Era Of The Pahlavi Dynasty, Iran Pre-1979

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Since Peace, Progress and Human Rights were thwarted by the USA/UK/France for Iranians its always nice to remember how good Iranians had it based on their own sincere efforts free of deadly deceits, before the entire Society Sucuumed to Political Pressure Full of Deadly Deceits.

Here is a video of the Sweet Era most of the people of iran I speak to are fond of.

Though now we need to adjust to the Realty that Iranians may never see days as good as these Again.

For the Obvious reason that those who brought the extremist forces that were in harmony with establishing corruption, drugs, torture, brain drain etc did so with the stated goal of using the peoples legitimate desire for democracy to thwart Iranians and bring decline the same way they succesfully did to weaken and control India and China in the Past For Hundreds of Years.

The Teams of Iranians that worked with the Pahlavi's helped bring a country in just 50 years from being 108/9th wealthiest country to a country with the 9th largest GDP in the world and on its way to being the 4th largest GDP within another decade according to the world bank. Iranians went in this short time from on the one had traveling only by donkey in the capital to having one of the best equipt defense forces in the world and access to the best education in the world, paid fully by the govt and its charitable funds for all qualified students.  That there were and are so many who can't name those who worked 90 hours a week for their benefit says volumes about Iranians Lack of Apprecation.


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Hey Omeedvar,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iranians lost their Unity, Freedom, Peace, Progress, Human Rights and Independence, by Giving up the late Shah and his Team. 

From where we are now, we can learn and have some fun moving forwards with new lessons learned on the importance of supporting and standing by a new Shahs team to work to deliver Unity, Freedom, Peace, Progress, Human Rights and Independence.  Hopefully our foot steps will be in sync with what the late shah wanted for Iranians.  In terms of qualities to live by towards each other, like friendship, respect, fair play, team work, kindness.


I agree with you

by omeedvar on

I agree with you completely. The silent majority of Iranians who lived in that era, also agree with you. Many active participants in the revolution, soon realized they made a big mistake, but it was too late to turn the clock back, so they are silent. I hope Iranians, after going through the hell for three decades, have learned from Indians and chinese, and follow their footsteps.