Mr. Obama, help the Iranian people

Current and former Iranian student activists appeal to U.S. president


Mr. Obama, help the Iranian people
by Activists

On the occasion of 13 Aban (November 4th, the anniversary of the hostage-taking of the American embassy in Iran), a group of current and former Iranian student activists have written a letter to American president Barack Obama. In the letter, the students stress the importance of sanctioning the Iranian authorities.

Dear Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America:

On this day last year, we, a group of Iranian student activists, wrote you a letter to draw your attention to the human rights violations in Iran and to remind you of your moral responsibilities toward the protection of the people. On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian students, followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, attacked the US embassy in Iran and held the American diplomats and employees hostage. The embassy, which, according to international and moral laws, belonged to the United States of America, was occupied by the Iranian students.

The occupation of the US embassy was a big mistake that has damaged the interests of the Iranian nation. Today, 32 years later, the Iranian people are the hostages of a regime that has even imprisoned some of those same hostage-taking students.

On numerous occasions in recent years, the Iranian people have demonstrated to the world that they want to free themselves from the oppressive grip of the Iranian regime. Two years ago today, the Iranian people, while being beaten by batons and shot at with guns, cried out to you. They asked you which side you were on, the hostage-taking regime’s or the people’s. The Iranian people chanted, “Obama, Obama, you’re either with us or with them.” They cried out for your direct help. However, you have been considering talks with the hostage-taking regime, based on the advice of your advisers, which has worked to the benefit of the Islamic Republic and the disadvantage of the Iranian people. Your administration’s Iran policy gave the Iranian authorities much confidence to visibly suppress citizens during peaceful protests.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has responded to your friendly messages by taking  three American hikers hostage, attempting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, deviating from its nuclear program and heading toward the path of creating nuclear weapons, and shipping weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

Mr. President, today, our brothers and sisters in Syria, who have witnessed more than 3,000 deaths and thousands more injured and imprisoned, are battling the blood-thirsty Assad clique. And, the malicious rulers in Iran continue to support Syria’s dictator. The Iranian rulers are very aware that the fate of dictators are tied and their time will arrive as well.

Our Syrian brothers and sisters have asked you to support them. By creating a no-fly-zone, you can prevent the deaths of the Syrian people at the hands of the Damascus regime. Up until now, the United States of America’s failure to protect the lives of the Syrian people has been unacceptable.

We advise you to end the appeasement with Damascus and stand in solidarity with the Syrian people. On this path, do not pay attention to the objections of the two major countries, China and Russia, who support dictators. Do not repeat the same mistakes you have made with the Iranian people’s pro-democracy and freedom movement.

Mr. Barack Obama, you are the leader of the most powerful country in the world and a Nobel Peace Laureate. Your moral responsibilities toward world peace and the safeguarding of humans has increased.

In the letter to you last year, we asked you to follow up on the human rights violations in Iran, placing emphasize on Iranian students. In addition to the student activists, the three American hikers can also serve as witnesses to the abuses Iranian civil rights activists are forced to endure in the prisons.

Most recently, the medieval Iranian regime has begun to flog student activists prior to releasing them from prison.

The UN Secretary-General’s (Ban Ki-moon) annual report on the human rights situation in Iran and the newly-appointed Special Rapporteur’s (Ahmed Shaheed) interim report only cover a small portion of the widespread human rights violations occurring in the prisons and throughout Iran. The country has become one big prison for the Iranian people.

The international community’s negligence and passive political policies have created a nuclear North Korea. This mistake should not be repeated. The Iranian regime must be prevented from achieving nuclear and non-standard weapons.

We would like to explicitly state that we are not seeking your military assistance against the Islamic Republic. Considering the consequences of military action on the current situation in Iran, we strongly warn against it.

In order to help the Iranian people, please focus on:

* Placing sanctions against human rights violations, high-ranking Iranian regime members, and IRGC commanders and members of their immediate families.

* Sanctioning companies the IRGC holds shares in. The managers of these companies should also be sanctioned.

* Freezing the Iranian authorities’ bank accounts, blocking their property(ies) and assets, and banning their trips abroad.

* Making it easier for the Iranian people to access the Internet and satellite.

* Assisting in the circulation of free information in Iran.

* Speaking out against censorship, Internet filtering, blocking of satellite signals, and the surveillance of Iranian dissidents- and severely punish companies and governments who provide equipment to make it possible.

* Adhering to the already-existing sanctions- and placing pressure on the governments, institutions, and companies who skirt and violate these sanctions.

* Urging allies to also end their cooperation with the Iranian regime and put the sanctions into effect.

* Carefully ensuring that media funded by the American tax-payers’ money does not provide platforms for supporters and sympathizers of the Islamic Republic or anti-western and anti-American thoughts.

* Sanctioning the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

* Ending appeasement and passive government policies with dictators.

* Sanctioning the purchase of Iranian oil.

Instead of building welfare and infrastructure, Iran’s oil money, which makes up the majority of the country’s capital for natural resources, is used to: empower security structures and military institutions, spread terrorism, and increase the oppression on the Iranian people’s pro-democracy and freedom movement.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s suppression and the international community’s disregard led the Iranian people, who had bravely headed to the streets, to return to their homes.

Mr. Barack Obama, help the Iranian people so they may once again cry out, “Yes we can!” There are many ways you can help on the path to democracy, if you are willing.



1) Amir Hossein Etemadi, Former student activist (University of Tehran), member of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

2) Ali Tarokh, Student Activist (Shiraz Azad University), senior member of Mirhosein Mousavi student campaign in the Fars province.

3) Nima Rashedan, Researcher & political analyst, former student activist.

4) Arman Rezakhani, Winner of Kharazmi festival prize for mathematics, in 2007 and 2008, discovered two important theorems, both named after him.

5) Sahar RezaZadeh, Former student activist (University of Tehran)

6) Pedram Rafati, Member of association of students (Amirkabir University), banned from continuing his post-secondary education.

7) Amin Riahi, Member of General Council of Tahkim-e Vahdat.

8) Salman Sima, Student activist (Tehran Azad University), banned from continuing his post-secondary education.

9) Siavash Safavi, Former student activist (University of Mazandaran).

10) Ahmad Eshghyar, Former student activist (University of Tehran), member of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

11) Liuna Eisagholian, Former student activist (University of Tehran), member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

12) Saeed Ghasseminejad, Former student activist (University of Tehran), spokesperson for the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

13) Navid Mohebi, Starred student, blogger.

14) Masoud Masjoudi, Former member of association of students (Faculty of engineering of the University of Tehran).

15) Alireza Mousavi, Former member of association of students (Allameh University), member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

16) Behzad Mehrani, Journalist and political analyst, member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

17) Youhana Najdi, PhD student in political science (USM University Malaysia), member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

18) Ali Nazari, Former member of association of students (University of Mazandaran).

19) Rahim Hemmati, Former head of student branch of the JAMA Party.

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Maybe if you gave better arguments you would get more than 1%. Your pointer to the British sale to IRI was good. It is a valid argument why they support IRI. But the rest is just assumptions and opinion. 

Internet and IC are filled with opinion and theories. But that is all they are. One day people say IRI is about to get attacked. Next day we hear it is not possible. I do not take any of it seriously because no one has credibility.

Regarding Libya yes the people there do have a say. If they chose to follow a dictator it is their mistake. Why did South Africa have a peaceful transition while Iran went to the dogs. It was the people and their choice of their path.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am not talking about the wisdom of asking American help. Rather about their goals in the region. Goals change in time as you must know. In 1953 both Britain and USA wanted Shah to be in power.

In 1978 they wanted to bring Khomeini to power. That means in 25 years their policy made a major change. Now it is over 32 years and it is very possible things are different. Amirparviz made a good argument that Britain is still behind IRI. 

But that does not mean the same policy in the USA. These are not the same nation. I suggest people not base their perception on 1979. I do not know really what America wants. I just think we need to realize policies may well be different.

Kaveh Nouraee

Obama? Help Iranians? Are you serious?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

There is a greater chance of Reza Pahlavi and Ali Khamenei breaking bread together.

People like Obama and his political forefathers were instrumental in CREATING the IR. When are you deluded people going to get that through your thick heads?

The guy says "eid e shoma mobarak" and you equate that with actually CARING about Iran or Iranians? Have we bullshitted ourselves THAT much that you can't see that Obama and everyone like him has been, is now, and always will be bullshitting YOU? 


bavafa jaan

by rtayebi1 on

come on man, don't step down to his level. Your respond was just hilarious. YOU THE MAN 


Keeping people clueless is goal #1, if even 1% agree with me

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I would be shocked.  The experts know how to keep false hope alive and take entire societies down the path of lies and as a result their own folly.  It starts with ther own people first.  There are people that have hope that Libya will work out for the people, that the people wanted it, that their motives were outside their foreign policy and I'm sure they will have a good explanation as to why it was the Libyan peoples fault things did not work out.  They must keep the people hope of having a democracy alive, with their support, to use it time and again to get people to harm themselves. Agreement is not the issue here, I am communicating the truth and realize the pain it causes.  Without it we have no real hope.  


The UK govt gave the IRI special software, the same UK which they are supposed to want to attack with the USA/France & Israel.  The technology is made to identify a protestor and know his exact location, even if his phone was turned off.  They did this one month after the dispute elections to keep the regime in power, more than a few thousand protestors were executed with out a trial or anyones knowledge and around 50,000 tortured in Iran.  The USA only wanted to stir thing up in Iran, but not for Democracy to occur.  //

To immortalize his efforts at good
government, the Monarchy, and to welcome the arrival of a new epoch, he inaugurated
a magnificent celebration. Called the Now Ruz (new year), the
celebration of the event continues to the present day. Jamshid's actions
seemed to have sealed the fate of Ahriman, but not for long:  // Some people don't want to see the Triumph of Iranian Culture and the Monarchy, that doesn't mean we stop communicating or planting the seed for people regarding what they should make sure they learn in depth, as opposed to what the west wants and what the west doesn't want, for example in particular they don't want Iranians to learn their own Culture or support the Monarchy.  Do we lead people with false hope against themselves or help them help themselves and get on their own side?



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

amirparviz Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

That the USA/UK/France/Germany Want Islam In Power for Iran, the Middle East, North Africa.

I bet people realize what you are saying but not all agree. You may be right but that does not translate into others agreeing with you. Maybe they do not want to lose hope. People need hope even if it is false hope. 


The One Thing that Doesn't Seem to Enter Iranians Minds?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

That the USA/UK/France/Germany Want Islam In Power for Iran, the Middle East, North Africa.

All they say in their media is to fool their own people and sadly works on iranians too.  We only have one thing to counter that policy with. Culture.


The Joke Is Sadly On All Iranians

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Has Iran deleted the very things that made it great? This is a fascinating subject of How Iran can mend its collapse.  In my view civilizations don’t rise, fall, and then gently decline, as inevitably
and predictably as the four seasons. History
isn’t one smooth, parabolic curve after another. Its shape is more like
an exponentially steepening slope that quite suddenly drops off like a
cliff, like we all did in the mass suicide of 1979.

If you don’t know what I mean, pay a visit to Machu Picchu, the lost
city of the Incas. In 1530 the Incas were the masters of all they
surveyed from the heights of the Peruvian Andes. Within less than a
decade, foreign invaders with horses, gunpowder, and lethal diseases had
smashed their empire to smithereens. 

Iran similary faced the creation of disunity instigated from without on the people within using new forces of social control like the media to get iranian people to be divided with internal strife and more easily amenable to losing sovereignty over their own resources, by imposing a foreign funded tyranny. This took less than 20 years to occur.  As a result of foreign meddling in irans affairs it very quickly became dominated the way it is today.  The collapse of Iran occured because the complex
social systems that underpinned the country under foreign political pressure suddenly ceased to function. One
minute the Shah had legitimacy in the eyes of his people; the next he

You can't fix Irans death spiral until you acknowledge what collapsed and why.  Restoring Legitimacy is not going to be easy. We need to bring back the things that worked well for us as well as using what is working well for others (for example The Rule of Law and Representative Government. An optimal system
of social and political order emerged in the English-speaking world,
based on private-property rights and the representation of property
owners in elected legislatures.).  But Unity for Iran is based on our Culture, not one Persons objectivity/realism, if some of us have moved away from it, based on deceit and manipulation, to our peril, we need to be clear at least with ourselves that the only way back to unity is with our Culture.

G. Rahmanian

نه "ش" شما تنها، "ش" همه

G. Rahmanian

AP: Your response reminded me of an old Iranian joke. I was not talking about one person's objectivity/realism.


A Realistic Response to the Idea Lets All Unite Under One banner

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

But where is the leadership whose legitimacy is agreed upon by the majority of Iranians.

We can Unite Based on Iranian Values, Iranian Ideals, Iranian Culture and Iranian Traditions as written in the Shahname, for the Purpose of Uniting the People of Iran and the creation of Peace in Iran the King Is Given and Accepted as Having Farr, defined as the wisdom, intelligence, personal fortitude and the foresight of the King/Queen.

So that leaves us with 2 people that we can claim to have the legitimacy based on Irans Culture, in the pursuit of the ideals of Freedom, Equality & Justice for all.  We have Farah and we have Reza II.  Otherwise we can all agree with the mullocracy that our history is not a noble one and follow their solution for us. This is Irans Cultural basis for Unity.

Considering most Iranians within Iran still celebrate NOW RUZ, a celebration of thanks to god for the Shah to start a new year, this is a good basis.

G. Rahmanian

We Know The Problems!

by G. Rahmanian on

What are the solutions? Yes, let's unite. But where is the leadership whose legitimacy is agreed upon by the majority of Iranians. Have we forgotten what the regime did two years ago simply because the uprisings were without leadership? For once, let's avoid sloganeering and be realistic when responding.


My agreement with Arjs points,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

For now the problem is that as opposed to encouraging and lending moral support to us they are giving technologies to regime to stop all demonstrations.  We need to be able to rally around our own leaders and not a US one.  This is a critical point.  Iran can not go the way of Iraq or Libya, who's entire infrastructure was laid to waste and lead to islamists in control of the guns, the constitution and power. 

The other key is to win and to blow out the regime we need to be united under one banner. I feel our culture, values and ideals are represented by the Shahname of Ferdowsi, these are deep roots that despite the islamic tyranny has not stopped people celebrating "Now Rooz" described as a celebration of the Monarchy in Iran and it being the basis for national unity.



by Arj on

The same groupthinking that got us into the mess called IRI, this time appears to be shooting in the opposite direction! From U.S. being the 'ultimate evil' and "Great Satan" to an Emamzedeh whose healing hands are supposed to intervene and bring about the miraculous changes -- that is a non-military intervention, whatever it's supposed to mean! Ironically, these guys prescribe military intervention (aka no-fly zone) on behalf of the Syrian people, but not for Iran! Wouldn't anyone be confused if in Obama's shoes?!

So long as we fail to wake up to the notion that; "kas nakhaurad poshte man joz nakhone angoshte man," we're doomed to be ruled by despots and a-holes of different stripes. That's not to say we shouldn't bring the world's attention to the criminal nature of the Islamic regime and have the international bodies (e.g. the Hague and UN) to deal with the notion of appropriate, effective sanctions and penalizations. But begging Obama for help is not going to change anything, yet it rather makes us look desperate and defeatist! Even if the U.S. decides to intervene and bring about regime change, it's going to install its "own SOB" (e.g. Karzai, Mliki, Abduljalil...), not a Messiah!


Asking For A Help

by jmyt17 on

Not Mr. Obama or others.

Why we need his help???Why we have always blame somebody else for our personal problem?????Jews problem is there problem. Not US.They have a right  to leave.



امامزاده اوباما


آقای او با ما خودش را نمیتونه نگه داره  حالا توقع دارید به ایران کمک کنه. مردمانی که به خارجی متوسل شوند  یعنی خودشان روحیه و جسارتی ندارند  بیش از سی سال است بر این طبل میکوبید و ادامه دهید تا روزگارتان بگذرد که گفته اند کاچی به از هیچ چی


Asking Obama For Help is a little surprising considering this is

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

what the USA and UK are actually doing for the brave prodemocracy people of Iran, while pretending to be supportive of them.  Maybe this process is necessary for Iranians to realize that democracy is only used by them as a tool to create division in Iran.  //



Support Yes – Intervention No

by ahosseini on

Iran's situation is a bit similar to Libya and Syria

I really hope we are not going to go through the same process as Libya.

While we are desperate for democracy we don't want Sarkosy, Israel, Golf states and USA decide who our political leaders are and lead the movement for change. That will undoubtedly create a very hostile and ongoing civil war in Iran.

Look at the situation in Saudi Arabia and golf states. They are not in a position to sponsor democracy in Iran

Look at the attitude of USA, Europe and Israel towards the formation of Palestinian state.

We hear they exchange 1000 Palestinian for one Israeli soldier. What does that tell us? The life of an Israeli Jew is 1000 times more precious than one thousand Arabs. Do you think if you don't go along with their terms and conditions, they are going to be any different to us so called Arians?

Please be sensible when asking for foreign intervention.

Democracy has to come from Iranian people. We would like to have good relationship with the rest of the world, but we can not accept dictators imposed, this time under the name of democracy. I think Nelson Mandela’s model is the least we should accept.

Please kindly see my letter to Obama and write comments. My letter is about Ahmad Khatib's family who donated the organs of their child killed by an Israeli soldier to a family in Israel in exchange for peace and reconciliation and equality of opportunity and respect. The media ignored it and warmongers did not pay any attention.

We may be desperate but we are not that desperate that we accept any terms and conditions.

We need to set up democratic institutions for change. Any democratic institution should reflect the views of its members so the outside world can not interfere. Democracy is not about choosing between two or more political parties. What difference does it make if we chose between Rajavi, Negahdar, Mashaei, Rafsanjani or a leader imposed by one or another foreign power.

We need to set up democratic institutions, use the new technology including a powerful website like managed and controlled by the institution in a very democratic way. Don't get me wrong. We are grateful to and the initiatives by its founders, but democratic institutions must have their own independent community website.

We Iranians have been through so much. We must not allow self appointed leaders to dictate their rules. Start with five, ten. It will grow in big numbers if your approach is correct.

Good luck


Hass joon: You got a deal....

by Bavafa on

Drop your pants, bend over and I know what to do with it.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Bottom Line

by YMJ on

To ask for Obama to do something, is asking for what exactly? It is only helping America out and not Iran, since the US are the one's who are itching to go to more wars in order to save their economy through their military industrial complex. 


i call someone a MKO or Zionist, when they support a letter which is advocating foreign intervention (who on EARTH would ask for a foreign intervention on his own countrymen? are your countrymen cripple?) 

Its funny they turn around and call me an "IR agent", "loyalist", "apologist" lol, the usual rhetoric that FOX news tv analysts use. 

 The Islamic Republic, contrary to what you zionists and MKO and Iranian exiles (similar to the Cuban exiles) would like to think , enjoys huge amount of support within Iran. Close your eyes to it, thats fine, but to ask for a foreign country to bomb the country to rubbles is cowardly(essnetially that is what is meant by foreign intervention and asking of help LIBYA anyone?)



An "adult" named hass-terical speaks :-)

by AMIR1973 on

Have some shame and sit down, let the adults speak.

And what does the adult named hass-terical say?

"Bafava"joon feel free to kiss my hair Iranian ass. 

It's nice to see that the moderator allows such "adult" folks to share their insightful views with others.


We beg you Obama! Please Punish Iranians some more!

by hass on

"Bafava"joon feel free to kiss my hair Iranian ass. You and these people who beg the US for even more sanctions on Iran are not doing anyone in Iran any favors, nor are you any closer to changing the same regime that you've been crying about for over 30 years now. Have some shame and sit down, let the adults speak.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

جامعه سیاسی در برابر تهدید نظامی، مهدی جلالی

Masoud Kazemzadeh

another excellent article.  I do not agree with everything Mehdi Jalali writes, but I think it strongly desrves to be read.  It reflects the views of large number of Iranians (who are not old political activists).



Masoud Kazemzadeh

Very Proud of These Young Pro-Democracy Activists

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Based on my extensive contacts with young activists inside Iran, these BRAVE PRO-DEMOCRACY STUDENTS reflect the views of the vast majority of young women and men inside Iran. I fully and proudly support their demands. I am very proud of these BRAVE young pro-democracy activists, who fight against one of the most vicious brutal reactionary regimes in the world.

They are the voice of the Iranian people who want democracy. 





I dare say...

by پندارنیک on

The current and former Iranian students who turn to the American president for help are actually only nibbling on sugar, so to speak......

Translation is available upon request............


Mr Obama, This is the Kind of help we don't need!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Given by your closest ally in co-operation with your governments real agenda for Iran.




Barack Hosein will never help ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

The Iranian people and our inteligent freedom loving youth, unless it is in the direct interest of  Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, Halliburton, etc.  Where else can he find good slaves like mullahs who give him the excuse to have his 5th fleet in the "Persian" Gulf? and be a good boogey man so the Israelis can do what ever the hell they want to?  How else can he justify to the Ayrabs that they should buy $60B worth of outdated weapons, now I know he bends down to his knees to those same Ayrabs but still needs this LooLoo to scrae those idit Ayrabs into buying more junk. 

Unfortunately for our fellow country men, Obama is NOT a man of principles, he is actually kind of like Jimmy (The Mole) Carter.  May god help and guide our people in their fight for ultimate freedom, but we certainly can not bank on any US President to give us our rights.  You see, no one will give you your rights, you have to take it.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland 


Hass: your mockery and/distortion of this letter….

by Bavafa on

And the young and brave students who have been paying a heavy price at the hand of IRI, racks and matches only to those in rule and in charge by force of our mother-land.  It is distasteful and despicable by any measurements.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Oh please punish us! Whips and chains Please!

by hass on

Oh Mr Obama, please consider bombing us too!  Oh please! We've been BBBAAAAAD Boys and girls, Daddy!

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

Cheghadr ROFLMIIIIDI mano.vAi!

Your post is a classic!

(It would be an injustice to add anything to your post. )


My kudos to these activists and their clear message…

by Bavafa on

Of helping us to help ourselves!


And by paying a high price for their opposition to a illegitimate and criminal regime in Tehran.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory