Dennis Kucinich says it like it is.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


Obama, what a breathe of fresh air. Or does he represent a darker side of the same, greater bloodshed and inhumanity with a liberal suave? US Congressman Dennis Kucinich has blamed the Obama administration for pursuing control over Libya's vast oil reserves.

He innocently asked, "Did the United States at the inception of the war against Libya align itself with elements of al-Qaeda, while elsewhere continuing to use the threat of al-Qaeda as a reason for US military intervention, presence and occupation?" Of course Dennis knows the true answer to this question, because he has access to intelligence reports. He knows the US has been busy killing Libyans and using thousands of foreign Al-quaeda forces backed by US Air Power, with better weaponry and tanks than the Libyan Army.

"Was the United States, through participation in the overthrow of the [Libyan] regime, furthering the aims of international oil corporations in pursuit of control over one of the world's largest oil resources?" Kucinich asks in a statement on his website on Tuesday.

Its Interesting that the Arab Spring did not occur in a far poorer (1/3 the income of Libyas even though they have 2 times more oil exports) and more repressiive country to the east of Libya and Tunisia known as Algeria. Well the reason for this is relatively simple, Algeria already went through a civil war from 1991 to 2002 and its country is fully in the hands of international oil corporations. So there is no basis for an uprisng to occur there.

What's sad about Libya is that the groups that have been helped to wage war are not pro-democratic, but thugs that are likely and expected to start a civil war over control of Libya. Surely the Wests values aren't that filthy, you may be thinking? But why not, everyone seems to win something important in this democratic scenario. Nato countries gain contro of oil at some point when Libya is weak enough, Nato countries get to raise their manufactiring base and climb out of a recession by producing weapons to maintain a civil war, people living in the west get to cheer about the fall of a Dictator at the hands of his abused people (even though it's not entirely true, libya was Africas richest country before this fundametalist turmoil was imposed).

You may ask yourself, yeah but what about the Libyan people and their dream for a democracy? Well there are many many different answers to that, there's the jimmy carter answer, Fuck those sand nigger Iranians the oil is mine, there's the more eloquent Obama answer, well with all these donkeys in the world it would be a shame to walk... shall we play golf... and the best of all the reagan response, those poor Iranians they deserve so much better the shah was a good man we should have helped him (as his admin supported and secured the IRI for a long run at ruining Iran).

Republican or Democrat the future for Iran, has never been bleaker. If Iranians stopped allowing themselves to be on the wrong side of issues cheering on geaorge bushes work in the name of freedom and obamas work in the name of democracy, or writing comments like All Mossadegh wanted was Rule of Law and Democracy for Iran like western countries have advocated (even though M broke the law by refusing to step down when lawfully required to do so and the West have never sincerely pursued democracy), then they would be doing themselves a favor by restoring their unity.

The Only thing that will save Iranians from this terrible fate that lies before them is Unity, and this cannot be based on lies which create a weak bond, but the truth which is both honorable and will last even after repeated attacks. No sane country that wats to dominate Iranians wants us united because we are invincible then, they want us divided and bickering about the past, knowing full well most of us have not learned the lessons of the past in betraying the shah and sticking negative adjectives on him like dictator/megalomaniac. They would love to see Iran go the way of Algeria, a highly profitable civil war.

We have a long long long way to go before we can develop the institutions to run a functioning democracy for Iran. One that can counter the effects of foreign domination and lift the country upwards towards development like during the shahs time. Many 3rd world countries have democracys yet its truly worthless over there as there is no benefit from having such a system because the coutry is entirely dominated. So that brings me to a conclusion of sorts. Iranians need to prioritize freedom, justice and patriotism above democracy as it will be a long while before we can establish democracy, yet the others we can realize within 40 years.


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