How Will America Pay To Expand The American Empire?


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

A Main Goal of The United States is to expand The American Empire. But the real question is where does all the money come from? Wars and covertly creating mass movements are extremely expensive.

Using the ploy that America wants to promote Freedom, Democracy and Justice is wearing thin, to the point that the USA is having to resort to violence and terrorism more and more as fewer and fewer people are eager to be used as tools to betray their own on the one hand and on the other people are becoming more educated and realizing that America doesn't even have Freedom, Justice and democracy for itself.

Most people know in detail what the MKO are and what they stand for, they are the furthest group seeking freedom, justice and democracy for Iranians, and like the IRI many don't even consider them Iranians. But supporting a group financially with not even 1% popular support in Iran while it will likely lead to a victory as far as regime change goes, will be an extremely expensive proposition.

Too many people won't continue to be fooled by the main stream media and remain blind to the obvious and allow themselves to be used as tools by the USA. Obviously enough for the MEK to build an Army and win over people in the villages, but not enough to make it cheap.

Having people love America while enrolling them in the name of pursuing their own real desires that are legitimate and good, while doing another thing all together has been very effective in the last 100 years. The American Empire has grown from at the start of the previous century, only 10,000 miles from Puerto Rico to the Philippines in 1900 to today controlling governments economically, politically and militarily in 36 locations around the world.

1 million dead, 2 million so what right? Freedom, Democracy and Justice are just words anyway so why not use them and people who know no better, it's not like America will actually have to show anything for it? That's up to the people hardy-ha-ha.

I guess since we do in reality have 2 groups of people that are happy to be ridden like donkeys for the rest of their lives, the religious crowd and the democracy crowd, why walk? The Empire Loves You, but remember someone has to pay for it. Murder and imposing tyranny aint cheap.


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FYI MKO is not secular

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The USA wants to support them with the goal of making Iran into a North Korea.

The real American Dream is a little twisted and can only be appreciated by masochists,

Freedom, Justice and Democracy hardy-ha-ha


What's Amazing is that in this era of controlled propaganda,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and edited mass media, how many times do you see the words the American Empire listed anywhere??

Clearly it is no less an empire than when the british ruled the waves, that is what is so impressive about the American Empire, most people don't even call it by what it is.  And that is a shocking example of deceit, manipulation and coercion, not democracy, freedom or justice.

What is scary is what these liars really want and have imposed on the people of Iran for over 32 years in the name of democracy, freedom and justice.  Which empire was decent or honest?

The American Empire means that Iranians have no friends when it comes to their future and must rely on working together and united to see freedom once again.


The Empire that wants democracy 4 you...

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Doesn't exactly have it for itself or its appartheid backed proxy...


when will decitful, murdering tyrants learn... usually not until it's too late.


I loved it - spenditol

by iamfine on

I really enjoyed it. History shows those countries that keep pushing to expand and dominate other countries eventually collapse. This is a simple math. In order to maintain an hold on to what you got, you must keep spending, which leads to economic collapse.