Examples of Media Deception, which is Deadly for You.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

When a media article asks the question,

Have the Leaders & Governments of The Free World, The USA, the UK & France turned their backs on Human Rights, Freedom, Justice & Democracy?

There is a deadly deceit implicit in the question.

Since when have the USA, the UK and France, either governments or leaders, ever been on the side of Freedom, Human Rights, Justice and Democracy anywhere other than only for themselves and their own countries? 

Firstly For the Governments of these countries to have turned their backs on Human Rights, Freedom, Democracy and Justice we have to have a clear history of them being in favor of these qualities in their foreign policies, at the very least in their recent histories.  What are examples of them being for these qualities in their history? So this approach relies on, changing the words and facts surrounding events in order to intentionally mislead peoples interpretations.

Secondly, Who named these countries the leaders of the Free World?  This approach relies on the self deception, known as dellusion, of people who love to hear the good about the places where they live, so they can sleep in peace at night for it to not harm their conscience how much they contribute to the suffering of their fellow man/woman. 

Getting people into holding untruthful views is easy and getting them to hold untruthful beliefs & convictions is easy too.  It is an art and a science, based on repeating a few large lies, many times and getting peoples eye balls to read or hear the lies many more times than they read or hear the truth.  This approach does work on people of all intelligence levels if done correctly. 

When the USA resumes arms sales to Bahrain, like F16 engines and coast guard ships, a Government which has killed over 60 unarmed peaceful protestors, according to amnesty international, all by the excessive use of non lethal crowd control weapons like battons and tear gas (all fully supplied by the UK and western governments) it tells you about reality.  This action is in conflict with the media, the leaders and governments words saying they are in favor of democracy, human rights, freedom, justice etc. 

When the opposition in Libya and Syria are all armed to the teeth (lets be innocent and pretend we don't know by who) and are killing government employees and the governments of syria and libya are denied the sale of any tools to peacefully suppress riots, tools that bahrain was sold and did receive, what does this reflect about the position that the governments of libya and syria are being forced into by the west, a postion Bahrain is not being forced into, though Bahrain has shown it is every bit as dictatorial as any dictatorship.

It's Important for iranians of all view points to learn what was and is being done to Iran and by whom.  It is important to know a few facts.  The USA, the UK, and France in addition to financially supporting khomeini and creating as organization for him safetly located outside Iran, were actively using deadly deceits intended to tarnish the image of the late shah so badly that his name was effectively assassinated.

These so-called leaders of human rights and freedom refused the sale and denied providing their lawful ally with tear gas or any riot equiptment and intetionally left a dying king (due to a cancer that was not part of his familes genetic history) with no acceptable tools to defend the people of iran.

In the mean time their official story still insist today, for obvious reasons, the late shah was 1) a Dictator 2) Corrupt 3) A torturer 4) Excessively Repressive and these deadly deceits manufactured as fact by the West are the essential ingredients & evidence for restoring Peace, Truth & Honor for the People of Iran. 

In case you were deceiving yourselves that the USA wants something good for Iran,

First start by acknowledging that the west gutlessly thwarted the people of iran and brought this misery of anti-secular extremism they are trying to spread far and wide in the name of their disingenuous goodnesand undeserved self praise. 

Second Realize that they have not turned their backs on human rights and democracy for Iranians, they have been opposed to these based on the actions I described in regards to iran as far back as you care to look.

Third every day you Read of "Prisoner of The Day" on IC realize who is keeping these thugs in power and why they plan on keeping Iran in the hands of people that want her to be backwards, corrupted and weak.

When the Media In The West Portrays others as 1) a Dictator 2) Corrupt 3) A torturer 4) Excessively Repressive it deceives in 2 ways,

It leads people to deceive themselves by innocently thinking the USA, the UK and France do not want these things for others since they are reporting on it and condemn it by their words (Huge error).

It also deceives peoples into assuming the West can't be Dictatorships, Corrupt, Torturers and use Unreasonable Repression. (Yet the truth is otherwise)

People tend to belive anything they hear in the west, which implies the deception on the majority of their public is working well, because they feel the USA/UK/France have credibility to talk on these subjects which they do not based on their actions. 

Whether you want to admit it or not,  What was portrayed about Head of State Ghadaffi was largely believed by the public, yet in comparison to the Queen of the UK or the presidents of france and the USA, where was Ghadaffi really in these regards?  That people swallowed the official stances of their elected governments shows that one hugely negative side effect of democracies is that when a side is voted for and wins, the people litterally believe any lie no matter how preposterous given to them by their elected leaders, this is not good for credibility (how easily people give permission to be misled and deceived in democracies) 

Wise Iranians, Can you see the Masochism in such a system?????? 

I wish for enough Iranians to be able to not fall into these deadly deceptions and be aware that the west is and has been committing these acts of using absolute power selfishly (dictatorship), corruption, torture and repressing its own and long before the war on terror. 

To end on a positive note, the undeclared war on Iranians by the west, despite the west clearly winning the initial battle, is a war that is being lost, as the west is losing the capability to both spread and maintain extremism in syria, egypt and iran (and other places) and deal with the Rise of Russia. 

This loss is rooted in many more factors than I can list here however 1) having both china and russia opposed to this policy of backing extremists, it is a direct danger to them due to their populations 2) Facing a time when their own economies are effectively in a depression (based on definitions before they changed them) with no end in sight, increasing real unemployment (again based on the old definition before they changed it) and the associated loss of financial power & resources to keep things as they are. 

The reason for genuine hope is this
, the west has to deal with limited resources right now and they have to choose to either contain russia's rise or keep extremism in place.  If they continue to try to do both they will contine to fail in both as can been seen recently.  If the west keeps extremism in place (likely option) then Russia will rise and likely destroy that policy for personal gain down the road.  If they decide to contain Russias rise, they can't maintain extremism.   This implies their policy can not last forever, one way or another changes will happen in less than a decade.   






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