by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

How Long will the IRI charade continue?  The IRI already lost all legitimacy with the consensus of Iranians, through an easily visible record of 33 years.  What keeps the IRI in power is brutal tyranny, unlawful actions, and the corruption of values from within Iran it creates and a desire to see extremism remain in Iran by those who supported Khomeini's extremism and kept the IRI in power for over 30 years from the outside with every single ounce of power and policy approach at the wests disposal. 

The Movie Innocense of Muslims and the regimes inability to rally "Grass Roots Public" support in opposition to the direct insults and personal attacks against the founders of the islamic religion is a reflection of the change that has happened within Iran.  So the writing is on the wall as they say.  The Student marches and participation at Iranian Universities despite its official support is low.  While verbally there is some public condemnation of the fiim, far less than one would expect from a muslim society, the condemnation against the film by Iranians is truly miniscule in comparison to the public condemnation against the IRI as a system and its own corrupt islamic authorities.

Iranian Muslims are growing and they see through the daily deceit and manipultion of Akhoonds, for a society that knows every 4 years life will be worse than it was before, unemployment higher, injustices greater, its not exactly a surprise.  It is time for more Akhoonds and their supporters to use every opportunty at their disposal to figure out a way to break in the wisest and least painful way for themselves and others, being unrepresentative of Iranians and Iranians being fully aware of the IRI's Illegitimacy does not point to anything other than a break, eventually.


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