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Today is a great day to share joy with one another.  I just spent the day with my father & uncle and cousins celebrating fathers day and it was a really delightful day.  Thanks to the unpredictable English weather we enjoyed sunshine and warm weather today as we sat outside together, instead of the rain one expects when living here.

As any normal Iranian family, we also paused to think of our fellow countrymen and women who are not as fortnate as ourselves.  Since 1979 most have realized Iranians lost their hard earned Freedom and Justice for all, which while not perfect was progressing immensley for Iranians.

Over the last millenia, the Iranian Monarchy has been based on the Iranian National Culture, the defender of Freedom of Expression and Freedom Of Thought.  The Shah-han-shahi was created by those who created the national iranian culture including over
a thousand of irans best philosophers, poets & Scholars within the
past 1200 years.

As many of us are now aware the Institution that has been opposed to Freedom of Thought and Expression for All, the Shia Islamic Religion, is now In power in Iran. 

I hope for this reason as you celebrate your fathers and drink a glass of wine to their health, you also drink a glass of wine to the health of the father of the Iranian people, the Shah of Iran.

JAVID SHAH My Fellow Freedom & Justice For All Iranians Believers.


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Zendanian a video for you, share the accomplishment

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As history honors him and has already and will continue to spit in the face of those who disingenuously smeared him and called him corrupt, dictator, torturer, excessively repressive and all the rest.  As Saadi taught, May the Inteligent Iranians find their way to the company of the king who needs them more than they need him.



Oon Yaroo, A Good King Needs An Iranian like You.

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I'm reminded by the quotes of Saadi our famous poet, on how a good king needs more so all the intelligent of his people, good hearted, wise, creative, visionary, disciplined, cooperative, sensitive, spiritual courageous and loving people of Iran rallying around the flag and in the company of the king.  Whereas Intelligent iranians themselves do not need the company of the king as much.

Lets hope enough of our Intelligent people understand the importance of the point and give our king their company for the benefit of all iranians.



Thanks all.

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Zorumbaa, Irans struggle has been against the shia institution, which I call for good reason "the corrupt Islamic authorities".  The children have ben doing rather badly as a result of the corrupt islamic authorities and their impact on development, knowledge, govt and culture.

This has been the case since before Nader Shah.  Lets hope Iranians can resolve this dilema Iranians face, the need for freedom of religion, the need for society to prosper, both free of religous or corporate corruption.  My Solutions are a separation of church and state/secular and limits on capitalism in general and limits on corporate influence on govt. 


Bad Kids, Tough Love, and Caring Father

by Zorumbaa on

AmirParviz, you know there are “bad” kids sometimes; they don’t get along with the siblings, parents, and family. In the Iranian thousands of years of history “father” has been the unifying force, a noble KING, a father figure or a biological father. Sometimes very gentle and soft, sometimes too much to bear and endure, and sometimes a caring father that know how to show his “TOUGH LOVE.”  Whether that was his own instinct or he was “TOLD” to do so, it really does not matter, what matters is what happened to the children?! Iran, people, all of US in 1794 to 1925, from 1925 to 1979 and from 1979 to the present. Put your biases, hung-ups, Oghdeh, ideology, illusions, fantasies, day dreaming, love for blood and justice MY WAY, anxiety o reach the promised Hoori, centuries and decades of brain washing ASIDE and in your grandma Boghche. For ONE MOMENT, and only one moment, PRETEND you have some kind of Conscious and INDEPENDENT cognitive ability,  then IF YOU CAN THINK explain to the world that we, the Iranian are BETTER OFF today than the day that Reza Shah started and tried to make Iran a better place to live.  That is a long time ago!! Ps dear Zendanian, no nation has a “father”  as such who can claim the honor and privilege of “fathership.”  But nations can and do have leaders who can be a father figure and  have the vision to with or without a “gentle hand” lead their nations for a “better” life. With all due respect to Mr. Mir-Zadeh Eshghy, I wish I could ask him my question in person!  Is the present Rahbar, a father, a leader , a what?!


قصیده کوتاهی از میرزاده عشقی در وصف "پدر ملت ایران"


بعد از اين بر وطن و بوم و برش بايد ريد
به چنين مجلس و بر کر و فرش بايد ريد

در حقيقت در عدل، ار در اين بام و درست
به چنين عدل و به ديوار و درش بايد ريد


آن که بگرفته از او تا کمر ايران گه
به مکافات، الا تا کمرش بايد ريد

پدر ملت ايران، اگر اين بي پدر است
به چنين ملت و گور پدرش بايد ريد

به مدرس نتوان کرد جسارت اما
آنقدر هست که بر ريش خرش بايد ريد

اين حرارت که به خود احمد آذر دارد
تا که خاموش شود بر شررش بايد ريد

شفق سرخ نوشت آصف کرماني مرد
غفر اله کنون بر اثرش بايد ريد

آن دهستاني تحميلي بي مدرک و لر
بهر اين ملک، به نفع و ضررش بايد ريد


گر ندارد ضرر و نفع مشيرالدوله
از نوک پاش الي فرق سرش بايد ريد

گر رود موتمن الملک به مجلس گاهي
احتراماْ به سر رهگذرش بايد ريد

Oon Yaroo


by Oon Yaroo on

Thank you and happy fathers day to you & the rest of Iranians!

Javid Shah!