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Easkey Britton surf en Iran from marion poizeau on Vimeo.

The Clip is filmed in 2011 in Chabahar and in different cities, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan...

A Documentary made by the the Female Surfer, Easkey Britton, will show in the end of October in France, called the First Female Surfer in Iran.  The title of film and pictures of the state of lives of Iranians is chahar bahar is a deeply saddening, visible mismanagement, lack of education and poverty is very sad considering how good life used to be for Iranians and was becoming as the Shahs team had brought Iran to becoming the 9th largest economy in the world and soon to be the 4th largest economy in the world, this was before the leaders of the so-called Free World the West, the USA, UK, France, Germany, directly interferred to steal the Freedom of Iranians and successfully suppress Iran for over 33 years using vicious Extremists.   

All the fun surfing that Iranian Ladies and Men missed out on during their childhood is a real shame.  Instead discovering te effects of Western Made Nerve Gas and weaponry paid for by other oil states to keep the economies of the west moving forward, as people lost their freeedom is the true story of the 80's for Iranians.  Its clear why the misinformation about the past is remembered today as dishonest and hurtful propaganda against all Iranians not just the shahs and his team.  What a way to learn the lesson regarding the wests insincerity for Iranians and the true leading value deeply rooted in western so-called democratic culture, being hypocrissy.  Not one for me, one for you.


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My wish is that Iranians learn the real obstacles in their way,

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Due to possessing resources like oil, iron, copper etc, If only by watching how Oil companies operate elsewhere, for example how communities are divided first in order to be exploited in Africa and how people are suffering from poverty by being kept divided so that they can't make requests for their own benefit as the people of iran were able to do extremely well during the shahs positive years, where hospitals, schools, universities and factories were being built daily with out corruption to serve the people of Iran.