Iranians Need to be Very Careful Regarding Regime Change.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

US Allies have to purchase an additional $20 Billion in planes and parts to pay for Libya Campaign.  Meanwhile Libya's
going through a civil war.  They are purchasing those supplies from the USA.  Sales are up from last year, from $26 billion to $46 Billion.

Interesting to see who reports on this, if anyone.  This is a profitable campaign for all as controlling Libya's oil will be very lucrative.  Did
you ever wonder what the connection was between human rights and democracies.  It's an inverse relationship.

This does not include the sales of weapons that will occur, when the rebels in Libya need supplies to keep their stale mate civil war with
Ghaddafi's forces sustained.  Hopefully Iranians will not allow such a situation to occur with their participation.  If it does occur, which they may not be able to prevent, it needs to happen with Iranians in opposition to it. 

Iranians wishing for democracy in Iran, have already been used effectively one time before, in 1979 when the Shah and his government were over thrown and replaced with the tyrannical despotism in power today.  To this day many pro-democracy advocates regret not supporting the autocratic government of the shah and now agree that the shah may have been right that Iran was not yet ready for democracy. 

Here is a report on the politics of oil being in decline and policies used to acqire those resources. // episode 156.

Human Rights, saving lives, democracy... hopefully with information on the flow of money we can all see things are not what we are told by USA Media.  As for the Shah. Roohesh Shad.


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yes, brother Salman

by Siavash300 on

Monarchy in England is NOT based on shia Islamic idea. They are democratic country and they are monarchy. Marriage are not recognized if it is not christian is irrelevant.  Swiss was  just symbol of democratic western country I mention. Fight for re-establishing monarchy in Iran as it was the wish of our ancestors for thousands years. Forget about Shia or Sunni or Christian or jews. Our ancestors were smart and they lived under monarchy happily. Crown Reza Pahlavi is the best option for progress of our country. Vote for him.



salman farsi

Are you talking to me Siavash?

by salman farsi on



Where did I compare Iran with Switzerland? And what's British decmocracy got to do with Iran? For your information brother. the King or Queen of England MUST be adherents to the Church of England! And only the couple who are married in a Church, not in a mosque or a synagauge, have their marriage automatically recognized by the state otherwise they shoud have a civil marriage. So much for the influence of the church of England.


Hello??? :)

 For an Islamic democracy


BaronAvak on speculation about IRI leaders.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Its tough for me to believe that govts that paid the PLO to train khomeinis thousands of armed radical merciaries in Libya, would let him know that they wanted him to 1st set Iran backwards and in doing so 2nd destroy Islams credibility in the process with Irans elites/educated.

Are you implying khomeini could not care less about Islam either?  Tough for me to swallow, he was shown power, which he wanted more than money and told he could have it if he signed on with out reading the fine print, ie end of Islam in Iran by the will of educated people within 4 generations/80 years in the future as a direct result of islamic republics corruption and failures.

As for the younger generation of veterans, they are hardcore regime supporters and have done worse to Iranians, just look at what they are doing right now.  The people are eventually going to realize that in practice even the shia clergy who say they don't want to be in power are completely backing the regime at all levels.

From a regressive standpoint this regime is spectacular. 

When the world powers are forced to start a war between say Iran and saudi arabi, to make money from manufactering weapons, due to having no option left in resolving their economic issues the regime will be there to help them out.  And the dead will be called Shahids defending Ira from imposed wars.

What ever happened to being free, independent, wealthy and strong, like during the shahs time that no one could dare attack Iran.  Iranians don't wat to give up blood to remove the regime, but they also don't want to give up blood tokeep a truly declin, truly corrupt and weak regime in power either. 

Iranians just don't have the information to realize what the game is or what they need, it's clear in reading peoples comments, otherwise the people in Iran would do something they are very capable of doing, which is unite ad give everything they have to remove the regime and bring back the shah and force him back on to the throne at gun point.  


Salman farsi and democracy in Iran

by Siavash300 on

"I didn't see any mention of democracy in your proposed system. Shah's system was not totally secular either" Salman farsi

  Speaking of democracy in a country that more than 75% of it's population were living in rural area and almost  half of the population couldn't even read or write their names back in 70's seems way far from reality and just living in dreamland. 

The level of illetracy was over 80%, if not more back then. Following shah white revolution  "Sepahe Danesh" went to the rural area and educated those deprived and remote  area of country back in 60's. By late 70's the level of illeracy dropped from 85% to  45%. The illetracy rate of 45% was very much comparable to some developing countries such as Syria back then. Even though in late 70's with all effort that shah and his administration did for fighting against ignorancy and illetracy the  majority of Iranian people were able to see picture of Khomainie on the surface of moon. some people even found Khomainie's hair in koran. I am sure none of those people had college education. The illetracy rate of 45% means almost half of the population could read or write their own name. Forget about somebody else name or college education.  Talking of democracy in such a society in western style? Talking of democracry without understanding demography of country.  Talk is cheap but reality mandate something else.  Comparing Iran with some advance country such as Swiss, which celeberated 400 years of the establishment of their univeristy in early 70's , is indication of one's poor judgement. It shows the Mr. Salman farsi is living in dreamland, not in Iran.  By 1935, Reza shah established Tehran university, the higest level of education in Iran was high school diploma. Now comparing such a country with advance society like Swiss make any rational person to laugh.

Well, I have some news for you brother. U.K the most democratic country on the face of earth runs by monarchy. They have queen Elizabeth and most important,  unlike what you think they  are not based their monarchy system on the same concept of shiite doctorine. Hello?






by BaronAvak on

I would even speculate that Khomeini himself and maybe a few close associates (such as Rafsanjan, Mousavi, etc.) knew that they were acting against the interests of Iran in the service of the Western powers that put them in power.  And they did so in exchange for backing to manage and operate Iran internally.  That would explain the immediate execution of certain people, like Hassan Pakravan and Sadegh Ghotbzadeh, both of whom had intimate knowledge of Khomeini's past prior to his rise to mainstream fame (courtesy of the BBC).


All that said, however, we must understand that the Islamic Republic managers in 2011 are not the same as they were in 1980 under Khomeini.  Many individuals inside the regime (like say Rahim Mashai or Ahmadinejad himself) were not a part of the betrayals and intelligence intrigues of 32 years ago, as they were mere "true believer" young teenagers when all of this took place.  The generation of veteren's of the Iran-Iraq war who are now in power in Iran, compared to Khomeini and Mousavi and Rafsanjani and the like - their hands are relatively clean. And they probably know more about the duplicity and inside dealing of the Shi'a clergy with Western intelligence than anyone else.


Salman Farsi Khomeini's system was created by west.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Khomeini himself never had any idea why the west wanted him and his ideas in place of the shah.

It's clear to see his system was no comparison to shahs in terms of freedom for iranians also.  His vision unlike shahs led to the country falling to bits and being mismanaged totally.


European monarchies are not completely secular either

by BaronAvak on

Salman, remember that we use the term "democracy" for the UK, when in fact they still have a monarchy, and are not completely secular - as Queen Elizabeth herself is the head of the Church of England.


Is it not interesting how foreign manipulators of Iranian political opinion have one set of politics for Iranians and another altogether for themselves?  If Iranians supported a system identical to that of England, with a constitutional monarachy, with the monarch being the nominal head of the religion of the country as well, is there any doubt in your mind that BBC Persian and Radio Free Europe would propagandize Iranians against it?

The same "do as we say, not as we do" mentality goes for the nuclear issue, and many other political matters. As the Shah said in a 1976 interview linked below, why is it normal for England or France to have atomic  bombs as guarantees for their own defense, but not okay for Iran to have any security guarantees or ensure its own self-defense?  



salman farsi

Iranian are the true culprits not the Shah or Khomeini

by salman farsi on


Brother Amir Parviz, we seem to be in agreement for the most parts. I can see that you advocate monarchical autocracy. Well, I have some news for you brother. Shiite doctorine of khelaafat based on the same concept. Except that Khomeini took it one degree higher and called it Velate Faghih!

I didn't see any mention of democracy in your proposed system. Shah's system was not totally secular either. But I agree with on two things in particular: the delusional state of Mostofi and VPK lol.

 For an Islamic democracy


Very intelligent post.

by BaronAvak on

Any thoughtful, objective analyst who has the Iranian nation's long term best interests in mind, would have to agree with amirparvizforsecularmonarchy, about the inherent risks of destabilizing your own country.

It is mainly anti-Iranian (or more likely not even Iranian) provacateurs like Fred, Simorgh, etc. who are attempting to agitate Iranians into sabotaging their own country, by dangling false hopes of "freedom" and "democracy" in front of them.  Their ulterior motive, just like the ulterior motive of foreign backers of the revolution against the Shah in 1979, is to agitate Iranians to destabilize their country, open the country to terrible risks like war or territorial disintegration, and set Iran back for another 30 years.

Well said, amirparvizforsecularmonarchy.   And remember, none of us are "Islamists, Rapists, Terrorists, Khomeinists" as these anti-Iranian fake account posters like Fred/Simorgh like tolabel peace-loving, patriotic Iranians.  Do not be be agitated or fooled by these propaganda smear gimmicks.


Iran can not become a democracy, In our life time.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Using force could even cause a disintigration of Iran into 3 to 4 separate countries.

A western style democracy is even impossible with the shah, because the institutions are not in place. Those institutions take a minimum of 2 generations to create, 40 to 50 years. 

At least with the late shah, Iran was developing Iran on the path to be able to create liberal institutions with out losing the new found freedom and institutions that thrive and grow when democratic govts are not present.

The only viable alternative to the IRI is a secular monarchy, based on Irans experience with the late shah, however there is soooo much propaganda today regarding the late shah being a despot, tyrant, megalomaiNIAC, corrupt, crooked etc....  So too many Iranians have not learned correctly what they lost. as a direct result of motivated and purposely....disingenuous western media...

Lets see how many people can connect the dots....

Look at the information we know for sure...

Iran used to give loans to Germany, USA, UK, France during Shahs time in was cash rich.

Those same countries portrayed shah a despot, crook etc etc and Iran they could not hold back or rob from because shah would not sign off on it.

Today these same countries USA/Germany/France/UK and the IMF give loans to corrupt democratic goverments they have can have a big influence on, and their leaders are not called corrupt megalomaniacs, but great countries... what a joke..

Greece "$485 Billion Dollars" 

Ireland "$1,045 Billion Dollars"

Spain "$1,100 Billion Dollars"

Italy "$1,100 Billion Dollars"

And Iranians want to be more DEMOCRATIC.... what a dirty joke..

No wonder these countries leaders are not called despotic tyrants by the free worlds mass media, they do not serve their own people but serve the USA/Germany/France/UK.  During the Shahs time Iran was poised to overtake all of these countries except for the USA

No wonder the USA wants democracy for IRAN.  Democracy is code for control and foreign domination.  As Russia discovered under Yeltsin, which is why the secret service brought putin and now yet again the so called free world media is used to attack putin "saying he is corrupt" but the truth is the exact opposite as we can see from russia's success. 

It was exactly because we had a king that was involved in politics upto the neck that Iran did not suffer the same fate as all these countries and Iran under the shah served Iranians.  It was progressing because he served honestly and with out corruption, unfortunately the people due to disingenuous reporting on issues of human rights stopped trusting the Shah.

Iranians must learn this. It is very very important.

People like alimostofi and even the young shah that say Shah should have no hand in politics and that should be left up to others are clueless on how to make Iran a Champion leading country, like it was under the Shah.

Those that want a multi-party system like Darius Kadivar and VPK are talikng based on absolutely useless information.  They are just looking at one side of the equation, which is what Iranians say they want, with out looking at what their desire will create in reality.  They don't have or are ignoring key information that would help them realize what a joke they will give birth to. 

A parliamentary democracy like the UK will not create a leading country, not a winning country, not a country rich in splendour like Iran was in the late 60's and early 70's.

When people don't have information and are influenced by propaganda they make stupid decisions.  Sadly they put their lives behind those decisions.

No To War, No to Western Style Democracy for now, No to IRI,

Yes to educating and Informing Iranians on their own mistakes of the past.

Yes, to All Iranians learning to stop blaming the late Shah.

Yes to the Truth of the benefits of a secular autocratic govt for the future of Iran to first restore freedom and justice and then work on democracy after we have institutons and people capable of running one. 

Yes to helping people discover IRI will never lead to a democracy, but cause Iran to further regress, which was the #1 goal of western govts when they imposed the IRI on us. 

salman farsi

This is why we need an Islamic democracy

by salman farsi on

It is impossible (without paying a heavy human cost) to replace the IRI with a full blown western style democracy which is alien to the culture of millions of Iranians. The best alternative is to move from an (anti) Islamic dictatorship to an Islamic democracy. 

You must learn to walk first before you run!

 For an Islamic democracy


you are right

by پندارنیک on

Iranians would be in a serious danger. Those of us who fancy about "surgical attacks" or vaporization of IRI by means of targeted military actions, or sporadic assassinations are either childishly naive, or desperately homesick and unaware of the fact that invading forces will ruin our home to a degree that nothing will be left to go back to.........and yet there are those who have a second home in the region, and don't care a bit....


That was a great song... so true the military the monetary

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The complex has swallowed up the USA.

Great line... They took the dignity from the dignitaries but left the bitch in obitchuary.

Their financial system is struggling for money and they have no problem making graves for others.

Iranians may be in for a serious danger... if they start ringing the war drums for Iran.



by پندارنیک on

You can read the lyrics here. And then there's some readable  and watchable stuff here...