Freedom and Democracy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Who else would like Iranians to have their say, regarding their own future?

I believe that how well we can defend the character of responsible Iranians, will determine if we can realize Freedom and Democracy for Iran.  I wonder why this video got a single dislike or thumbs down, what kind of person has trouble with RP's Message? 


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Talks the talk

by hirre on

This guy as you americans say: "talks the talk", but he doesn't "walk the walk"...

He talks about wanting to bring a democratic platform to Iran but isn't willing (in reality) to work within the democratical platform by candidating as a leader of a democratical party (which can be his own). Unfortunately Iran has a lot of people who talk, but no leader who wants to lead the people in the correct way.

In RP's case he wants to stand next to the democratical system as a const. king (if the people of Iran want this). In reality if you want to help Iran at this stage in history you cannot have this mixed message where you want to have a democratical Iran and say all the correct stuff, but at the same time you are not willing to initiate the democratical process (working within the democratical framework) by creating a democratical party. Instead you want to return to an old system (if the people of Iran somehow want this)...

With this behaviour you become passive among the iranian people. This mixed behaviour is like saying: we know that the nazis and their political system were bad, but if the people want, we would like to display all of the nazi symbols on a regular basis among with choosing a führer just for show... These ideas in a system that currently has a republic is just backward-thinking and waste of resources. You should not even offer it if you really care for the people in Iran and don't want to confuse them even further... For me I really see it as a stupid offer for the people at this stage in history, but for many already sceptical iranians, especially in Iran they think he has a "hidden agenda" or something similiar...

This strategy is unfortunately taken by RP to please his monarchist supporters, but the majority of iranians would like to see him as a democratical candidate, not a "hero" or someone waiting for democracy in Iran...

If I were RP and I really cared for Iran and wanted to do something immediately I would cut all ties to monarchy, create a democratical party outside of Iran, become the leader for that party through a election process, creating an agenda and a plan for how to solve Iran's different problems (like all democratical parties do) and then propagate this to the international community and the iranian people. Unfortunately this needs a lot of work, which RP isn't willing to do... If he would do this we would have a serious democratical alternative and not just some random "green movement" statements...

In politics people with mixed messages, alternatives or agendas never become the winners...

Maryam Hojjat

RP is the best democratic choice currently

by Maryam Hojjat on

IRANIANs MUST NOT be fool By Eslahtalabans they are Islamists and support the barbaric constitution of IRR & their Emam e Rahel.