When Google fails to google!

Let’s see how this intellectual insult is finally amended


When Google fails to google!
by Abolghasem Amirgholami

Google’s claim that it didn’t intend to take a stance with regards to properly naming the Persian Gulf in its maps is a big fabrication. A decision with the inherent risk of inflaming the feelings of millions of people in Iran and around the world is not made without forethought and deliberation. Google has been well aware of the history of the rogue and in my view the evil campaign for changing a historic name – the Persian Gulf. It seems to me that this Google’s decision goes beyond a lack of stance.

Google as a giant company (institution!), has the greatest resources for researching and authenticating claims, as well as finding officially and historically sanctioned labels and brands. But Google’s complicity in this effort [to erase history] will only tarnish its image since this rogue attempt will undoubtedly end in failure. Changing the “Persian Gulf” name is as impossible as changing “Greece” or “Rome.” Google’s only “gain” in this will be a tarnished image in siding with fabricators and charlatans.

Hey Google! isn’t it true that one day, a handful of decades ago, a man woke up from deep sleep and decided to call this body of water something different from its historic name? Google must know best, of course. Google can do research and find out who that person was. Come on Google, do it. Google it! You probably aren’t in the habit of using Yahoo search or Bing, but these will do as well.

Google has definitely taken a stance here removing the Persian Gulf label from its maps; and I have high intuition that it will reconsider its decision. It is only fair that Google did the right thing. After all, Google is an amazing phenomenon. I personally have used Google more than any other brand. It has made life so much easier for all of us. I thought this about Google one day: “Google is a gift that never stops giving.”

But alas! Google has broken my heart this time. I also know that it has offended the sensitivities of objective and fact loving people. Most definitely it has hurt Iranians. But why? Why would Google do something to hurt so many millions of people? What was the incentive and the catalyst for this maligned undertaking? There are many questions and they must all be answered for the sake of intellectual accountability.

How was Google lured into this debacle? I can vaguely guess. Material incentive is the only tangible that I can think of at the moment and if so, someone please delineate it for us. But regardless of the incentive, the act is one of insult and aggression against the Iranian people worldwide.

Previous to the present time, I used to tell my Iranian friends that we didn’t need to worry about any Arab entity wrongly naming this body of water. I would tell them that in the eyes of this great world of ours facts will remain facts and the truth will always remain the truth. I used to tell them that this misrepresentation was so childish that no credible international body would subscribe to it. I wasn’t worried. I wasn’t worried because I thought that the aggression in the intent would be obvious to anyone who is simply literate. But this is a case of a phenomenal institution like Google siding with the rogue and the aggressive. Google’s gift this time is foul smelling and bitter.

Google, or someone in Google, has breached the norms we should live by. My point here is that Google’s act is beyond respectable inalienable norms.

Remember the person who woke up from sleep and used the fictitious name for the first time? That was a malicious dream, with rouge intent. Someone in Google has taken his bait.

With my current state of mind, I wonder if I google a location, I would find a factual place, a fictitious one, or nothing at all. I know one thing for a fact: Persian Gulf is a very old place based on (all) historic maps and literature.

Google has failed here, or hopefully has had a temporary lapse in its ethical, high-principled and professional judgement. The search engine Google is just a tool but if Google is an institution, it must act as an authority with high intellectual standards.

Finally, I expect responsible elements in Google to be the final judge and “google” the facts. I am eternally hopeful that Google’s “stance” would uphold professional journalism. I demand the best from Google. Let’s see how this intellectual insult is finally amended.



Areyo Barzan, on your comments in response to my post below.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The problem is that you do not even pay attention to the argument from other side before charging into insults and accusations,

Your view was: Maturity lead you to know enough regarding where blame lay.  And as a result it is with both A and B???? hmmm and you have no prior vested interest that would lead you to view????? hmmm your view isn't based on any logic or reason, you don't wish to explin your reasons and  so it just deserves our trust. ahem. look when I described your views being preposterous/ridiculous don't play the insult card that is attacking your views, which go on to support your values, and this is not attacking you.  Not being aware of the difference, this actually proves the point behind my comments.

Why else would a sincere democrat want democracy? Tolerance right?  We can and need to fight hard over each others values and the pillars they rest on the views, this is not intolerance, fyi it is upholding the democratic ideal. 

My view is people are not their mind, their mind is a tool they use to get things done. "they" being the voice which orders the mind.  So if you feel you are your views & your mind, then I can see how you feel I insulted you, that was not my intention, my intention was to show you that your rational & intellect are dominated & dominating you and not you in control of it.

Some of the Top Politicians and Elite Experts have not been able to explain, the US Policy and its nuances, why it acted as it did and does what it does, the reason being many do not even have clearance to access the true facts to even begin an analysis.  yet maturity gave you time tested wisdom to have an answer, lol. and we can not criticize it lol on democracy, because that is criticizing you.  I don't accept this approach of your at all.

My insult directed towards Iranians was more a frustrated cry for help not a personal attack on myself or anyone.

Lastly I don't see any appreciation in your comment for democracy, that at the very heart of democracy as a system of government is absolute tyranny & dictatorship.  The founding fathers of the united states at least clearly elaborated on this historically proven fact and made sure the word democracy was not even mentioned once in the US constitution.  Hopefully the leaders of irans pro-republican movement at least have an understanding for this.

Our real issue not choosing between republic vs monarchy, that is what the west wanted to make an issue in the past, in order to reach its cynical aims and bringing extremists to power. 

Our issue is uniting both republicans & monarchists in order to remove the IRI, with both sides agreeing to listen to peoples voice via the ballot box after the IRI is brought down.  At this point we all need to agree that what we want is for the people to be able to express their views freely & honestly.  The process needs to be secular democratic that is all.

At this point the result of the peoples wish is not the issue for any side at all.  At this point we have no way of being able to vote in a supervised/ transparent way.   We need to remove IRI through an act Iranian unity with the aim of holding UN supervised elections on Irans future.  All legitimate secular groups need to be united and co-operating with this set in stone plan, a democratic approach put forward and endorsed by the leadership of Reza Pahlavi and the vast majority of monarchists. 


The issue is far deeper than googles actions.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Reading from the BBC Propaganda machine today:

"The UN says at least 9,000 people have died since pro-democracy protests began in March 2011."

That is the depth of the deceit the BBC Carries out.  Was the set up done on Iranians in 1979 a pro-democracy protest?????? Of course it wasn't.  Pro-democracy supporters would have waited for a UN sponsored referendum as the late shah had promised if that was a serious goal.

Was 2011 Libya a Pro-democracy Protest????? Are you serious????? Of course it wasn't.

Is Syria really a Pro-Democray Protest???

Do you truthfully think that Iraq was really about delivering Freedom???   

Isn't it Time for Iranians to focus on the truth and discuss it? 

The USA/France/UK's real goals are: wanting backwardness, poverty corruption, stagnation/regression, repression, anti-human rights, anti-democracy for Iran and others. This has achieved so far all their cynical goals. 

Is it clear to you now why their corporate controlled media and cia
influenced articles were intended to tarnish the image of the late shah
of Iran, after all the good and progress his team accomplished for iran????

Based on the wests real goals, can you now see why they really hated the
late shah and betrayed him and all Iranians in 1979?  Does this need
explaining still.  Because until this is understood few will be able to
comprehend why the west has turned its back on the human rights of
prisoners of conscience within Iran and loves extremists in power

I pray for the sake of Iran Hero's in harms way that Iranians not just of IC, come to realize who really loves the IRI for Iran and why oh why was is necessary and intentional for them to out of the blue focus on manufacturing lies/exaggerations about the late shahs team with regards to 1) dictator 2) corrupt 3) brutal torturer 4) repressive.  Getting Dominated minds clued in on this issue alone is no easy task among some.

Something to raise your awareness and your conscience.


The Free World has and is turning its back on Iranians human rights for over 30 years.


Soosan, that is what is said about it

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

not sure if its true, that to relate better with hitlers propaganda they did this.  After all Iran is the name our great poets gave Iranians.

Soosan Khanoom

Faramarz and Amir .. Thanks.

by Soosan Khanoom on

I believe since Iran comes from Aria, Reza Shah wanted to show we are an Arian Nation. Stupid move !!

areyo barzan

Dear Darush

by areyo barzan on

I agree with you, as one Winston Churchill stated once


"Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others"


But all we can do is try and make it work


Soosan Khanoom...Answer

by Faramarz on

Iranians always called Iran, Iran. But the westerners called Iran, Persia until 1935 when Reza Shah sent a letter to foreign countries and embassies and requested that Iran be called Iran. Here is a write up on the topic.



areyo barzan

Dear amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

by areyo barzan on

Thank you for confirming my claims.

Just like clock work and as I expected. The harder I look into your comments the less essence I could find in it.

Just like your “Republican” or even Hezbollahi counterparts with whom I am dealing in this country day in day out, there is noting in your comments but all insults, empty slogans misinformed comments and lack of substance.

First of all I do not have to defend my opinion in front of an intolerant person who even fails to read my blog in full before opening his foul mouth throwing out every insult at his disposal.

Secondly unlike you I have way passed idolising individuals and putting them beyond criticism by seeing the world as only black or white.

To me personally, Reza Pahlavi is just ONE of the opposition leaders. Hence he and his followers are free to state their opinion and fight for the type of system they want. But he is BY NO MEAN the only legitimate leader let alone the only one available. But more importantly if we really believe in democracy then we need to accommodate for and accept all schools of thought and instead of fighting amongst ourselves focus on the principals of democracy rather than a person, a party or a particular system of government.

Unlike you I care about the principals and essence of democracy more than what it is called and as far as I know RP him self is an advocate of free referendum to determine the type of future system of government in Iran and if as I think he’d be, he is the man of his word then even he should have no problem with accepting a republic system if in a free fare referendum our people vote for it. Hence I do not see any point for such position of “Kase-ye daghtar az aash”.

With regards to the services of the previus regime you do not need to remind me of what they have or haven’t done as I have read enough books from both the Shah himself (be Sooye Tammaddon-e Bozorg) his admirers, his critics and even opponent enemies, to be able to make up my own mind.

I know very well that they have done many services to this country.. However my problem is not with the Shah or even monarchy as a system but it is with your attitude and the attitude of people like you in all corners of the political spectrum (monarchist, communist. Islamist or republican alike)..  

The problem is that you do not even pay attention to the argument from other side before charging into insults and accusations, just because at the first look it did not agree with your apatite and that is where as I said before I can see the ugly face of another dictator from behind that mask of beautiful but hollow democratic slogans.


So let me ask you this question:

“If today while having no power and hiding behind an arbitrary anonymous name you behave in such way towards people you do not agree with then what guarantee do I or people like me have that tomorrow when you or people like you are in power they will not refurbish Evin and Kahrizak to emprison, torture or rape another group of people there just because they regard them as stupid or traitors”


Now! If you have actually read the text that you commented from me carefully before throwing it back at my face you could see that I talked about the “conspiracies” of the West over the price of oil.

Well, I hope I can leave it with you to go and find out the meaning of the word “CONSPIRACY”.

But as I stated that was just one of the factors involved. However for those of us who actually bother to read the history we know about the open letter addressed to Shah by one Shahpour Bakhtiar and a few other people only one year prior to the revolution, warning about the danger ahead. But he or his government chose to ignore it and that was a strategic error. If he only have heard the voice of this cock up of a revolution one year earlier from that letter, things could have been very different today.

Now I do not even want to go into the errors his regime made with regards to dealing with the opposition leadership and its supporters like Banisadr, Ghotb Zadeh and many other or the clergy in general when all it would have taken was a TV interview to expose them of the phony that they were, (just read the Book “Istaadeh Bar Arman” by Ali Gharib to get what I am talking about).




However you do not need to take my word for it just go and read Shah’s own book, “Answer to history” where he is man enough to accept his errors and that is why I have respect for him.

The fact remains that the last regime made many strategic errors which lead to this disaster and I am saying that as a friend and as someone who appreciates their services. However none of these errors would still excuse the stupidity of a nation who was looking into the moon to see the image of one Khomeini.

The errors of the last regime and the conspiracies of the West although important, still will not excuse the immaturity of a nation who took to the street without knowing what they want whom they were following  or even listening to what this so called leader was saying or advocating.


You see mate? I personally have passed this vision of black or white many years ago, where one could be either a saint or the devil in disguise.

Each and every one of us is capable of making mistakes and I see no problem with that.

The problem comes when the person who has made that error or his blind supporters try to make petty excuses to hide or over look those errors as that would be where the downward spiral towards dictatorship and demise of a nation starts.

And unfortunately I can still see this pattern over and over again even today both with advocates of monarchy and our so called “republican” friends who are still as stubborn as a mule in refusing to acknowledge their mistakes in following one Khomeini to the hell that was IRI and not listening to the warning of one Shahpour Bakhtiar who famously stated in 1357 that


“Dictatorship of Nalain is far worse than the dictatorship of Chakmeh”


Yes! the disaster of 1357 was a collective mistake by all of us and it is only responsible to acknowledge that error learn from it and move on.


But the main point of discussion here was how to deal with Google.

In my humble opinion the only person that I have full control over is myself and hence I decided to boycott Google and not use it any more. That is what each and every one of us can do so it is about time to stop mourning and start acting





P.S Have you by any chance got your PHD from the same university as one Dr Mahmood Ahmadi Nejaad? lol

Darius Kadivar

I suggest a petition to stop "Shah's of Sunset" distorting Shah

by Darius Kadivar on

I would suggest a petition to stop "Shah's of Sunset" from distorting the Majesty of the word 'Shah' by boiling it down to a vulgar "nouveau riche" definition : 


US Iranian TV show causing a stir (bbc, VIDEO)


That troubles me more ... 


All the More that We Monarchists have defended it's Genuine Name more than any of the Banrupt Jomhurykhah Shizos to date:

Shah of Iran to Mike Wallace on Persian Gulf:





Soosan Khanoom, I'm sure it was only Reza Shah in Name

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The reality was that Reza Shah was surrounded by a Team of around 20 individuals that collectively made decisions.  While he was the Face of power, I'm sure it would be a complex question to find an answer to, as the official response written by his team for supporting it would not necessarily explain the real motivations behind their actions to change it.  How come you ask?

Soosan Khanoom

Question ..... Does anyone know why Reza Shah

by Soosan Khanoom on

Question ..... Does anyone know why Reza Shah changed the name Persia to Iran? 



Areyo Barzan on your preposterous ridiculous comments

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


this blog above was written for people with dominated minds like yours, when you say...

"But I am mature enough to know that the blame lays both with the last
regime and the stupidity of our previous generation, let alone the
conspiracies of the West over the oil price."

So based on this wisdom you are imparting with us, the previous regime in Iran is responsible for being betrayed, while having a written and signed pact with the USA Govt?  So if some lady is raped it is her fault, if some adult is murdered it is his/her fault, if your pet gets attacked it is your fault? You are such a mature person, well done to you. Being candid, I pity Iranians with maturity like yours.

Grab a dictionary and don't humiliate yourself like this, you need to learn the difference between a victim and a criminal, when betrayal is present you need to realize this puts "ALL the fault" with the agressive actions of the betraying parties, ie the people of Iran and the countries allied to Iran. "unless you feel stabbing someone in the back and killing them after signing the highest level of legal agreements with a government is not a hostile act" 

Look its not my job to educate you, many iranians are beyond education, even commenting at times on this site though necessary is like a phd in chemistry trying to communiate with a 4 year old child, the concepts of what is being done to Iran and how it is being done are too much for many on this site to grasp.  That is the sad truth. 

The friendliest advice I can give you is that it is my hallucination is if you are blaming the shahs team for being betrayed you need to attend a basis course in logic.  Even though you may not know how foolish your views are, intelligent people will see right through you, which among iranians is not too many so don't worry if you continue blaming the late shahs team for being betrayed, and calling it his teams mistake, you will have many many ignorant people to relate to, you will literally be among a majority of manipulated fools.

When you say about those outside Iran...

they actually sat around the same table and agreed over the principals
of a democratic government and left the choice on the type of system to a
referendum and our people,

Reza Pahlavi has said as the lawful leader of all monarchists, that is the only approach he wishes for Iran.  The issue is not this at all it is rooted in peoples stupidity and ignorance, which leads them all to wish to being the king/president as soon as their iq reaches above 70.  Iranians can be so incredibly ignorant that if you wanted you could easily call the late shah a dictator and very few will even have the mind to challenge this.  So We are talking a nation of fundamentally retarded folks, even among the so called intellectuals, even though no one seems to be able to come up with a single case of the late shah using absolute power ever in over 30 years.


This above link is a necessary/essential read for iranians, though many will not be capable of grasping what is being said.  And many others will insist it is not true, that the west, the lands of so-called freedom and democracy have been the real culprits behind turning their backs on freedom, justice, democrac and, human rights when they betrayed the late shah and including every single day up until today and it is their long term agenda for the future too.  Pay no attention to their words, watch only what they do. 




Getting google to do the right thing would be a good thing

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Meanwhile its far easier to get google to change its choices than getting the bbc to do the right thing, even when the bbc is clearly on the losing side of the war.





Thank you Azarbanoo!

by gondishapur on

The site is up again, after being down for a while.  I appreciate your kind words.  It is our duty to make Google do the right thing.  

Darius Kadivar

areyo barzan jan you wanna know what I think about democracy ?

by Darius Kadivar on

It's Full of Holes just like a Swiss Cheese ...





areyo barzan

Dear Darush

by areyo barzan on

Although I agree with many of your points but I am afraid they still are distractions from the main issue here which is defending another piece of our heritage and our international rights.

  For your information I was against this cock up of a revolution from the very first day and I am not trying to defend it in any shape or form. But I am mature enough to know that the blame lays both with the last regime and the stupidity of our previous generation, let alone the conspiracies of the West over the oil price.  


Just search for my other articles in this very site to understand where I am coming from.  


But that is another story for another day as our subject of argument here is to defend our international right and although the previous generation have ruined their and our chance for better future and even though many of the old baboons of that generation still do not have the balls to accept their errors, because they are  just another dictator on their own right, still would not and should not distract us from defending our heritage, international rights and property from a bunch of thieves vandals and fraudsters.  

Furthermore before passing any judgments you also need to understand the atmosphere under which this new generation in Iran have been raised. This is noting about self petty and all about realism.

From the very start in schools and universities these young people have been subjected to brain wash in promoting the IRI and the cult that is Islam.

Furthermore the opposition abroad is yet to show credible united front.  Just try to put yourself in the position of a young person who currently lives in Iran. Knowing the history of the revolution and how his/her parents were deceived by one Khomeini and the likes of Banisadr, Yazdi and the others who were promoting Khomeini.   

How can we expect them to put their blind trust on another leader about whom they know noting while at the same time we are blaming their parents for doing exactly the same thing 33 years ago.

Furthermore the opposition abroad in not exactly a rosy picture either. Just by having  look at this very site one can see how republicans and monarchist are at each others troath without showing  any respect for the other point of view.

In spite of all the democratic claims one still could see the ugly face of a dictator from behind the mask of beautiful but empty slogan.   


So given the censorship they are living under and the impression that the opposition abroad have left bwhind, the cocky option of Mosavi, Khatami and Karoobi was the best they could do.    

But do you really think if the opposition abroad got its act together and instead of grabbling over party interest and individual favoratism onthe system of government (republic or monarchy), they actually sat around the same table and agreed over the principals of a democratic government and left the choice on the type of system to a referendum and our people, if they were mature enough to actually do that, do you really think that any of those who took to the streets two years ago would even spit on the corps of like of Mosavi Karoobi or khatami.   I am all for self criticism and looking into our past in order to identify our errors and learning from it but there is a difference between self criticism and self bashing.   


At the end as I told you it come to accepting responsibility and putting national interest above personal and party interest.   So far all the opposition groups have failed miserably in achieving this goal.   


However the issue here was something else and that was defending our heritage and identity against a bunch of fraudsters and that by no mean is more or less significant than addressing the other problems that this society is dealing with.   

My point here was that we inside the country are doing our best under a difficult situation and it is only fair to expect those abroad to do theirs and so far the Iranian community abroad is failing miserably even in uniting behind a simple goal like boycotting Google

Darius Kadivar

areyo barzan Jan please Spare me the lecture ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Dunno if you are genuinely blogging from Iran or not if so then I Salute you for your Stamina ...


But spare me the lecture particularly when it comes to comments such as : 


It is very easy to sit abroad and shout “Lengesh kon” to the people who are living under the boots of a brutal savage dictator regime day in day out.


Martyrdom is not my cup of tea nor is Self Pity ! 


If anyone has been trying to do everything particularly on this very website and elsewhere by giving so much of my time and energy to raise awareness on the plight of Iranians back home for the past 12 years and with full identity it's been your servitor ...


I didn't wait for the So Called Green Elections of 2009 to protest: 


Drops in an ocean by DK 
Photo essay: Protest in Paris
December 12, 2002


While others were shamelessly busy promoting IRI Lobbyists until they realized that the IRI was not reformable ...


So please spare me this nonesense ... 


The very fact that so many people of my very own generation ( many of whom benefited from the Pahlavi Era and would not be where they are today nor have the type of exposure they got from Western ideas on democracy and human right etc ... without them) to this day continue to refer to their Legitimate Sovereign as "Mr" or "Reza" says it all ... 


COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)


There is absolutely nothing GENUINE about this type of pseudo patriotic outrage particularly in the Diaspora because it lacks AUTHENTICITY and to put it quite bluntly it's a sign of Hypocrisy.


SATIRE: The Burqa Republic of Our IRANICAN Dreams ;0)


As long as Iranians don't look at themselves in the mirror and admit why they got in this situation in the first place and demand INTELLECTUAL accountability from all this pseudo Intelligentsia which has been confiscating corporate medias ranging from online to TV networks like BBC PErsian, VOA or elsewhere Nothing will change because ALL Efforts are merely focused on safeguarding the Islamic Republic in one way or another ...


If Iranians want to set themselves Free from the chains they created for themselves they have to start by trusting themselves and no one else and definitively not the incompetent exiled opposition or their pseudo Intelligentsia who are nothing but a bunch of over estimated Fart Heads distracting everyone from the real issue which is:


Demanding a Historical and Intellectual Accountability for all the pain they have inflicted on more than two generation of Iranians including mine ...


A Fish Called Wanda - Apologies


I'm Out ! 



areyo barzan

mousa67 & Dariush

by areyo barzan on

So! What is your point   here sir.


Should we just step aside and let this one go as well, just because the generating before us were stupid enough to loose the rest?


What on the earth do you think the young people inside Iran doing day in day out.

Do you really believe that they are sitting on their hands and letting IRI to do every thing it wants?.


For your information sir there is not a day going by here, when there is not a protest by an activist or a group of our young people and they are also paying the price for it in IRI torture chambers.


Every day in this very site you see the names and pictures of political prisoners trapped in the IRI dungeons. Why do you think they are there? For sitting on their hands and doing noting?


It is very easy to sit abroad and shout “Lengesh kon” to the people who are living under the boots of a brutal savage dictator regime day in day out. But I dare you to come here to Iran and try to start to start your own protest.


May I ask you what you have done so far to get rid of the criminal IRI beside moaning and sending negative waves?


When are you people going to grow the hell up and face up to your own responsibility and actually do something besides winging like a spoiled kid.


Each and every Iranian has a duty where ever they are.


We inside Iran are doing our best in a difficult situation to bring awareness and get the movement against the IRI going and  that is hard enough on its own without having to hear such claims by people outside stating that we are not doing anything, our actions are not good enough or  even allegations claiming we are IRI agents. As we find such distasteful claims simply arrogant to the limit. So if you have got noting productive to say the least you can do is to keep your mouth shut


On the other hand if you are half the responsible mature activist that you claim to be then you should know just like us you also have a duty while you are living in  the so called “Free World” and that is to defend and protect your country and people’s national interest and heritage by what ever mean and any time you can. On the other hand if you can not be bothered to attend to your own duty please stop preaching others as we have enough hypocrite preachers (do as I tell and not as I do) inside Iran already.


P.S the Shir-o-Khorshid flag was changed by a group of Islamist traitors in spite of utter opposition by people like me and others. Furthermore if it wasn’t for those people who in spite of all odds kept the Shir-o-Khorshid flag alive in you would not have even recognized the Iranian flag by now


Darius Kadivar

It's either "When" or it's "Or" or it's "Am"...

by Darius Kadivar on


nice diversion. nice smoke screen :)

by mousa67 on

designed to distract iranian people's attention from islamic republic's pathetic & humiliating retreat on nuclear issue out of fear of a military attack by US and Israel.

yes. petitioning on line against google is your undeniable right. the oil, the golf, caspian sea, iran itself is being given away to russia, china and now USA bit by bit by your bosses.  but you dont care because you all have green cards.




by jmyt17 on


I am Persian or Iranian, Me I am Iranian!!!!!!


Fails of Fails

by jmyt17 on

It does not matter, point is us. Iranian around globe good and bad Iranian, we have to have one voice /one goal and vision. PERSIAN GULF is PERSIAN GULF, and will remain PERSIAN GULF for rest/ rest and rest..Also we are talking about this problem here not any things else, good speaking people let us not get to another subject. if any of you want to share your opinion on another issue please share it some were else.Thank you for your understanding COUNTRY Man.


Darius Kadivar

No one protested when you changed the Flag in 1979 ?

by Darius Kadivar on

So Why should this matter to Iranians who couldn't care less about their heritage ? ...


Bebin TV: Iranian Flag 


Related photo / Article:


Reza Pahlavi Crown Prince of Iran discusses the Persian Gulf with the National Geographic (Monday, December 6th, 2004)


areyo barzan

Google is Dead long live Bing

by areyo barzan on

Although I agree with the commentators stating that IRI is part of the problem and we need to get rid of it, but I am afraid I must say that in this case Google is the sole propitiator and the major fraudster.

For those who try to shift the blame away from Google, let me ask you one simple question..  If you were kept on gun point by one criminal (in this case the IRI) and could not move to defend yourself will that make it ok for another thief (in this case Google and its Arab chums) to come along and pick your pocket without bearing any blame for such criminal act . 

Now this is exactly what Google is doing here by committing a fraud and censorship of the truth. The fact that IRI is keeping our people and country at the gun point to the ransom is merely relevant to the immoral behaviour by this company.

Furthermore it is not as if we the Iranian people have accepted the IRI and are not doing anything about it. There is not a day going by without hearing about an activist being imprisoned tortured or murdered by the IRI tugs. We are simply doing the best we could and putting the blame for such immoral fraud on us is simply arrogant.  That is why this search engine has lost all its credibility for me as I am not sure any more if the result of any search on this engine is the mutual fact or like this case a half cooked fabrication  full of empty holes, prepared to the taste of the highest bidder. 

At the end of the day everyone is responsible for their own action, so is Google and so is every single one of us. 

Furthermore although I have no problem with raising petitions and making complaints I believe that action speaks louder that any word. At the moment the only person whose action we can control is ourselves (you and I)..   So my advice to you would be to boycott Google and do not use their search engine.  You can move to Bing which is a Microsoft search engine with all the facilities that Google provides plus the fact that they actually have respect for the truth and historical fact and do not sell their principals to the highest bidder as the name Persian Gulf still remains intact on their map.  

So stop mourning and start acting. Boycott Google, convey this message to any one you know and ask them to do the same.


Since we could never join these fraudsters surely we need to beat them in their own game


Google is nothing but a shadow of what it was

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

It's been several years now that $$ and petro-$$ decide what Google does.

A simple search for a given topic results in pages and pages of commercial sites all wanting to shove something into you, and truely relevant hits are first found on page 5-? of the results. Sometimes I have to completely eliminate ".com" sites from the results by typing "_com" after the search phrase.

They will probabely remove that feature soon...

iraj khan

More than 5000 have signed the letter protesting Google's action

by iraj khan on

It's time to raise your voice and Take action!

Sign the letter here:


"Unfortunately, this is not the first time Google has stirred controversy on this topic. In 2008, Google Earth began including the term “Arabian Gulf” in addition to Persian Gulf as the name for the body of water. NIAC and others called on you then to stop using this ethnically divisive propaganda term, but to no avail. Instead of following the example of organizations like the National Geographic Society, which in 2004 used term “Arabian Gulf” in its maps but recognized the error and corrected it, Google has apparently decided to allow its informational products to become politicized."


The problem is those who brought IRR to power

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and keep IRR in power at all costs no matter what.

Focus on the culprit of a crime, not the victims.  Or else chances of removing IRR are zero.  Focus on USA/France/UK and getting them to change their neocolonialist policies that support extremists or see no change for another 33 years in Iran.



by Faramarz on


خانه از پای بست ویران است

خواجه در بند نقش ایوان است 



Oon Yaroo

The US forces calling it the "Persian Gulf" in 1964!

by Oon Yaroo on

IRR is the problem!


Once IRR is gone and Iranians start acting like mature adults and be respectable of the others then maybe they will be reciprocated with respect! 



Of course, you all can lay down and say "can I have another one"

by MM on


  • We could have also said: oh yes, come and take my house too while others were litigating the Persepolis tablets.  And, the tablets did NOT end up on the auction block.


Are you all serious?  This is happening in the USA and we should be able to do do something about it. Even if it as little as writing to Google and/or using Bing as our search engine.