How To Play Iranians as Stupid.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

In 1978, The USA followed a New Doctrine after a meeting by the heads of state of the USA, UK, France, Germany on the Island of Gaudelope.

The Carter Doctrine, basically said that the oil in the middle east belongs to the USA and it's allies period and no sellers group would be able to alter it's price.  The Shah who had demanded fair oil prices in relation to their actual value based on supply and demand was labelled a petro-tyrant and removed from power.  The hundreds of millions of dollars paid to khomeini, the training of his pasdaran in libya by the PLO and the venomous media attacks against the shah were tools of western foreign policy.

For Iran the West made it clear that they only want oe thing and that is some group of religous fanatics/extremists that would retard iranian development.  Back then it was Khomeini, but now they are opely pursuing support for MEK.  The west just loves Islam for Iran so the saying goes.  Today, even smaller powers like spain are proving their allegiance to the west.  For example Under Spain's universal justice doctrine, grave crimes committed in other countries can be prosecuted.  So after what the isreali's did in murdering 1000's of palestinias last year in gaza you would think that maybe the decent and honorable people of spain were going to show the whole world their independent and honest justice system at work.  Well, not exactly, instead they are playing iranians as stupid.

Seems the order of the day is to put pressure on countries like syria and iraq which are allied with the mullahs of iran, who are actively doing their best to break iran out of wests domination of the region.  A Spanish judge has summoned three Iraqi officers over a raid by Iraqi security forces on a camp housing an Iranian exile group. The UN says 34 people were killed in the raid at Camp Ashraf, in Diyala province, in April 2011.  Judge Fernando Andreu has summoned Gen Ali Ghaidan Majid, the head of army, and two other officers to appear.  He is investigating allegations that crimes against humanity were committed during the raid on the camp.

The crimes going on towards the Iranian people by the regime in Iran which the west brought to power are not investigated, the  MEK another group of loonies, the west wants to replace the mullahs with are not investigated, the western governments in service of multinational interests that only want islam for Iran are not investigated, but Iraqi's are under investiation for acting against toughs and thugs living in their country, having been guilty of killing thousands  iraqi kurds during saddams time in power.

The new saying is.. if you want to push an iranians buttons go for the stupid button that entices them to be treacherous towards themselves and their own culture.  The stupid button is to harp about  corruption, repression and dictatorship/democracy as if when iranians see spanish/ american/ german justice practiced in the west they think the west is a better model on all 3 issues compared to Iran during the time of the Shah.

Don't forget who stole your freedom in 1979 and don't beat yourselves up over it, learn nstead.





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Blow jobs are not considered sexual conduct, clinton

Water boarding is no longer torture, bush

Killing libyan army forces from air is not hostile action, obama the nobel peace prize winner.

Shah, who never broke any laws, is described as a tyrant/dictator, corrupt thief who's secret service Savak comitted mass tortures!

Justice is really in trouble.  Peace is gone. 

Shah never stood a chance in a world with this many lies.


دنیای شیر تو شیر که میگن اینه


What does all these tell you, is that justice, decency, rule of law is only a fairy tale and has nothing to do with reality on the ground.

Yesterday on the list of "terrorist" group can turn to be your alley (Saddam or Ghaddafi are good example of that) over night which as quickly they became your ally, they can be turned to your #1 enemy just as well.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory