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by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

In any democracy, people will not be prevented to enter the country because of anything they said or expressed.  Yet That is certainly not the case in any developed society today or in the past.  Banning people from movement to and from say the United States, UK, France, Israel is common and done often for only the words people speak and the views they hold.  Tyranny was at the very heart of the athenian democracy and with out exception, every government that pursued democracy since. 

If this conclusion is true it is a serious problem for humanity, since many people are being asked and taught to believe that democracy is the solution and the most important goal for society to pursue.  The Tyranny associated with societys that pursue democracy as a form of government is important now because we are living during a time when "unleashed capitalism" is what power listens to, interests have become primarily financial and war is for the purpose of making money (not primarily for self defence), education is for the purpose of making money (not primarily to teach people the ability to learn and gain knowledge) and health care is for the purpose of making money (not primarily to cure and heal the ill).

So Where can one find the ideal of democracy to have proven itself and found working without unleashing tyranny and harm by politicians solely in the pursuit of power and making their alliances not based on the values or character of the person they are with, but on their power.  The process of watching a democracy at work and having the knowledge to make an accurate and predictable assessment of what is going on is extremely uncommon within democracies and this explains their great popularity among the majority of individuals living in them who do not have the capability to assess what is truly happening.

The ability to have real choices is not seen in practice in democracies either and what your parents and teachers told you about democratic government being a system by the people, for the people and of the people has likely never ever existed either.  If you believe that making choices with deceit, coercion and manipulation is making a choice and better than none at all, then the importance of having a system with real choices, which democracies have not been able to deliver the average person will not be as apparant.

I was just reading an article regarding an attack on a 68 year old man in the usa on democracy now by police who can never be charged, here is part of life in the usa "The last time I actually really saw my father, other than the
funeral, was at the hospital, with his eyes wide open, his tongue
hanging out his mouth, and two bullet holes in his chest,"
his son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., tells Democracy Now.

My view is an Ideal offered and delivered, is better than an ideal promised but never delivered.  What ideal do you cherish that can be honestly delivered and received? Hopefully the iranian people will be able to rid themselves of the IR in its entirity and start afresh based on united goals and methods of governance that are achievable for them with harm to none. 
Hopefully more and more Iranians are now slowly but surely becoming educated regarding the USA/UK/France/Khomeini having no grounds to advise the people of Iran at any point in time on matters of governance or
democracy or human rights and used their propaganda disingenuously in their attacks against the Late Shah of Iran which then brought Iranians the Darkest 33 years and the IRI.





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democracy joonehman kojaiii?

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Bea injah bebinamet. democracyeh khoshgelehman. lopato bedeh.