Human Rights and Democracy as seen by the Governments of the UK/USA/France.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy


The West Stands for Outstanding Human Rights and the desire for democracy lol.  What ever you say sir.

The Wests policy, of Africanization using extremists in practice is flawed because it requires too much killing

self sensorship, coverup operations and double standards that harm the west internationally in comparison to

Russia and the EU.  The double standards are so visible they don't even fool the most gullable and niave person,

brown nosing in favor of the west.  Ultimately this will cause unsustainable harm to the UK, France and USA.


Human Rights and Democracy as seen by the Governments of the UK/USA/France, is that Bahrain is not Syria,

Lol, Yeah Sure, That reminds me to ask, what is your view on the IRR you Love and Support, Xanadu/Paradise??????


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All the truth in Bahrain

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

No outside force is supporting an armed rebellion In Bahrain, prodemocracy activists are from bahrain and not from any extremist groups.  The extent of weapons that have been used include bottles, petrol, stones not manufactured weapons/bombs. 

The bahraini governments western allies and local monarchys are the ones funding, training and arming extremists in Syria, some what covertly, by not covering their actions in their corporate controlled media. Jordon, turkey are neighbouring territories being used with private mercinary firms like the former blackwater to actively support armed attacks.

Amnesty International has warned Bahrain faces a "human rights crisis" as armed forces clash with protesters and violently suppress the prodemocracy protestors using foreign armed forced as well as local armed forces, people in so-called democracies at least need to express an opinion in oppositon to the leaders of their governments for misrepresenting the issues, betraying the people of Bahrain and also betraying the people of syria & while we are at it betraying the people of Iran, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan as well.