  حیف که ۶ ماهی بیشتر طول نکشید و پارسال جدا شدن.  گوگوش هم یک طفل از بهروز داره.   میدونین که طفل به زبون افغانی میشه بچه.  چند روزیه رو زبونه افغانی کار میکنم.  اگه کسی گفت که خیار و شپش به افغانی چی میشه.  بدونه شک به جز شراب قرمزی.   حالا که خیلی با مزه شدم ۲ تا جک از زودپز بگم.  (ا) زندگی رو باید از زودپز یاد گرفت.  کونش یک سره میسوزه ولی یک سره صوت میزنه. (۲) یک زوج میرن دکتر میگن ما حامله نمیشیم.  دکتر میگه چه مدت هست تلاش میکنین؟  جواب میدن ۲ هفته.  دکتر میگه نکنه فکر کردن با زود پز کار میکنین.     

Azadeh Azad

Darius jaan

by Azadeh Azad on

I am flabbergasted by your indifference to Souri’s account of Vosoughi’s private life.

As I have absolutely no reason not to believe what she says about your icon, your overlooking her account and praising this good actor as one of the "major artists who have so strongly contributed in shaping our collective cultural identity" demonstrates how much you are indifferent to the "battering of women in shaping our collective cultural identity." Yes, let's all be proud of having Machismos as our icons!! I would say the same thing to Red Wine.

The truth is that personal is political and a man who beats women CAN NOT BE A CULTURAL ICON in the minds of progressive individuals, no matter how many "aab-gooshti" and "manly" films he has played in (+ one or two good ones).

I know that you and Red Wine would never ever want to revise your male-centered views, but I felt that it is my duty to clarify sometimes some stuff for the younger generation.



Ps. Red Wine aziz: I am familiar with your “mast-maali” style of responses :-). So, please don’t waste your precious time to respond.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

در آن زمان بسیاری از هنرمندان به نحوی راهِ خطا را در پیش می‌گرفتند،زمانه،جوانی‌ و دوستانِ نا خلاف نیز دست به دست یکدیگر میدادند و اینگونه گرفتاریها را ایجاد میکردند،اما حال مهم است،چیزی که باقی‌ میماند،خدمتی است که ایشان و امثالِ ایشان به سینمایِ ما کردند.

بی‌ صبرانه منتظرِ دیدنِ این مستند و ملاقاتِ مجدد با ایشان هستیم.


Darius Kadivar

Can't wait to see this documentary

by Darius Kadivar on

Vossoughi will remain a major icon of our national cinema and Popular Culture.

It is important to acknowledge the contributions of the major artists who have so strongly contributed in shaping our collective cultural identity particularly on an era that has been eclipsed in the collective memory of Iranians at large because of the revolution which put an abrupt end to so many promising careers.

There would no Kiarostami, Makhmalbaf, Leila Hatami, Golshifteh Farahani or Marjane Satrapi if the likes of Behrooz Vossoughi, Fardin, Googoosh, Malek Motei, and many other actors and actress of the Pahlavi era had not paved the way in the field of Iranian cinema.

It's good to acknowledge them while they are alive.

Fardin’s last Public appearance

Look forward to seeing this documentary as well as his latest role in Bahman Ghobadi's film:

RHINOS SEASON: Monica Bellucci and Behrouz Vossoughi in Ghobadi's New Film


PS: Vossoughi reminds me of the Irish actor Stephen Boyd best remembered as the character of Messalla in Ben Hur:


But also some Westerns in the later years:




علی‌ جان، مثل اینکه شما هم از گاسیپ، زیاد بدت نمیاد‌ها :)


من از نزدیک در جریان روابط بهرو ز و پوری بنایی و همچنین بهروز و گوگوش بودم. بنا بر این، هر چی‌ که بگم، خیلی‌ خصوصی خواهد بود، به جز اینکه خود بهروز بیاد اینجا و حرف‌های منو ردّ (یا تأیید) کنه هیچ لطفی‌ نداره که بیام واسه بقیه، داستان‌های یک طرفه تعریف کنم. همینقدر که مرد بسیار بد اخلاق، از خود راضی‌ و عصبانی بود، و با مجوز اینکه ترکه و تعصب داره، دست بزن هم داشت. نه تنها شیشه و پنجره‌های خونه رو خورد میکرد، بلکه کتک‌های مفصل هم میزد. همه چیز رو برای زنش (یا نامزدش ) ممنوع میکرد، ولی‌ به خودش اجازه همه جور خوش گذرانی و عیاشی با زن‌های دیگه رو میداد، در حالیکه زن داشت. اگر هم زنش اعتراض میکرد، میگفت :چیه؟ ناراحتی‌؟ خوب برو!

از پوری بنایی خیلی‌ استفاده کرد. پوری در‌های زیادی رو برای موفقیت بهروز باز کرد، دست آخر هم نه تنها با پوری بهم زد، بلکه رفت با بهترین دوست قدیمی‌ پوری، یعنی‌ گوگوش، ازدواج کرد. دیگه از این بهتر می‌خواستی؟

داستان اون روزنامه نگار هم در اون زمان‌ها مفصلا در روزنامه‌ها بحث شده بود. یک روز که داشته با ماشین خودش (با همراهان) از شمال به تهران میومده، یک جورنلیست مجله جوانان؟ اوو رو میشناسه و سعی‌ میکنه که تعقیبش کنه، ببینه که کی‌ توی ماشینشه و خبر تهیه کنه. بهروز خان ما هم هی‌ تند میکنه، جورنالیسته هم تند تر میکنه، خلاصه سر پیچ‌های جاده چالوس (یا هراز؟ یادم نیست) بهروز ترمرز میکنه، میره جورنالیست بد بخت رو که تنها هم بوده از توی ماشینش میکشه میاره بیرون و تا میخورده میزنتش. بد بخت جورنالیسته، پاهاش خورد میشه و راهی‌ بیمارستان میشه. همه روزنامه نگار‌های خبری اون موقع با بهروز بد میشن و حتی مقاله‌های تهدید آمیز هم خیلی‌ در موردش نوشته میشه.

بد هم با التماس و جزّ و لابه، میره از جورنالیسته که شکایت کرده بود، رضایت بگیره (که نمیداده) ولی‌ به هر حال با پول زیاد و عذرخواهی فراوان، رضایت اوو رو جلب میکنه.

جالب اینجاست که بلافاصله بعد از انقلاب، وقتیکه دولت اسلامی اعلام کرده بود که هر کس شکایتی از خانواده سلطنتی داره، بیاد مراجعه کنه، بهروز خان، اولیکن کسی‌ بود که میره و از اشرف شکایت میکنه. ادعاش هم این بوده، که اون روز کذایی، اشرفت در ماشین بهروز جان نشسته بوده، و واسه همین هم بهروز نمیخواسته که جورنالیسته این خبر رو منتشر کنه!!!

اسلامی‌ها هم بهش گفتند : زرشک!! اگر چنین چیزی بود که تو اصلا احتیاجی نداشتی اون بد بخت رو کتک بزنی‌، اشرف خودش حسابش رو رسیده بود....

این هم داستان آقا بهروز و روزنامه نگار فضول :)

Ali P.

Souri jaan

by Ali P. on

For those of us who don't know, please explain:

How did he treat the women in his life,


"he had beaten to death, the journalist who was chasing him with his car?"

To death? What journalist? When? Where?


Ali P.

P.S. I am old and worthless, but I still have difficulty showing humbleness ;-)


He was nothing but a good actor

by Souri on

I mean, yes, he was a very great actor, very talented....etc etc. but I don't buy all the hoopla about his personality. He was in fact a big macho, a very narcistic matcho male....Just a look on how he had treated the women in his life, says a lot about his egoistic personality.

Humbleness is not just what you say, it should be shown in your manners too.

Did you forget how he had beaten to death, the journalist who was chasing him with his car?

It is so easy to show modesty and humbleness when you are old and worthless.


Certainly an icon in Iranian film and cinema....

by Bavafa on

And how he has conducted himself after all the fame, tells much about his humbleness

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



An Icon

by ariane on

He's an Icon! Respect!


Great job

by rtayebi1 on


بهروز رو عشق  است



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Merci Mehrdad

We'll never get another Behrooz !


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بزرگ مردِ سینمایِ ایران،هم هنرمند و هم هنرمرد،با صفا ،با مرام،با تربیت و لوطی... این است بهروز آقا وثوقی .