Can we afford to Forget what Iranians helped Create through betrayal and lies?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


This exhibit is ensuring that the crimes committed by the West,

led by the USA/UK/France/Israel against Iranians is not brushed

under the rug.  That their deceitful practices, like Loving for the IRI

for Iran and helping bring extremism to power while preaching democracy

, human rights and saying they condemn/oppose IRI's actions, shows

they have no more regard for Iranians than they do for Africa. 


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Yes I agree on keeping history museum pieces safe

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Mohammad Ala: the link showed items related to abuse not heritage, yet your point is very important.

jmyt: the root causes for our lack of confidence in each other and lack of cooperation are complex though need to be studied and understood by all Iran lovers, so together we can overcome them to create Unity.  For now we have our ancient heritage, traditions like nowrooz and iranian national phlosophy towards life that keeps us somewhat united. Despite khameneii's denials, the IRI has tried to harm them and impose by political force its own arabic version of mysticism in place of the uniquely Iranian one we have enjoyed for millenia.  Whatever brings us closer to erfaneh irani is welcome for me and pursuing other erfans are eventually going to lead to defeat for those religous forces that do this as it causes deep divisions.  Defenders of Irans culture will not sit back to religous dictates in opposition to their culture, no matter what group they are from.

Iranians at this point are in such a desperate situation that they will likely pursue something radical, like nationalism, though hopefully one that is moderated by the protecting influence of monarchy who's #1 objective is the defense of the culture of Iran more so than influencing it.  My view is if we get another nationalist, that calls himself a nationalist, acts in a populist way yet opposes the institution that has defended Irans unique culture (some kind of nationalist) the shahhanshahi then we will leave our country up to being sold out yet again.  What does it reflect when jebphe melli did, both under mossadegh (when under the nationalization program his approach served bp and was the cause of massive fines the iranian tax payer had to pay, as well as losing out on incomes that were supposed to be paid to Iran from kuwaiti, iraqi and bahraini oil sales that his approach caused) and then later the party in supporting khomeini, more against the interests of Iran economically and its culture? 

Iran was doing very well economically and exceptionally well militarily, politics was not evolving at the same rate with the late shah and he felt the safest approach for Iran was to start based on one party and then expand as society evolved & developed, we did not have to go through this nightmare in 1979 to go back a few hundred years just for some religous people to realize they made a mistake.  This brought our people from being on a path towards being the 4th wealthiest country in the world to being brought down onto our knees.  This was intentional.  What does this reflect on the IRI who helped do this to Iranians, who had no idea why they were being supported by the west, for what role they were wanted and loved?


What we can do?

by jmyt17 on

For last century what they done to us and rest of us.

If we have our unity, it does not matter, as long we are a parts they can do what ever they want.

I am Iranian and love to be IRANIAN.

Mohammad Ala

History and Heritage

by Mohammad Ala on

I am for the museums and places where our history and heritage should be displayed for future generations to see.  I hope we can have museums to gather Iranian art-facts out of reach of persons who might destroy them. Some of our people have failed us on many occasions because of  (1) intolerance and selfishness, and (2) richness of resources that Iran has which have been mixed blessing.