The Big News Of The Year & Its relation to Iran


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Putin is Trying To Do What the Late Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Tried to Do for Iranians, but was Betrayed & Killed Trying. (Thwarted by the West at the hands of well known dumb-ass Iranians coined by History as ANtellectuals repeating like parrots, Dictator, Crook, Torturer, Megalomaniac, Repressive) Acting not unsimilar to children, taking off their clothes and bending over infront of a Pedophile. The Unawareness by Many Adults mixed with the begging for it approach came to a predictable end... being gutlessness by Iranian standards as well as being duped & Iranians had a hand in helping extremists with clear personality disorders to come to power and achieve the Wests goals for Iran.

According to Putin His Aim and What he was elected to do by over 60% of Video taped Russians is quoted in the below paragraph,

Russia must assume the most important place in the international division of labor not only as a supplier of raw materials and energy, but also as the possessor of constantly advancing high-end technologies – at least in some sectors. Otherwise, we will continually be losing resources by paying for the latest, more complex and expensive, technologies and industrial products, materials and medicines which we are unable to produce ourselves. Meanwhile, these technologies will continue to have a rising share in global world product, while the share of raw commodities and traditional services will decline.


And this is the very heart of the reason the USA/UK/France United against the late Shah of Iran, they unleahed slander and expert propaganda against him and pursued a policy of supporting radicals and extremists with personality disorders (yet disingenuously publicly calling it supporting democracy and human rights).

For over 50 years Iran had undelivered contracts, blocked by the west under various excuses to help Iran Industrialize. At no point, would the west deliver a working steel industry to Iran. A prime Minister was even murdered over attempting to accomplish this. The British foreign minister and others the USA/France etc all openly, in letters and publicly told the Shah that moving ahead with Industrialization for Iran was 1005 unacceptable and he would be knocked out of Iran if he proceeded. He not only succeeded in providing advanced work and education through the steel industry to more people in Iran, than the entire middle east combined, but was busy buying top technologies from foreign firms like Krupp and starting to develop the means to produce competing technologies by and for Iranians.

The Shah providing Employment, education, advancement unlike the all other oil producers and actively putting all his efforts in developing Irans economy to reduce its dependence on oil was the reason he was put to eternal sleep ex. mexico, canada, venezuela, saudi', nigerians, none dared do what the shah did for iranians. The Shahs aims for greater Freedom for Iranians were truly unacceptable for the so called democracies of the world. The nes that talk about it, but who's banksters don't practice it. That is what they and their banksters don't want Iranians to know. The truth behind the shahs betrayal. So that If iranians can not figure out their plans for Irans future they will never be able to handle or develop the ability to save themselves and will go from one chaos to another like Africa.

If you want to believe in Iranians and feel Proud, just watch this clip


Its why the USA/UK/France love extremists for Iranians and for the next 1000 years will likely disingenuously refer to the late shah as a dictator. The Sad thing is the Number of Idiotic iranians here on IC that parrot along to the same tune of 1979, openly, moronically and disingenuously from all sides of the political spectrum too. Take Some who I am told are monarchists who openly say the late shah was a dictator, then other fools preferred the shah, but not monarchists who even after being personally educated by me using a freaking online dictionary and even after being unable to provide even ideas of a single case of the late shah using absolute power in his own mind, fell back on the inability to change his mind.

This stupidity is similar to the many of our mullahs in Iran who are more like swindlers who have swindled themselves badly and can't get themselves to the truth any longer, hence they give islam a sick name and are not genuinely religous people who care for peace, beauty, goodness and truth, but intolerant and unopen to makig use of geology, science etc. Picking up people out of the deep thought ditches, known as the depth of their own stupidity and idiocy is a capability that Free Iranians will need to develop.

Siavash300 asked me what to do to get rid of the regime on another blog, the starting point for me is to see many Iranians on IC uniting on this vision, this picture, not a political word like secular democracy, but the strength and patience to raise one anothers conscience for a future like the one the late shah worked his entire life towards & Putin has put forward as his ambition for Russia's development, Its called being Patriotic First and not Political, Putting Iran above oneself.

It IS essential first to be able to see the Lies and the motivations behind the lies, regarding the late shah. Because that is the place Iran had its back broken and I am sure most people know this to be true. If we don't have the conscience developed to see what a great patriot the late shah of Iran was, how are we exactly going to see any clearer in the future, enough and to solve the challeges infront of Iranians and the world if we can not even get past the intentionally hurtful manipulations of the past aimed at retarding Iranians and devolving them?

If we don't want to fix our societies conscience we won't really have much to work with. We need to make use of all our consciences to prevent our society from be manipulted as a group, with as many people working at high levels of conscience as possible. If many Iranians in their words show they don't know why the Shah was really destroyed and with him Iran, what the issues we are really facing are, how on earth do you expect to Save iran????? If they can't realize that the Shah stood down, because of his health and chose a direction with Iran frstly in mind above all else, to make the overwhelming plans of the USA as harmless as possible how can we look forward with any confidence at all in one another?

What are you saving Iran from? The IRI is only the symptom of US NeoColonialism, it is the US policy? Iranians need to fix the lies that created the IRI, its not as if Iranians will ever have a chance to not do or skip out on the hard work of developing their conscience by not asking the tough questions and then somehow everything will be solved with the IRI's collapse.

If you think any of the countries that are in the process of collapse today, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt have a bright future infront of them with their kinder/gentler extremists, then think again, the same swindlers, gansters and crooks from outside are not going to disappear or change their fundamental interests. Their Anti-Russian approach shows clearly, all they are good at it knocking down others homes like during 9/11, not building them up.

This is the real face of the USA/UK/France that it does ot want you to see.

Once we can all collectively develop a good conscience it will not take so much effort to unite people who are thinking correctly based on reality.

People of good conscience can easily see the west, Harping about Human Right and Democracy is 100% a ploy that the USA Govt & Banksters use continually to steal others Freedom, if you can not clearly see how then you are already one of the manipulated ones who is wrongly believing they care.

That is not to say that we do not want secular democracy, we do, just like the russians are achieving, gradually, real democracy, not what the US propaganda/controlled media services spew out about one particular party in Russia, because they don't like the partys aim for russia's national interests, because it does not fit with US/UK/French Banksters Fascist Dictates. Their BS On their Controlled Media goes to label the Russians as autocratic, oligarchies, instead of obviously moving towards democratic and progressive aims.

Iranians do need more awareness, that developing a conscience will give them, if they are to progress once again from the current Nightmare western drummed up lies helped to create in the past already. Working on our collective conscience and thoughts, that is where we need to put our energies now, the Regime in Iran is in the process of Collapsing even the USA can't prevent the decay and inner conflict based on mass injustices, what it can do is slow it down for a number of years as it develops other extremists of either islamic or a non islamic nature to take hold. If enough of us have learned from the past and started on developing a better collective conscience, the future can look promising.

If Russia makes it through the process in the next decade and achieves Putins Patriotic Goal, then they might become lovers of extremists, like the USA & her allies too, since the #1 gift extremists provide developed economies is the inability to produce a modern competing economy. And that is the wests #1 Goal in supporting extremists in resource rich countries of importance, to prevent development and diversification. Not for the oil, but to prevent the development and educaton to the point where the people can live material lives on a comparable scale with the west.

Again if you need a boost in belief in each other of what free Iranians are capable of, just watch this //

Hundreds of thousands of iranians once upon a time working together with zero corruption in this company, just the memory compared with today should send a hope through your soul. If we can't recognize our patriots, it is because we have not developed our collective conscience.

Self Worth and Self Esteem are a good place to start.


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thanks MK , collective good conscience is important

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

When you have a patriot, betrayed first by his ally, then by his own people after a one sided negative smearing by controlled media outlets and as a result of disagreements over Iranians freedom & development.  We are in deep trouble if when western politicians say the Shah was A US Puppet, we just accept this nonsense.

A good collective conscience can see the tree from the woods.  We are in need of improvements on collective conscience to see all of the truth.

Manuchehr Khosrodad

amirparvizforsecularmonarchy thankyou for your deep thoughts

by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

I read your blog and enjoyed it immensely.  Raising Iranians Collective Conscience is a worthy aim we can all do now.  Patriotism first is a Good thought. 


iamfine, you are like the majority of iranians within iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We just need to speak up and hand back the shame to those who tried to dump it on innocent Iranians.  This is what people in Iran in every village are discussing, patriotism is above politics.  Iran really is first for iranians andthis is why iranians within iran will always honor those that put the country above themselves, like the late shah, they key on IC is to raise the collective conscience here too.  The Mass controlled media isn't helping us, but trying to keep its own mass and ours blind and clueless to what their inner motives and aims are. 

The US/UK SOB's tried for 33 years to pin the raising of the price of gas 400% in days to the late shah and opec, but the truth is today in books written by ministers other opec countries that opposed oil price raises until Kissinger met with them, the proof is clear at the highest levels yet concealed by mass media.  Oil prices were raised on USA requesting it and using kissinger to push on non compliant nations in opec, the shah and opec were doing the USA's bidding.  The economic reason was that the oil was traded in dollars and this would strenghthen the dollad from a collapse post vietnam.  This was then used to get the American Public okay politically with betraying the Shah as the source of their high gas prices while US monetary policy experts used it to strengthen the US dollar.  The saudi's went along with raising oil prices eventually, because they were in on the betrayal all the people of iran by the USA (and also the shah) and served as the US supply partner. 


Dear amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

by iamfine on

I read your article and enjoyed it greatly. For soem reason, Iranians don't want to learn from their mistakes - Javid bud Iran


People wrongly assume the USA care for democracy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

human rights etc.  Those ideals don't extend 1mm out side the US borders. Iranians to banksters and ruling powers in the west are lower than slaves. Reaity check.  Are Iranians really truly aware of this and the game they play using their powerful controlled media/propaganda?

Knowledge leads to all good, Socrates.