Human Rights, 2 Key Developments This Week.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Can the USA be trusted with regards to seeking human rights for anyone other than themselves?

I remember what happenend in 1979, who the USA betrayed and in place of what.  I can also see how much the USA loves Islamic Extremism for Iran and carefully plans to keep anti-secular forces in power.  I can see what did happen in Egypt, Libya and now In Syria, but was uniquely absent and did not happen for US allies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE.  So I already have a clear and emphatic answer to the above question.

But ever since the 2009 Coup by the IRI, with the following torture and imprisonment of so many in iran and in combination with the renewed love by the in the US Government to support the IRI in giving it legitimacy, despite its history of actions, I made a decision to follow the path being presented by Iranians on IC and the Media in the West to start hoping the USA stands for Freedom, Justice, Democracy, Freedom of Speech and Human Rights.  My view was that maybe if I embraced the hope that the USA was for these qualities, just like all the other Iranians that are influenced by the Power of the Corporate Controlled Media's PR Image for the USA, then the USA would pursue our Human rights.

As an Iranian, through blood, sweat and tears, I already knew the answer to the above question.  I knew the answer was an emphatic and crystal clear NO!  Yet I had the intellectual part of me which has been over decades subjected to corporate professional propaganda and been completely misled/deceived using rational and emotional arguments in favor of the USA's goodness, despite the reality I experience.  And so I wanted to give my intellectual side another chance and say that "I do believe the USA will seek human rights for others too".

I know what you practical realists are thinking.  Wait a minute, forget your intellectual side, I don't trust your intellectual side, most of the Iranian community was deceived in a deadly way using a perfectly rational and intellectual approach in 1979 by the corporate controlled media.  And that led to the single worst set-ups in iranian History in the name of human rights ironically.  So what is my response?  The only thing I risk by trying to believe in the goodness of the USA is disappointment, but if this jedi mind trick works then Iran and the middle east will be saved from extremism and our people will have all the support they need. 

All of a sudden 2 new developments happened in the course of just 1 week since I tried this approach with my mind trick. Repeating the affirmation like a mantra, "I do believe the USA will seek human rights for others too, there is hope", "I do believe the USA will seek human rights for others too, there is hope", "I do believe the USA will seek human rights for others too, there is hope",

Development #1 , An Important Chinese Dissident tried to escape from China, Chen Guangcheng says he gave up his refuge in the US
embassy in Beijing after Chinese authorities made threats to family
members.  The US govt spokes woman refuted this, "At no time did any US officials speak to Chen about physical or legal
threats to his wife and children. Nor did Chinese officials make any
such threats to us."   Mr Chen, 40, said to the News as saying he had been told by US officials of the
threat from the Chinese authorities and "got the feeling that the US
government and the embassy was quite supportive of me leaving as well".  he told CNN Please help me, "I would like to say to President Obama - please do everything you can to get our family out,"  not only did he get sold out by the embassy, but the US is misreporting the incident as per usual. And Obama is literally skippy to the next election with joy, knowing he's doing the right thing for those that matter, the corporate forces that control the media & know how to use fear to manufacture support in the USA.

Development #2, In addition to numerous and daily Humans right abuses by the IRI, the IRI arrested an ill human rights activist whose contribution to the campaign against juvenile executions in Iran is internationally recognised in order to serve a six-year prison term.  Her illnes was developed by being held in solitary confinement, recogized as a form of torture, and is a form of epilepsy induced by the toruture where she loses control of her muscles during the day, her doctors say.  The US Governent and President Obama in the mean time are extremely optimistic about coming to an agreement with the IRI that will serve the interests of both countries.

Since I discovered the answer to my question above with an emphatic NO! using the jedi approach, can any of the Pro-USA crowd tell me, how do you do it?  I mean how do you get yourselves to believe the USA cares for human rights, freedom and justice etc for others.  With a straight face, honestly how do you support their actions, as misconveyed by their news services??????



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No comment, by the pro USA crowd?

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Shocking even Amazing, yet s atrange kind of amazing, one with out surprise.


What the USA could not do through war, it is doing through

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telling the world it is pursuing democracy for others.

from //

Historical example.....

has there been a more frank admission about what really drives Western civilization. 
The Cherokee surely had a “civilization,” something arguably more civilized than
anything the whites ever had, but it was not selfish enough.  Dawes tried
remedying that defect.  Congress passed the Dawes Severalty Act in 1887.  It broke
up tribal lands into individual plots, at 160 acres for a head of household, down
to 40 acres for a child.  Such arithmetic took away 10,000 square miles of land
that had been designated for the Cherokee tribe, and that land was used in the
famous Oklahoma homesteader rush of 1893, complete with a starting line and gun
to start the race.  What Jackson could not do by outright fraud, Dawes accomplished
under the rubric of “philanthropy.”  The Cherokee heatedly contested such “philanthropy,”
and the U.S. government responded with the 1898 Curtis Act, which abolished the
governments of the Civilized Tribes.  The names, faces and tactics changed, but
the game remained the same. 

While the Oklahoma Indians did their best to put the shattered
pieces back together, the last free natives of the northern plains were under
siege.  What happened on the plains was an industrial genocide.  Early on, Americans
used killing off the bison as a method of starving the Plains Indians out, related
to Washington’s strategy.  Railroads were built into
Indian Country, and there were even “railroad hunts,” where “hunters” would shoot
out the windows of the trains, slaughtering the bison in awesome numbers.  The
railroad builders even fairly regularly murdered their laborers, as it was cheaper than
paying them.  Great heaps of bison bones lined those early railways along the
prairie.  The U.S. government handed out free ammunition to “buffalo hunters.” 
Shooting bison was about the least sportsmanlike activity that an “outdoorsman”
could engage in.  Bison would stand in a herd, and shooting a “stand” of bison
was the ideal.  If done properly, the bison would fall one-by-one, as the marksman
dropped each one, until they were all down.  The record for a single man, shooting
at a bison stand, was more than one hundred.  From a pre-Columbian population
of about 60 million animals, the bison were reduced to 23 wild ones, and less
than a thousand of them in all, at about the same time that the Plains Indians
were finally conquered and brought to the brink of extinction.