by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

While I agree that we should all freely express ourselves, we need to help each other/encourage/remind/assist to let go of feelings that are based on revenge among our own society of Iranians. "They" acted wrong, fine, agreed, many did and still do, lets get past that now. Iran is in serious danger and people outside living in freedom need to produce both harmony & co-operation among each other to get rid of IRI, if only to inspire those within iran that iranians can work together. Poltics has to be put aside, so lets start by agreeing until we succeed in bringig freedom to iran that We need to remove all political focus from our participation.

I used to harbor serious hatred not too long ago and can say it is a shovel that will bury us all, if we just continue expressing ourselves here on IC, friends/fellow Iranians we all need to stop digging and look for a ladder or a screw driver, if we fight for freedom and justice, we do it based on unity and for all.... or not at all.

The power we are facing can only be defeated based on unity for a United Iran. The reason is simple, Obama is accelerating the implementation of a policy of Africanizing the middle east. His death squads are being unleashed now and have been unleashed to try and bring to power sunni extremsits to fight with the shia extremists that they brought to power in Iran and have protected for over 30 years.

The USA on both sides of the isle is looking to get out of its banking problems by starting more regional wars & selling weapons and so effectively kick starting US manufacturing while in essence getting all their oil for free and with zero economic competiton. The m.e. region is so weak it may succeed, the only thing blocking this goal is russia and china who have their own large sunni populations and know whats in store for them, if the Nato Powers could Succeed in this.

We Iranians need to work together, as there is no alternative to saving Iranians from the abyss they face other than removing the regime they are at all costs trying to keep in place. A change in Iranians will cause some changes in the West, maybe not enough, we will likely still have huge problems to face after the IRI is brought down, but enough to bring it down. The alternative is far worse than the 30 years we have seen and if you were upset with the last 30 years of USA's policy of domination over the region, you haven't seen anything yet... if we don't all work together.

When I ask people to stop brown nosing the USA and dreaming visions of their good will for Iranians, just take it as a polite suggestion and if you don't want to change your alliance with them I'm fine with that also, either way I also wish to reach across and work with you, to cooperate with you to not bring politics into working together to deliver a better Iran and then using the ballot box with international monitors to decide on our politics last of all.

Now is the time to show we can all work together towards one goal and kiss IRI good bye. That includes you tudehi and you jomhouri-kha and you Mosadeginini and you greeny. I am open to all secular and democratic supporters, no anti-secular groups. Please lets set all politics aside until after we have the regime out and agree on only moving forward based on the ballot box and the wishes of the people.

Genie Genie from the bottle, What say you Genie?


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