A Blow to Irans Democratic Opposition Groups.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


Fox News Argues to Remove MeK from the US Terrorist Organization List.

Iran has many democratic poltical groups that are far more popular than the MeK and have never conducted terrorism, these groups have received no support or even encouragement from West.  These are patriotic groups that truly represent people because they have built a relationship of trust with Iranians and Iranians know they will not sell out Iran in the pursuit of Power.

The fear is that, the MeK which has repetidly sold out Iranians in working with foreign governments will do so again in exhange for resources and non Iranian support. The delisting the MeK, will only make one differnce to the MeK, it will enable it to get access to hundreds of millions of dollars of funds to undermine the regime in Iran.  Otherwise it is not important to them, but hundreds of millions of dollars in the hands of the MeK is not good news for Irans democratic opposition groups.

I wonder if other non iranian groups on the terrorist list, like Al-Quaeda, would be removed from the list?  Would the non ranian terrorists also get to have their leadership kept in tact and given access to US governmet funds if they stopped their previous terrorist activities?  If not why, whats so special about Iran?

The fox news article goes to prove that there is powerful bipartisan political forces in the USA, that while saying they are looking to pursue democracy for Iran, are not serious about it and are pursing neocolonialist agendas for iran in place of democratic change.  After the Protests of the Green Movement for democratic reforms and the Obama admnistrations luke warm encouragement of support for the protestors, now they are gettng serious about delisting the MeK, with support even from Fox News.  What message does this send to Iranians Democratic Opposition Groups?  Sorry Guys your oil is far more valuable to America than even the blood in your veins, forget your rights.


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It wasn't default that they protected them after Iraq occupation

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


It was part of an overall plan, instead of bringing their leadership to justice for killing Americans, they decided to keep them in place.

Reason, because the USA loves Islam in Govt for Iran.

Ruining Iran is goal number 1. And their tool is the IRI for Now and the MeK in the future.  Learn about their real policy known as the clash of civilizations, which they intend to bring about.

Plain and Simple.

Some people on this IC site ignorantly say that my line of argument supports the IRI.

Jesus Christ, with minds like this how on earth can you expect any of us to remove the IRI. I am saying the IRI is the worst thing for Iran and is supported by the WEST. How does that support the IRI, it enlightens most ordinary people to realize where the problem is and advocate regime change policies with IRI

and not talk and negotiate policies.


Your Least Informed About Iran Visitor explains the MEK- phenom.

by bushtheliberator on

How DOES a tiny,geriatric,political relic like the MEK gain such prominence ?

Largely by default . Did you note the resolve to DESTROY Syria's Assad that was expressed by French President Sarkozy ? Again, by default, Sarkozy has become the Leader of the Free World .

The IRI is very unpopular here in America, and the MEK receives credit due for fighting the regime.: Iranians need a " Regime Change for Iran Party" to put a face on those who don't believe the Theo-Thugs can be " Reformed". Let the Enablers,Apologists, and Reformers have their own party.If "Axis of Evil " is too Bush-y for you, just think Sarkozy,and the democrats will get more respect.


Boos Boos,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I generally don't like your comments in defense of the IRI regime, but this time I agree with your comment 100% in the sense that you can see how this will kill the process of experiencing democracy in Iran for many many years.

Human Rights?  Where? What about ours! 

People can't intellectually reason what you are saying Boos Boos.  Why it's true that is.  My analogies would be historic and based on an understanding of the nature of the leadership of MeK and their beliefs.

Where our niave democratic idealists get fooled is they think to themselves, look MeK have no support at all, and if they want to get support they will have to transform which will be good, ether way let them get the monetary support and we win either way, we can handle it. Not True.  Since they don't play by the rules, it will be a disaster for democrats. 

I used to think that the west couldn't do anything worse than support the IRI and want Religion in control of Govt in Iran.  I admit I was wrong now, they could also sabotage the growth and lessons we all learned these last 33 years, by shutting down our options.  Future seems bichareh if they really do it.

As for Fox, what's there to scrutinize, they have a side that is extremely dishonest.  They champion one group of anti social criminals, for the benefit of another group of anti social criminals?






Do we know who are friends are?

by Bavafa on

If Faux news says it, then it must be true [NOT]

However, I hear your point loud and clear and have spoken of it a number of times.

If democracy, freedom and justice was the prevailing goal for ME in general, Iran in particular, there are many other dissident Iranian groups who enjoy far greater support within Iranian people AND are friendly (not to be mistaken by subservient) towards US yet hardly any support they receive from the special group here.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



If you pour lemon juice into a cup of water ...

by BoosBoos on

... can you later easily separate it?  No.  That's one of the major problems of mixing MEK people and non-violent democracy advocates together: you sour the whole cup. 


It’s Time to Scrutinize Fox

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Fox has helped to foster the Tea Party and amplify its message. In the
days prior to the nationwide Tea Party gatherings on April 15, 2009, Fox
ran more than 100 promos touting both its coverage and the movement.
(“Americans outraged over unfair and crippling taxes,” went one. “They
fight for their future. Neil Cavuto [a Fox anchor] is giving them a
voice.”) The endless publicity given the Tea Party, in turn, helped make
possible the sweeping Republican gains in the 2010 midterm elections.
According to New York magazine, FOX News president Roger Ailes, disappointed with the Republican presidential field, called New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
to urge him to enter the race—one of a number of king-making bids by
Ailes, who, the magazine observed, has in a sense become “the head of
the Republican Party.”


Fox News is a menace to human civilization, after all the scandal in UK over Murdoch, isn't time for Fox to be put to rest?