Mr. Obama, help the Iranian people

Current and former Iranian student activists appeal to U.S. president


Mr. Obama, help the Iranian people
by Activists

On the occasion of 13 Aban (November 4th, the anniversary of the hostage-taking of the American embassy in Iran), a group of current and former Iranian student activists have written a letter to American president Barack Obama. In the letter, the students stress the importance of sanctioning the Iranian authorities.

Dear Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America:

On this day last year, we, a group of Iranian student activists, wrote you a letter to draw your attention to the human rights violations in Iran and to remind you of your moral responsibilities toward the protection of the people. On November 4, 1979, a group of Iranian students, followers of Ayatollah Khomeini, attacked the US embassy in Iran and held the American diplomats and employees hostage. The embassy, which, according to international and moral laws, belonged to the United States of America, was occupied by the Iranian students.

The occupation of the US embassy was a big mistake that has damaged the interests of the Iranian nation. Today, 32 years later, the Iranian people are the hostages of a regime that has even imprisoned some of those same hostage-taking students.

On numerous occasions in recent years, the Iranian people have demonstrated to the world that they want to free themselves from the oppressive grip of the Iranian regime. Two years ago today, the Iranian people, while being beaten by batons and shot at with guns, cried out to you. They asked you which side you were on, the hostage-taking regime’s or the people’s. The Iranian people chanted, “Obama, Obama, you’re either with us or with them.” They cried out for your direct help. However, you have been considering talks with the hostage-taking regime, based on the advice of your advisers, which has worked to the benefit of the Islamic Republic and the disadvantage of the Iranian people. Your administration’s Iran policy gave the Iranian authorities much confidence to visibly suppress citizens during peaceful protests.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has responded to your friendly messages by taking  three American hikers hostage, attempting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, deviating from its nuclear program and heading toward the path of creating nuclear weapons, and shipping weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

Mr. President, today, our brothers and sisters in Syria, who have witnessed more than 3,000 deaths and thousands more injured and imprisoned, are battling the blood-thirsty Assad clique. And, the malicious rulers in Iran continue to support Syria’s dictator. The Iranian rulers are very aware that the fate of dictators are tied and their time will arrive as well.

Our Syrian brothers and sisters have asked you to support them. By creating a no-fly-zone, you can prevent the deaths of the Syrian people at the hands of the Damascus regime. Up until now, the United States of America’s failure to protect the lives of the Syrian people has been unacceptable.

We advise you to end the appeasement with Damascus and stand in solidarity with the Syrian people. On this path, do not pay attention to the objections of the two major countries, China and Russia, who support dictators. Do not repeat the same mistakes you have made with the Iranian people’s pro-democracy and freedom movement.

Mr. Barack Obama, you are the leader of the most powerful country in the world and a Nobel Peace Laureate. Your moral responsibilities toward world peace and the safeguarding of humans has increased.

In the letter to you last year, we asked you to follow up on the human rights violations in Iran, placing emphasize on Iranian students. In addition to the student activists, the three American hikers can also serve as witnesses to the abuses Iranian civil rights activists are forced to endure in the prisons.

Most recently, the medieval Iranian regime has begun to flog student activists prior to releasing them from prison.

The UN Secretary-General’s (Ban Ki-moon) annual report on the human rights situation in Iran and the newly-appointed Special Rapporteur’s (Ahmed Shaheed) interim report only cover a small portion of the widespread human rights violations occurring in the prisons and throughout Iran. The country has become one big prison for the Iranian people.

The international community’s negligence and passive political policies have created a nuclear North Korea. This mistake should not be repeated. The Iranian regime must be prevented from achieving nuclear and non-standard weapons.

We would like to explicitly state that we are not seeking your military assistance against the Islamic Republic. Considering the consequences of military action on the current situation in Iran, we strongly warn against it.

In order to help the Iranian people, please focus on:

* Placing sanctions against human rights violations, high-ranking Iranian regime members, and IRGC commanders and members of their immediate families.

* Sanctioning companies the IRGC holds shares in. The managers of these companies should also be sanctioned.

* Freezing the Iranian authorities’ bank accounts, blocking their property(ies) and assets, and banning their trips abroad.

* Making it easier for the Iranian people to access the Internet and satellite.

* Assisting in the circulation of free information in Iran.

* Speaking out against censorship, Internet filtering, blocking of satellite signals, and the surveillance of Iranian dissidents- and severely punish companies and governments who provide equipment to make it possible.

* Adhering to the already-existing sanctions- and placing pressure on the governments, institutions, and companies who skirt and violate these sanctions.

* Urging allies to also end their cooperation with the Iranian regime and put the sanctions into effect.

* Carefully ensuring that media funded by the American tax-payers’ money does not provide platforms for supporters and sympathizers of the Islamic Republic or anti-western and anti-American thoughts.

* Sanctioning the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

* Ending appeasement and passive government policies with dictators.

* Sanctioning the purchase of Iranian oil.

Instead of building welfare and infrastructure, Iran’s oil money, which makes up the majority of the country’s capital for natural resources, is used to: empower security structures and military institutions, spread terrorism, and increase the oppression on the Iranian people’s pro-democracy and freedom movement.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s suppression and the international community’s disregard led the Iranian people, who had bravely headed to the streets, to return to their homes.

Mr. Barack Obama, help the Iranian people so they may once again cry out, “Yes we can!” There are many ways you can help on the path to democracy, if you are willing.



1) Amir Hossein Etemadi, Former student activist (University of Tehran), member of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

2) Ali Tarokh, Student Activist (Shiraz Azad University), senior member of Mirhosein Mousavi student campaign in the Fars province.

3) Nima Rashedan, Researcher & political analyst, former student activist.

4) Arman Rezakhani, Winner of Kharazmi festival prize for mathematics, in 2007 and 2008, discovered two important theorems, both named after him.

5) Sahar RezaZadeh, Former student activist (University of Tehran)

6) Pedram Rafati, Member of association of students (Amirkabir University), banned from continuing his post-secondary education.

7) Amin Riahi, Member of General Council of Tahkim-e Vahdat.

8) Salman Sima, Student activist (Tehran Azad University), banned from continuing his post-secondary education.

9) Siavash Safavi, Former student activist (University of Mazandaran).

10) Ahmad Eshghyar, Former student activist (University of Tehran), member of Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

11) Liuna Eisagholian, Former student activist (University of Tehran), member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

12) Saeed Ghasseminejad, Former student activist (University of Tehran), spokesperson for the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

13) Navid Mohebi, Starred student, blogger.

14) Masoud Masjoudi, Former member of association of students (Faculty of engineering of the University of Tehran).

15) Alireza Mousavi, Former member of association of students (Allameh University), member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

16) Behzad Mehrani, Journalist and political analyst, member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

17) Youhana Najdi, PhD student in political science (USM University Malaysia), member of the Iranian Liberal Students and Graduates.

18) Ali Nazari, Former member of association of students (University of Mazandaran).

19) Rahim Hemmati, Former head of student branch of the JAMA Party.

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hamsade ghadimi

if you start your own

by hamsade ghadimi on

if you start your own organization and your views differ from a certain lobby group feigning interests of iranian americans, you're either ridiculed or called zionist. 

now who would've thunk that? or maybe the advocacy of using a democratic environment to start your own organization is just meant as a euphemism for something more nefarious.

(also see: //


لیلی لیلی حوضک


Dr. Mo,

I'll make Lily my Hily (Hilary)! Because she is a very capable person.

But what I really need is a Moni (Monica) for my Willy!


See my letter to Obama all in rhyme

by ahosseini on

I wrote this letter to Obama at the time George Bush attacked Gazza. That was a  week before Obama took over as the president of USA.

I wrote this on behalf of Ahmad Khatib family who donated the organs of his child to a child in Israel and asked for peace and reconciliation.

I was so shocked no one took any notice this humanitarian gesture.

After all '1000 Palestinian is worth one Israeili soldier!'

Of course we Arians are different in the eyes of Americans and Israelis!.

Tiger Lily

Doktor Mokhaangeles

by Tiger Lily on

Don't show any pomegranates on the airwaves. US taxpayer might want to lift santions against them.

man beram. beram ghorboone khodam.

P.S. feeeeeex the letter. It needs editing and/or a proper translation. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Baba jan

YOUR comparsion and conclusion is irrelevant!!! They are asking for such views not to be broadcast over the airways paid for by American taxpayers... and your conclusion is that they are looking for another dictatorship??? Akhe khahar joon... Be gole shazdeh asdolah... Momenet... Moment!!!

It is not as clear as you say it is !!

btw... i just ate a whole bowl of ANNNAArr... Ur place was empty:)) 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Make faramarz your running mate and put us all out of our collective misery........

 he will promise to bring in groundbreaking and all kinds of other breaking changes!!! He has always liked to break things!!:)

Tiger Lily

Doktor Mokhaangeles

by Tiger Lily on

If it's so irrelevant, why is it listed as one of the key demands in the letter?

It very clearly asks for a thought police and media censorship, as if they didn't have that already.

P.S. Eating an array of fruits is good for you. ;)



Please watch the following video

by ahosseini on


Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall!

by Faramarz on

No need for No Fly Zone. The planes are crashing left and right by themselves!


Simorgh jaan,

by AMIR1973 on

Your comment is officially laugh-out-loud funny  :-)

but oh, no, they left Iran for 'personal reasons'.

Keep up the good work. Mokhlesetam.


COP Jan - They just keep on coming

by Simorgh5555 on

The Leftists, children of revolutionaries who by choice or because of their parents went into exile and sought refuge in imperialist USA which thry never stop pontificating about how poor its human rights record is. All the while they enjoy basking in the sunshine of freedom which most Iranians have been deprived of and will defend thr honour of IR from any slander from Zionists. These are the children of people who had good standard of living during the Shah and instead of staying to enjoy the freedom.of their beloved revolution they cut and run condemning an entire nation to abject misery. The least they could do is condemn the wretched regime they helped create but oh, no, they left Iran for 'personal reasons'.

Dr. Mohandes

Your Liliness!! Tiger lily

by Dr. Mohandes on

Okay... Check this out... Bear with me for a second...

Carefully ensuring that media funded by the american taxpayers' money does not provide Platforms for supporters and sympathizers of CUCAAMBER And Tomatoes....BAnannas.... and Apples ( just for the sake of argument)....

Would this be construed as rooting for GRApes and Monkies... and Cars and ....???

Do you see the point? You are making such an unrelated and irrelevant comparison.


Dude jan.  Take it from someone who lives there in iran. @#@#@##@#^^%%^ Yeah. MAn. Just like that.



YMJ Joon, call me "Zionist agent" as much as you want...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

but bi ensaaf, how can you call the entire iranian nation "zionist" just because they are demanding their basic human rights  which has been denied to them by a bunch of thieving, murdering islamo fascist for the past 32 years?

Dont blame these students if you like me do not wish US intervention in Iran. Go blame Khaamenei and ahmadinezhad and the entire islamist regime leadership for creating such desparate situation in Iran, where a large and growing section of our country's population sees a foreign intervention as their only hope of salvation from this 32 year long nightmare of Islamist Fascism.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Cost-of-Progress on

Are you a new hire?

Funny how you islamists and regime apologists cannot resist calling everyone who disagrees with your sick ideology a zionist this or that.

If you really believe that the islamic thugs occupiers of my ancestral land are anything but a bunch of thieving anti-nationalist thugs, you are either:

- naive as a baby

- a paid endorser

- a religious zealot

Either way, you're way, way off. The answer is not for any foriegn power to "help" Iran, but with people like you, who needs enemies?






by YMJ on

"barbaric, fascistic islamist regime."


- This is purely rhetoric and from zionist and western media textbook.

By whatever measuring stick you want to use, compare the Islamic Republic to the US and you will see that the US has violated much more human rights on a much broader scale than the IR.  

 It's sad that you claim to be Iranian, when in fact your advocating killing of Iranian women and children by simply supporting this despicable letter which in no way represents the view of the majority of Iranians living in Iran, rather it respresents the views of Israeli's and MKO terrorist organization. 


a real message, from real young Iranian political activists.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

We might agree or disagree with what these young Iranian students say. But we can certainly not deny the importance of the fact that the message reflects a very fast growing mindset amongst young Iranian activists within Iran who have been dealing hands on with and suffering the consequences of opposing this barbaric, fascistic islamist regime.

The message is not from some west residing anonymous couch potatoes who talk daily nonsense on internet web sites. So the message is very important.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

long live Iran

We all know that Obama is just thinking about Iranian oil.

by long live Iran on

This is a short message to remind that our country men are living in Iran. So how come we can ask anyone to come and kill them for any excuse. It is proven that all these wars are just for oil. Lets do not dicieve ourselves. Look what they are doing in Libia, Afghanistan and Irag... Besides, Do not forget that we are Iranian. We always been able to change our destiny if we wanted.... I do not belive that some of the guys in this website who are encouraging for war are Iranian... We are and have been a strong nation... Unfortunately it is not a good time for our nation. But lets be careful and not cause extra problem for such a noble nation....If OBAMA wants to show his friendship. Ask him to remove the sanction on Iranian passanger naviation system. Every stupid person knows that their parts are completly different from military aircraft.    Please do not decieve ourselves.  Thinks about ordinary Iranian fellow who are facing all results of sanction and not to be selfish.

Tiger Lily

in other words: give us another type of dictatorship

by Tiger Lily on

"* Carefully ensuring that media funded by the American tax-payers’ money
does not provide platforms for supporters and sympathizers of the
Islamic Republic or
anti-western and anti-American thoughts."


These "liberal" students calling for the thought police. SIEG HEIL!




what a load of crap

by YMJ on

What Obama needs to do, is see what the occupy wall street people are demanding instead of shooting and killing the protesters.

 Who is Obama to Iran anyway? He is a nobody and doesn't even have the support of the majority of the US population. 

 This letter is clearly written by an Israeli, cloaked as an Iranian. Its laughable by REAL Iranians not these robots which lurk on every form of social media and try to persuade people to attack Iran.  


Excellent letter. It is

by Simorgh5555 on

Excellent letter. It is encouraging to see Iranian youth united against the.common enemy of Iran: The Islamic Republic. It is appeasement which is perpetuating the wretched existence of this regime and only decisive action can bring it to its knees.



by Fred on

At long last the Obama Administration should stop appeasing the Islamist Rapists, cuddling their lobbyists and start listening to the Iranian people.

Sanction the oil, gas & Central Bank NOW!

Thank you persian2english for your tireless advocacy of human rights in Iran, keep it up.