Does The USA Care About the Lives Of Middle Easterners?????


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

We all know the Millions of People the USA has killed in the Middle East.

We see the USA involved Directly In Libya (future unknown/currently fragmenting, election posponed), Directly in Afghanistan (no secular democracy, currently involved in unlawful kilings against civilians by drones) , Directly In Iraq and Indirectly in Iran, by supplying Iraq after bringing to power Khomeini's Chaos and Islamic Extremism. 

As you may be aware these are all unlawful acts, criminal acts, done in the name of human rights and democracy yet there is no democracy anywhere, what ever happened to democracy and human rights?  To make sense of all this, you have to ask a good question. Here goes, What is The Western Allies Play Book, what do the USA, Uk, France like to say to their own intellectuals to deceive them and get their support in participating in unlawful and criminal actions? 

In every example we have an independent leader that is not a client state of the USA, he is presented as an autocrat, presented as harming the democratic progress of his people, shown in many INTENTIONALLY DEMONIZING ways, torturer, dictator, megalomaniac, corrupt, excessively repressive and then we have the USA saying we want to help those that want freedom and democracy, which is a lie a deceit as they know helping antisecular extremists kill their way to power is not a step forward for democracy and human rights.

Instead of decalring to the world, starting with your own people that you are the good guys and seeking goodess, beauty and truth for others under the names of democracy and human rights and then going after leaders that have been demonized over years with US Propaganda, why not apply honesty to a criminal and unlawful policy?

If the USA just said, look we want your regions oil resources and having discovered from ww2 how important it is in winning ww3, we wish to use opposition groups from within each country to change independent progressive governments we have demonized, using bloodshed and chaos so we can create a dependent client state like the GCC that do all that we order.  Would this not help the USA?  At least in the sense of helping it do something about the Mental Decline of the USA?

The Unlawful Policy by the USA that had the late shah of iran murdered and many top Iranian leaders killed, that coincided with a policy of first demonizing the late shah and his team disingenuously as a Dictator, a torturer, a crook, corrupt and Megalomaniac , then supporting Khomeini and his IRI for over 33 years, and resulted in putting the democratic progress of iranians and move of Iran towards democratic government to an end. 

Seeing the big Picture all in the Name of Democracy and human rights is not helpful, it does not destinguish the times when major powers are pursuing their interests unlawfully and criminally.

Look at the pathetic continuation of the bloodshed in Syria, Down with Assad, Up with Who?  Which Religous extremsts are being used now?  What ever happened to the lip service the USA was providing Democracy and Human Rights in Syria? 

When One asks a question like.... Does The USA Care About the Lives Of Middle Easterners?????

One has to pray that what is going on with the heavy bloodshed in Syria without any active russian support for either side in contrast to the demonized regime change goal  by US/UK/French actions for Syria, that this is not brought to the IRI, who's opposition could easily undermne them if they had just political support to pursue a secular democratic path.

One also has to admit that since the USA fully opposed the peace, progress, human rights and development period of the late shah under disingenuous praise for the shah, while deceitfully betraying the king of the Iranian people, it shows the USA did not recognize the importance of Iran, which it has largely lost with these actions across the entire region. 

So it is unlikely anyone will clue the USA in with respect to Iran or help them change their approach for the region, which started with 1979, then the wars in iraq an afghanistan, then the fragementation of Yugoslavia, lead to the early stages of fragmentation in Iraq, Libya and now Syria, is causing fragmention in Afghanistan and pakistan and one can only conservatively guess that Iran has equally dark acts in store for It, worse than the Mullahs they brought to power to humiliate and harm Iranians. 


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My View JMYT17 you are factually Correct.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Countries pursue their own interests and human rights and democracy don't extend even 1mm outside their borders for others.  It is not good or bad, just the way it is.  We could be optimists and try to change them, or pessimists and see the depth of their mental illness or be practical and learn how to use what is to our advantage.

While you are also factually correct on Iranians do not need anyone to kick out IRI, the Issue is after IRI Iran needs reliable allies and they must earn it by giving not just political cover as IRI is removed, but in their deeds of not interferring with the economic development of a future Iran and denying industry to Iran, as they betrayed iranians and acted againt them in the past on these issues.  Iranians won't be allowing worthless Allies only allies ready to do hard work and pay a heavy price need apply to serve themselves and Iran in the political component that we want to have secured for Iran and the middle east.



by jmyt17 on

Easy to understand if they do care about Iranian.Just look at their immigration when you(Iranian) want to enter to home-land.(U.SA)Who did 9-11, and what is a different between Arab and us.(Iranian)?I do not need American help to kick these dirty IRI out of our home-land, we have to do it by ourself.Not U.S.A.