The Big thing preventing the USA from Invading Iran.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

$Money$ is hard to come by these days and it's the Big reason the USA has not attacked Iran.


The usa interstate highway system in its totality cost $500 billion 2008 dollars, that amount doesn't even cover the medical expenses for the wounded of the Iraq and Afghanistan operations and cost of covering the related mental illnesses. The end result so far, neither country is in the USA sphere of influence if they leave, so they have to stay there for good. And that costs $159.3 billion a year at current levels. That could be used to create so much wealth and employ over 3 million people in the USA instead.


War is extremely expensive.

If any of you become the future President of the United States. This is just a reminder to never start a war unless you are attacked first. And even then you don't need to fight yourself. In Afghanistan, The USA should have just supported the northern alliance and the former king of afghanistan, instead of nation building. Someone needs to do the math and stop invading countries. The contracts don't make up for it. The oil revenues in Iraq's case, by taking the lions share of the oil contracts still do not pay for the war, maybe break even after 15 years. If on the other hand you just paid those countries their fair share of oil revenues and not backed the tyrant in Iraq or the tyrant in Iran (khomeini) after betraying the late Shah, who was the middle easts most liberal leader, the US would be in far better shape today. But who's kidding who, the USA hasn't even started to pay the price for 1979, though that will come too.

People are today protesting against the crooks that run wall street, the banks and oil cartels. The people of America are starting to ask if what is good for the oil companies is good for them. If one looks at it from this point of view, the sheer expense of militarization and imperialism on Americans, and the inability of democracies to ride their people indefinetly it's easy to see why the late shah did not make a mistake when he left iran after the mass protests against him. We are now starting to hear the regret of American politicians who with money from the oil companies, spent on propaganda by western secret services organized the removal of the shah. These facts one can find by reading the memoir of the head of the french secret service in the 1970's, who was in the meetings where they discussed removing the late shah with Khomeini or some other cleric. When he told the Shah of the wests plans, by the head of the french secret service, the shah said to him it's unbelievable because it's so stupid. Its amazing how becoming broke and poor is giving Americans some desperately needed humility in place of arrogance and pride. Should Americans chose to delist a known active terrorist organization, like the MeK its no wonder why the USA will be seen as just plain dirty, in place of the leader of freedom and human rights.


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Yes got it, but using shia first is a disaster

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shia means radicalism/like fascism just more corrupt and equally extreme and uncompromising.

All People in kyrgstan and half of uzbekestan speak farsi and celebrate nowrooz, 1/2 of afghanistan speaks farsi, baluchestan all farsi.

An iran first philosophy is a positive idea, religion first will only harm people.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Well of course

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

they want an empire we always wanted an empire. Iranian have wanted to restore the empire since Alexander overthrew it. Many of us do not care about the Shia part. If it is useful as an excuse fine. If not find another thing.

Let us face it most Iranians feel Iran is the natural overlord of the ME. Shia was simply invented to help us get there not the other way. The rule is Iran first and Shia is an excuse. Got it now!


That's the truth, the usa truly loves these guys for iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the thing is the zionists are against them, if they continue the nuclear enrichment.

the IRI knows how much love they have in the west and don't fear regime change, but I think we all misread them, they want a shia empire and are intensly power hungry/in the hedgemonic sense and pretend nukes will do nothing for them and they don't want them, yet nukes are a game changer if they get them.


US can obliterate the Islamist Republic within a week...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

if it desires so. But why should she? I mean which other fascist entity could ensure the flow of Iran's oil into western industrial complexes, refineries and gas pumps, as efficiently as the islamist regime does? And of course, the silly little  lap poodle's constat yaps of "wiping israel off the map", can also provide perfect excuse for massive military presence in persian golf, just in case someone steps out of line..

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


beer4u Are you implying usa will attack iran in the

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

financial situation it is in?  I think the USA is planning on cutting the military bubget over the next 10 years by $500 Billion.  What are you implying it is if not money at this stage, no one can stand in their way at this point militarily honestly, the down side for them is military option has major down sides and if they start a war it will cause serious poverty in the usa. I don't see it, the usa needs to invest its money in its own society for one they need to restore the housing industry and jobs market.  Right now they are managed very poorly and are working in a unproductive way, they may be able to fix this in 5 to 10 years, but not if they start a war beer4u. Independent Economists are quoted on this.


only time

by amirkabear4u on

will prove it, it is not money.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Been there; done that already tried and done! 

Russia as Soviet Union already had its revolution. West and Harvard experts took a giant dump on Russia. Put a drunken idiot named Yeltsin in power who wrecked Russia big time. Putin will not let another revolution be assured of that. 

China also was target of a revolution in 1989. But their leadership got the message and prevented it. I do not believe they will let a repeat of that. China is run by smart and ruthless people. They will not let anyone mess them up.

Regarding WWIII America prefers small wars. It is not going to blow itself up. 

A big war is too risky and businesses know that. No one befits from being nuked. 

We are most likely going to have more limited wars to sell arms.



On Geo-politics

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

found this video to be part true, just not going to be so doable with out starting
ww3, so while it is and has been a plan in the works, the video's alarmist and
not a capability especially after the way the shah did not cooperate with it and
kind of made it to be able to occur, the big powers can't bring it
about with out risking nuclear ww3 as they do not have the capability
to cooperate on this plan, so I expect, very soon in the next 5 to 10 years
the USA, UK, France to attempt to create revolution in Russia, China
from unrest within their societies to then be able to meet their needs and
then go on to create the plan in the video.  These are dangerous times for the
USA as it is on the wrong path, entirely opposed by experts that lost their
power, nixon/kissinger for following a different wiser strategy.  If they can not
cause enough upheaval within Russia/China to cause regime change like
they perfected in Egypt/Syria/Libya then they face a mountain range
of difficulties that will only get worse with time as EU/Russia/China
grow more powerful in relation to the USA/France/UK.  Since the USA
miscalculated so badly the sooner they can create ww3 the more likely they are
to be able to win.  In my opinion, the soft approach won't work in russia, china
they are too powerful for it to.  And the US economy is in trouble for a while,
but eventually they have created this catch 22 for themselves, ww3 is now a real possibility within a decade.


True zoroastrianism is more a philosophy than a religion

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Nietzche explained why Zardoshts teachings were so profoundly better than the modern heaven/hell religions that create a terrorism of thought and power and control, thats what creates the intolerance part not the montheistic part, but the inabilty to see beyong good and evil.  The Zoroastrians moved far away from the teachings over time and became an irrelevant and corrupt religion. The philosophy, not religion of zorastranism is the most tolerant humanity has created yet.  They totally lost their way and today when I look at how far they are from what we know of the principals of the philosophy we have to say they are like all the rest.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I would say that "Monotheistic" religions are intolerant by nature. The so called pagan or polytheist religions are more open. It is in their nature because they allow for different Gods.

For thousands of years humans lived with polytheism. It was our own Zartosht who came up with the one God idea. But Koroush was decent and did not impose Ahura on other people. Nevertheless the idea was already implanted.

The old Jewish texts refer to "God of Jews". Implying other Gods. But thanks to our influence they got *** up! It was a matter of time before one God turned intolerant. One God is intolerant; jealous; angry: "you are with our God or against us". 



Souri even budhist monks that are b urning themselves alight

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

in squares will produce totalitarianism, you are right on religions in govt trend this way.


on this subject you 2 are disputing between each other.  VPK they don't need to cooperate with you and your ideas, they need a kolfat and your views will lead you to becoming that in the long term whether you aim for it or not, my opinion.



Nice to talk to you :)

by Souri on

Radical Zionists are in the Israeli government. Or better say, the governement of Israel IS the radical Zionism.

It is sure that the majority of Israelis don't want the same thing as their government want, but they are mislead by the government and through the war with the Palestinian which create the insecurity for their land and their loved ones. So, they let their government to to protect them, means deciding for them. Exactly like the majority of the Muslims in Iran, who don't know a S... about the nuclear power, but they do approve it, because their Islamist government, say it is good for their protection.

On the other note, when you say:

"I just do not see why Iran should be involved in a territorial dispute.
There are dozens such situations in the world right now. Why don't we
get involved in them? The only possible reason is that it involves Jews
vs. Muslims. "

Of course! I agree with you.

BTW, If you study all the religions on the wrold, they all believe in totalitarianism., (with the exception of Buddism, maybe). Therefore, they all want to promote their religion and become the world's  uniq power. Muslems, Jewish, Catholics....are all the same, in this regard.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Souri Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes, there are three distinctions: Jews; radical zionists and regular Israeli. The radical zionists are the worst and I agree wih you. But they are in a minority even in Israel. Most Israeli think of them as nut jobs.

I remember an interview with an Israeli politician on C-SPAN. A radical Zionist from NYC phoned in. The MP turned to the moderator and said "most our nuts live in NYC". 

But the most radical Zionists have no interest in Iranian land. Their interest is very focused on what they refer to as "Judea and Samaria" and nothing more. Just to be fair when Israel was founded most Arab nations expelled their Jewish population.

What goes around comes around. It is not fair but Israel has not the same goals as Germany. They are not out to conquer the world. They just want a relatively small chunk of land. One that arguably was theirs to begin with.

I just do not see why Iran should be involved in a territorial dispute. There are dozens such situations in the world right now. Why don't we get involved in them? The only possible reason is that it involves Jews vs. Muslims. 

Otherwise why not Ossetia; Kosovo; nagorno-karabakh; Korea; Chechnya or Tibet. Are we the police of the world? We criticize America for acting like it maybe we should start with ourselves.


VPK, dear

by Souri on

I talk about Zionism (and mostly the radical Zionism) and you are talking about the Israelis. This is like talking about the Iranian Muslims and the IRI. Do you get the picture?

I had (and still have) some Israeli friends. They are brave people. Especially the Iranian Jews, are kind, nice and very generous. I like them.

But politics is something else.

Also, about the Palesting:

It is the same story which happened in Germany during the WWII.

First, this was only the Jews who were attacked, and only in Germany. If other countries and other races, were wise enough to oppose that horrible attack on the humain rights, all those horrible miseries would never happened.

We must be vigilent, for history doesn't repeat itself.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Amirparviz

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I know what you think and I do not totally agree with you. We could just repeat our positions over but it will not change anything. You will not agree with me. And I will not agree with you.

Iran was a secular Monarchy since Reza Shah. On two occasions America chose to keep it that way. One was in 1941 and again in 1953. It was only the stupidity of Jimmy Carter that put Islamists in power. 

It is to the best interest of America to have a pro Western secular Iran. We served them well from 1941 to 1979. Why should America be so dumb to not want that? I have given solid proof of benefits of my proposals for America.  Will you show me how it benefits America to not go with my proposal. I do not buy the "they want us backwards" argument. It serves no purpose and does not help America or Israel. 

Regarding Israel it has a MASSIVE power in America. If AIPAC wants IRI gone it will be a big factor. I know you do not live in America but I do and know the politics very well.

I am not an idiot; naive and have been observing politics for over 30 years.

We just have to disagree on it.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Souri

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I admire and respect your honesty and position. Regarding your question:

Do you think that a country like Israel will stop there?

Yes. I know a lot of Israeli people and am very familiar with how they think. Believe it or not they are scared to death. They feel surrounded and in mortal danger. You know they are right. If the Arabs get their way Israel will be gone in a moment. 

Isealie mentality is very much a mess and thoroughly *** up. I asked a staunch Zionist a question. Why don't you just deport all the Palestinians and claim the whole place? He responded "It is hard for me to take another persons home!". I replied "well you are doing it anyway". You see they have a deep conflict. They are not willing to admit to what they are doing. I do not think they are going to ask for anything beyond "Judea and Samaria". Why did they give up the Sinai? Because they really want to be accepted. They want to feel they are "good". In my dealings with them Israeli have been very kind to me. Just as soon as they found I did not hate them. Iran has no territorial disputes with Israel. It means we are in a position to make a deal.

It is totally unfair to Palestinians and I will be honest about it. But it is good for Iran. I am first an Iranian and put Iran first. Palestinians must make their own peace. If they are smart most Israeli are willing to give them a state. When Rabin was murdered by a radical Jew most Israeli wanted to kick out the settlers. But it was the bombings that pushed Likud to power. The saying is "Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".

I do not know if you have had much face to face interaction with them. But I have and one of them who was in the 67 war. The guy told me how horrible it felt to kill  helpless Arabs. They are not maniacs who like to kill. 

A simple offer of  friendship will take us a long way. Besides what gives Arabs right over that land. Over the centuries many nations have taken land by force. Jews inhabited that land once. They got kicked out and are now returning the favor. I see no "right" or "wrong" here just a balance of power.


VPK Zionism/Israel is just a tool, they are not the power

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

They want Islam in govt for just 2 reasons, thats all.  1) The Interests of bg powers can send so many people backwards to be underdeveloped and 2) they produce more people that are ready to die in such large numbers.  The thing to know is zionism is just a tool used by european and US powers to create instability, radical islam.

Look at it scientifically, it is the companies that chose gates and tell him what to do, obama and gates and hilary are more or less tools that do the work of their parties and administrations (all put in positions by them ad more than 50% former employees) they serve just a few interests.  only 100 companies in the world own $$$$ the production of 40% of the entire world, none of them produce a thing, they manage moey and push for certain policies.  For a change in the US agenda for Iran, the M.E. and North Africa, America would need an exceptonally smart president to restructure the way american capitalsm works.  So these interests don't take america down a path like this. 

In the end I can tell you if the USA does not change its policy based on the interests of a 100 or so, it will be broken worse than iran, by the EU, Russa, China as it is not a sustainable way to create hedgemony.  The intersts are what is leading the USA to get rid of Nixon and then Shah and follow this disasterous path lead by less than 100 compnies not under some conpsiracy speaking with one another making plans but by each pursing their own interests. 


VPK jon

by Souri on

You are talking to an ardent anti-zionist :)

Siding with Israel over their war against the poor Palestinians?

LOL, whole my life I have been sided with the poorest and weakest but innocents nations.

Do you think that a country like Israel will stop there? Just because we give them a  % of our own oil (for which so much bloods have been shed) they will leave us at peace?

Utopian idea.....

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Souri

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am a pretty cynical guy. USA obviously does not give a *** about freedom. They have an agenda. In ME it is dictated by Israel and AIPAC. Saudi are puppets and  no American president will undermine them. [unless you get Jimmy Carter or someone as naive as him].

Iran has a pretty good position in the region. We got oil and no real beef with Israel. We might as well use it and milk it for what it is worth. All it takes is the following:

  • Bribe the oil companies with some % of the oil.
  • Side with Israel over their war with Arabs.
  • Replace nuclear power with solar funded by Israel and America

It really makes sense and will be good for us. If we don't then they will starve us anyway so oil won't matter. Palestinians are going to have to make their own peace with Israel. Nothing Iran does will help. It is none of our business and we are not helping. Regarding nuclear: it is dirty; dangerous and expensive why bother. It is a great bargaining chip and we might as well use it. Milk Israel and America so they fund solar in our deserts. When it works we make money and they get a share.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

amirparviz Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We have been having this debate for a while about America. I live here; I know the politics; I know a number of them personally. My ex knows the former defense secretary Gates.

America does not give a shit about Iran being free or not. They have just two interests: money and security particularly for Israel. If an Iranian "party" offers it they are open to it.

I posted my proposal on another blog. In fact I am going to write another one about it. Yes it means throwing Palestinians under the bus. It requires us to "compromise" on principles. But the deal will be good for us. I think America will take it. If not Obama a Republican is much more likely to go for it. The main thing is to sweeten it for Israel to get AIPAC to back it. With AIPAC siding with us the deal is DONE. America does not have Iranian misery on its agenda. It is a side effect of other stuff and if we placate them America will go for it.



by Souri on

First, let clear this out: I agree with most of your analysis, but do not agree with your pro- Monarchism ideology.

Now, about your last comment, I agree fully. Very great analysis.

USA needs to create war in the Middle East, where the richer countries are, so she can benefit from producing weapons for them, and get out of the chaos in this way. One of the possibilities could be  this picture:

This is why many smaller countries of the region, are now under a "change of government" policy with the help of US, to bring a kind of Islamist regime in there. Then, all those smaller countries will be allied with Iran, which is already a big Islamist power in the region (since they are there 30 years before all other countries) then it will be a big war between the Islamist forces, and the Saoudian !

An inquisitve mind should ask, why US (Nato or else) has never been interested to free the people of Saoudi Arabia, which is the most backward country in term of freedom !

Who cares about the Saoudians people?

What counts  is their money, their oil, not their freedom.


IwantPersiafree we all know what the right thing is

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

However we need to be clear regarding what the USA is after, its agenda to resolve its own issues, // until we are aware of this we will all have delusions in our minds and ask for the USA to do things it has no intention of doing and allow the USA to use Iranians to harm their own country while they think the USA is in the act of helping Iranians based on all the b.s. hilary clinton and obama say, which is not what their country is after. 

The US/EU goal is to spread a future century of ongoing misery, that is what they are preparing iraq and afghan societies for, the ability to buy their weapons and be enslaved by them in regional conflicts.  The USA going into Iran will be of no help, Iranians need to help themselves.  Iranians pathetic level of unity towards their future based on their own culture is depressing.


Doing the right thing

by IwantPersiafree on

  The United States should do the right thing, invade Iran and just free it.  So many people waiting to be free.  Problem is the US does not have a large enough army to do the job.  If it did with no debt, then it would be a matter of months to finish the jobs.  But Too many Americans will begin to protest as well.  Those who have freedom like to deny it to others.  A campaign, nationwide needs to be started calling for all to overthrow this regime.  Persians here should gather and tell the US gov't to allow them to form unit so that they can join an invasion.  A coalition with Free Persians and the west, and pressure can do it.


AKB4U This Saudi-Iran Plot thing shows

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Not that the USA is looking for a Cause to start war with Iran....

But that it wants to start a War Between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

With the Saudi's firing the first rounds.

The reason is the same as what this article was about, the USA has No Money, they need to increase manufacturing by 300% in order to bring the USA out of recession/depression, the only way they can do that is to increase the purchase of Weapons ie start a war.  And it is important that they not be involved in the war themselves (as that drains the already unbalanced budget and counters the growth of the economy).  So it seems the US is desperate at starting wars and civil wars and will be for awhile until it can get itself growing again. This is so disturbing.  Wars are no solution for any country, doing far more harm in long term.

Printing money is an advantage of a reserve currency, but it can't be done indefinetly and beyond certain volumes during a period of time. Yes Money is an issue for the USA right now because their budget is so badly out of balance, that they are using all efforts & available resources to get it back in balance and don't have any reserve financial strength to start a war.

That they want a war is not a question, paid for by whom and involving who is.



by amirkabear4u on

As I said previously;

"It is another issue which is so bizarre that you will not believe ii"

Maybe the recent assaaination plot helps to understand my comment. It is not the money.


I like your humor Bahmani,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I think it's one of the few things, humor, that brings us Iranians closer together.

"Apparently equal opportunity means being screwed out of freedom by both parties,"

I agree we are having such a time, 32 years, getting any positive policy out of the USA.  I am also lost as to what one can do, when a charade is going on in your face, with respect to voting in Iran. Khamenei is going to put up the mayor of Qom against his sisters butler, but he's gong to tell everyone how much he likes the mayor of Qom and that he really deserves to win.  And what do you do, he controls the police and basij, you better vote for the mayor of Qom or at least pray he wins or else a lot of people are going to get beaten up.

I don't know how people can force themselves to participate under such circumstances.  Maybe having no aternatives makes it easier.


The hard to get rid of smell of ghormeh sabzi

by bahmani on

That, and $$$$.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //


amirkaabear4u yes you do have a point

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

from stand point of irans natural gas, it owns several hundred trillion dollars of natural gas so yes its oil companies know this and they are after big money, but this is not in the interests of US society as they can not afford to do it for awhile. 

This Huge Gas reserve, not oil prices is Irans curse and why the USA can't change its policy of imperialism and militarism because powerful interests want the resources under terms they dictate and yes war at most only costs 5 trillion, which is made up by controlling 500 trillion in Gas. 

Though the beauty is that the US is not the only power and by playing that game which it has no intention or possibility of changing it will lead to ww3. EU/Russia/China are not going to sit by and get out competed by the USA and lose their competitive advantages and their freedom.  Experts say politically the US can not change its own policy and they also say in the long term the rest of the world can not let it go unchallenged.  Even Nato will break from the USA over this as they will never accept crumbs from the USA like a tiny Israel does.  Carter screwed up big time going down this fruitless path of chaos.


Politically whats good for big oil isn't good for middle class

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The money not being reinvested is causing big political problems.  In 1981 84% of men of working age had jobs, today 2011 its only 61%.  No new jobs at all have been created since 2000, yes zero job creation over an entire decade.  I pray the US does not follow the same path as Japan, a 15 year decline, because if thats the case in 10 years time we will be far worse off monetarily.

The most important point for Iranians to get, in order to be wiser is the defintions of words and how they are intentionally misues via magnificaton and exagerattion by experts in deception/propaganda to fool entire societies so they can benefit from such mistakes.

I enjoyed Noam Chomskies points on this subject,

He says. "Irans threat is to its own people, but even there the brutal
clerical regime is no threat to its people compared with the USA". That truth is a key reason why I do not support delisting of MeK, backed by the USA they are worse than IRI.

The UN charter doesn't apply to the United States. Very good work Noam.

While USA's words make no sense until you understand that the technical
terms are created to challenge anyone who plays with US designs for the
region.  Hence the propaganda about the late shah, 1) repressive 2)
corrupt 3) dictator/megalomaniac/tyrant/despot. repeated again and
again.  Hopefully 10% of Iranians will realize this was propaganda not
truth. Based on nonsensical definitions.

"The irrelevant public is not listened to of course, when turkey
followed the will of 95% of its people against participating in the
wishes of the invading british and american armies, it was mislabelled
undemocratic and had sanctions put on it to punish it for showing a poor
understanding of democracy." lol




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It is the mony

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


USA is not recovering its losses. The oil companies are recovering the money. The USA tax payers are paying with the result a broke USA. I live here I know. USA is broke and Iraq has not helped one bit. Other than the oil companies. 

The irony is not even the share holders benefit. it is just the crooks running them. No benefit to American public; oil company workers; share holders: just the execs. No wonder Americans are out in the streets trashing Wall Street.