Irans Democratic Opposition Groups. How to ensure Credibility?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

Since we are after Regime Change and wish to have a Secular Democracy of some form, it's important that we answer a very important question and be clear about it, one that is going to impact our credibility with the people of Iran. 

Today most of the people of Iran are opposed to the IRI, though they have little way to express it.  They want its Ayatollahs brought to justice for their grievances caused by the corruption and the crimes of this IRI.  Yet the majority of Iranians inside Iran, still like the Idea of Iran being an advanced Nuclear Power, with the ability to enrich all Irans own Uranium, using its ample reserves in mines across Iran.  So where do we stand on this important issue?  After the Regime is brought down are we going to give all this up or like the late shah's regime are we going to pursue this and have full nuclear independence?

This is an important question to have an answer to, the more tact the better, as we are pursuing regime change also.  We can not negate the will of the people of Iran, especially since this is part of the reason, the other part being that they are extremists and not containable politically or in the nuclear realm, the  IRI is going to fall.  So it is not the crimes against human rights the IRI has committed or the regression it has produced for Iranians, but pressure from outside over this nuclear issue & it being extremist.  What will our Official response be to ensure credibility with the people of Iran?

My view is to say yes to nuclear power & yes to defending Irans rights to enrich it's own Uranium Independently and buy the safest technology with which to accomplish our National Goals for electricity security, like Japan, Brazil, Chile etc.


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IRI strategy and how to oppose it.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The IRI is playing the we are standing up to foreign powers for Irans Independence card, on the nuclear energy capabilities subject.  We need to make clear that what ever they are doing it is not for the Freedom & Justice of the people of Iran, but to strengthen their form of Religous Tyranny.  Furthermore we do need to be on the side of creating Independence for Iran also however our vision is to use Nuclear Independence to create Freedom & Justice for Iranians.