Americans want Democracy and Human Rights For You IRANI's : ) Our Banksters & Elite Love You Big Time: )

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


This link above is Todays top story on RT, its good to watch the video with your own eyes and make up your own minds.

We Iranians Need to use this time to elevate our societys collective conscience, by encouraging people to use their

conscience which they can use to clearly see why Iranians were brought down to their knees in 1979, how and why the USA Loves extremists

for Us and Others.  This Blog will help. //

If in 1979 we had the same level of collective conscience as the syrians have today, we'd be in such a better position than them,

because unlike Iran, Syrians have no Monarchy.  Having a Conscience would not have saved the Shah, his pm, his doctor and others from

getting cancer, they were targeted before they knew what hit them, but at least we would have had Reza Pahlavi.

If we stood by king and country, even if it meant supporting Rastakhiz, today Iran would not only be the

the 4th wealthies country in the world, but after seeing RP vs US Elite, far more democratic than the USA.

Something to think about, a conscience can help us to not be manipulated so hurtfully. 

If you see this video //

and can't figure out why Iran was truly hurt so badly, we all need to elevate our collective conscience during these dark days of iran.



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