Are the Pahlavi's 100 Times better than all Alterative Options Combined?????????

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


The News can't cover up forever, what it can do is make sure certain subjects are not given exposure.  Once you see this video I'm sure you will realize a very legitimate point of why many say the Pahlavi's are better than all the alternatives for Iranians combined.

Notice the lack of exposure this story has gotten, only covered by bloomberg recently albeit not front page, it was going to come out one day anyway.  I guess lying and stealing go hand in hand and I'm sure no individual company president can be charged for lying, since the institutions of Republics are constantly failing their citizes in the most sensitive areas.  Since everyones in on this and its a deep problem who can hold the government accountable in Republics, Al Capone?  This is happening all the time in Republics, yet we don't see failures on these levels in Europes Constitutional Monarchys.

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LOL Definition for Republics On My Desktop Dictionary

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Definition: A Republic - is Socialism for the Rich, Greedy, F^%##s, but not the poor! A system of Government where the Rich are freely F&^%$ng us over right infront of our eyes.  Famous for instituting slavery and inventing newer and better forms of slavery.

Question for VPK since you are not a Monarchist, would you say in Republics the Rich People will hold the system accountable, like Don Corleone?  Or do you choose to conveniently not focus on all of the truth and pick the systems that are unjust slave creators in reality over all the others?